Say hello to Lycette Designs!

Good Friday morning……woo hoo, it’s the end of the week and this little elf is quite happy about that. Last night we saw Kevin James (huge fan of the show King of Queens) and he was one funny guy, a nice way to break up a week.

I am ready for some weekend fun and relaxation. How about you? Talk about ending the week with a bang. Today I am really excited to introduce to you a newer sponsor, Lycette Designs. You would have to be hiding under a ginger jar to not know of the explosion and popularity of needlepoint. Let’s just say-  this is most certainly  not your grannies hobby anymore:)

That said, to me, needlepoint has always had a place, whether it’s a pair of elegant needlepoint slippers by Stubbs and Wooton or a cheeky needlepoint pillow by so many top designers as of late….it has always had a place and  been an ode to timeless elegance and great style. So if you are looking for a new hobby that doesn’t involve expending unnecessary brain power and pushing buttons on a screen, you have come to the right place:)

Besides being hugely popular and undeniably beautiful, it is something just about anyone can learn and do. Needlepoint is totally trending  and Lycette shows you needlepoint in the most stylish way imaginable inspired by Palm Beach and timeless other elegant references like Staffordshire and Foo dogs.The designs are fun, whimsical, beautiful and classic all rolled into one beautiful package.

I am always inspired by creative types and of course a fellow woman who pursues a dream purely based on passion and instinct and finds success doing it,  is a story worth sharing and Jessica is indeed an example to follow. She is a  poster child for being able to make a career out of something your truly love doing.

I was fortunate enough to be able to have a short interview with Jessica who is the inspiring force behind Lycette . Hear what she has to say and enjoy the gorgeous pictures of her work along the way.  Take it away Jessica and welcome to the world of Lycette………

Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got into this business?

I grew up in South Florida in the school year, and Vermont during the summer. Weekends and summers were spent competitively show jumping. In fact, it was at a horseshow that I began needlepointing. My mother needlepointed throughout my childhood, so I was familiar with the hobby but it wasn’t until a horseshow in Atlanta that I decided to begin needlepointing.

Needlepoint provided the perfect way to destress before a showjumping class, and still allowed my type A personality to feel like I was accomplishing something.
Fast forward eight or nine years and I was in college working part-time at The Point of It All, a needlepoint shop in Washington, DC.

I adored the needlepoint community and the hobby so immensely that I decided to stay and manage the store during my first year out of college. Managing The Point of It All fully immersed me in the needlepoint industry. I learned about every aspect of needlepoint, including owning a small business. I knew I wanted to be involved in the needlepoint industry; however, I was not fond of grey DC winters.

I moved back to sunny Florida and decided to start, Lycette. I had originally planned to open a store in my hometown, but felt overwhelmed by being tied to a physical location. So, I decided to enter the needlepoint market in a different aspect- as a designer of wholesale needlepoint. I packed up my paints, and headed to my mother’s house in Vermont where I designed Lycette’s first collection. After six months I returned down south, set up Lycette in my house, The Pink Bungalow, and began selling to the trade. I am proud that in less than a year Lycette is carried in over 70 needlepoint stores nationwide and online!

What are your inspirations when creating a new design?

I design based on what I would like to see in the market. Luckily, my taste isn’t too esoteric, so needlepointers enjoy the designs. I am typically inspired by florals, bright colors, and staples of traditional interior design like Staffordshire Dogs and Foo Dogs. However, my favorite thing to design is cheeky needlepoint sayings. I am highly inspired by all things sassy and irreverent. Life is short, laugh!


Do you work with or create custom designs?

I can help create custom designs through one’s local needlepoint shop. However, due to a deluge of orders from trunk shows, it will be a few months before I can help a customer create their dream needlepoint canvas.

What do you think has ignited such a renewed interest in needlepoint? It seems to be all the rage!

I always find it funny when I hear that needlepoint is “trendy.” I grew up with needlepoint, and was always enamored with it. Even at my high school, St. Andrew’s, it was “cool” to needlepoint and wear needlepoint accessories. In fact, the most admired piece of my wardrobe was my needlepoint monogrammed sandals.

However, I do see a renewed interest in needlepoint on social media. I believe this is because needlepoint offers an escape from technology, needlepoint is meditative, and needlepoint allows the stitcher to create something custom, their own couture pillow or ornament or handbag. Plus, needlepoint is beautiful, elegant, and timeless! What’s not to love?


What is the average age of your customer?

A lady never reveals her customer’s age, kidding! My customers are of all ages, contrary to the “granny” stigma of needlepoint. However, most of them are mid 20s and older. The highest quality needlepoint canvases are hand painted, making them expensive. Thus it is hard to afford the hobby when you are starting out in your early 20s and do not have disposable income. When I was in my early 20s I counteracted this conundrum by working at a needlepoint shop, and securing a hefty discount. Where there is a will there is a way!

Here is stylish Jessica “doing her thing”….

Come on, spill the beans, how hard is it to learn?

Learning to needlepoint is not hard at all! When people approach me about learning to needlepoint I always compare needlepoint to paint by numbers, but with thread. In needlepoint you simply cover each color with the corresponding thread color. Believe me, if it was difficult I would not do it! I tend to partake in hobbies that you can do while watching tv or drinking a glass of wine. I have priorities!

If someone who has never done this before, wants to give it a go….what is the best way to go about this?

They should google their local needlepoint shop, and pop in! I know it can be intimidating to walk into a needlepoint shop, but the industry is always excited to welcome new stitchers.

At the needlepoint shop I would ask for a 13 mesh canvas (biggers holes), not too large, with two or three colors. I would purchase DMC cotton, it is around $1.50 a skein. Although a lot of shops encourage stitching on frames, I never work on one, and I think it can be intimidating and difficult to hold on your first piece. Remember to keep your first piece as simple as possible!

A M A Z I N G!!! I am enamored with the entire concept and Jessica makes it look so darn easy, fun and not at all intimidating! What a beautiful take she has on this time honored hobby. I completely agree with you Jessica as to one of the reasons for its resurgence is that it’s a wonderful escape from a sometimes maddening, frenetic paced world of technology and being plugged in 24/7. The older I get, the more I need and require an escape.

I think I may need to try my hand at this, (once I find out how to add more than 24 hours to my day) you have me intrigued and fascinated. Love Lycette’s take on needlepoint, elevating it to the most beautiful and stylish level. Thank you Jessica for also telling us “mere wanna needlepointers” what we should walk into a needlepoint shop asking for, this way we can walk in with a little swagger as though we know “the lingo”.

Click here to find out more and tell me what you think about needlepoint. Do you already do it? Curious to give it a try? Visiting Lycette is a great start! You can follow Jessica via her shop site, her blog and of course it’s great fun to see what she is up to via Instagram.

Thank you Jessica for sharing your beautiful world of needlepoint with us and to all who stopped by. Wishing everyone a wonderful day and end to your week.

Cheers to needlepoint and the weekend (not the singer) lol, but the relaxing two days we have ahead! But I hope “The Weekend” has  a great weekend too:)

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