Month: April 2012

A short Sunday update……..

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Good morning to you. Nice that its the weekend, no real pressure to “preform” and on top of that it is suppose to rain cats and dogs and get rather nasty. Perfect excuse to stay in and get some much neglected odds and ends around the house done. Got a migraine yesterday that was stubborn […]

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Random Saturday musings, a few updates and pretty posts to ponder

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 Good morning, First off…lets announce the winner of my silver tray contest! Congratulations goes to…….. Prize ID Winner ID Public Info Private Info Random Sorting ID Weight 1: tray 1608501 laura 017BE532-F975-44A9-83C2-BBE899734C73 1 Laura, please email me with your information so the silver tray can be sent to its new home!It’s quite nice that life […]

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A thankful Thursday………..and updates on Teddy and my store.

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Good morning! I am thankful this Thursday. Thankful that Teddy is doing better and is home where he belongs.  It is nice that things are slowly starting to get back to normal. Teddy is doing well, we are lavishing  him with lots of attention and love. He is doing great all things considered and enjoys […]

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