Month: November 2011

Things I am loving Fridays and house updates!!

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Good morning!! Hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful, healthy and happy Thanksgiving holiday!?So who else was reaching for their pants with the elastic waist this morning? I was and likely will be for the next few days, I cannot lie. ?But it was sooooo worth every bite, every calorie and every minute spent eating my most […]

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Its over and a great big thank you!

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Good evening, the time has come to put this whole mess to rest. I wanted to update you to let you know that thanks to some incredible resourcefulness of a few very amazing individuals in?blogland, I now know who is responsible for the scathing comment. Now I could easily expose them and suffice to say […]

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An open letter……..

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I am sorry to interrupt my normally happy, cheerful and for the most part pretty posts to address a few things. This is an open letter, this will mean something to some, and nothing to others and hopefully to the person who has written me more than once with some very insulting and rude comments, […]

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