Month: August 2011

Things I am loving Thursday and house updates!

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OMG I prepared a wonderful post for you that I spent a lot of time on last night and the entire thing erased!!!!!!! I cannot believe it! Here we go again, blogger please do not be acting up again. Has that ever happened to you? SO frustrating!! Better publish this before it happens again!Busy busy […]

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My take on the New York gift show!

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Hi there…..I might be able to make it into the Guinness book of world records with how fast I went through this show. I normally like to go for one or two FULL leisurely??(whats that again)?days and stroll along taking in all the fun, excitement and newness of whats hot in the marketplace. This time, […]

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Things I am loving Thursday and house updates!

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Good morning. This has been a crazy busy week. So much going on at the house. We have our inspection in 2 days, ?please cross your fingers and toes for us! We are supposed to be getting a temporary CO. The last few days literally have felt like a souped version of “Home extreme makeover”, […]

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