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Hi there and happy Friday afternoon. This was an unexpected post but if I told you there is a raging snow storm outside, would you believe me? I thought so…yes its true. It’s snowing on this first day of spring…..I don’t even have the words.? Hot off the presses from a few hours ago….


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The only thing I can think of to combat this dreaded winter that will not end is to fill my house with spring and hopefully by channeling a spring vibe, it will fight its way over to NY to stay! I sure hope so.

I picked up some beautiful tulips at Whole Foods which were also extremely reasonable and had fun playing on this snow day. Also set up a table for two for a friend coming by for lunch who I hadn’t seen in a while. To me no flower says spring quite like the elegant versatile and hardy tulip. So here is my answer to old man winter…….


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They always look beautiful in blue and white!


And my table for two (check out my new monogrammed napkins too) LOVE these:)


Then added a few more to jars in my kitchen…

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These are 8 days and going fairly strong…..impressive!

And to my mantle, am in love with the way this came out-

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I hope old man winter is having fun on his last day in town..because I am fully ready to embrace spring and all the goodness that comes along with it. Enough really is enough!! How about you? Ready for spring too? Are you a spring flower nut like me? Thank you for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful afternoon and end to your week! Until next time……

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rachel on


victoria on

Breathtakingly beautiful. When is your book coming out? You really need one Tina!! I love the tulips and the way you elevated them by putting them in blue and white vases instead of the standard glass…genius. I am definitely going to copy you:-) Have a great weekend, really hope this is the last of winter for you.

kathleen on

Fresh flowers and quality girlfriend time is a great way to chase away the snow blahs !!! Who needs this grief on the first day of spring ? I’m ready to pull out the sandals and little flowered sun dresses.
Have a super weekend !

Lisa on

Damn you Tina!!! I dream about your house, your flowers and your ginger jars and your house, and your house, and your house. Really – I have actually had dreams where I am in your house and all I see is beauty and those daggone amazing blue and white ginger jars. Thanks by the way! Much better than a nightmare.
Beautiful Tulips πŸ™‚

Debbie H. on

Everything looks beautiful, Happy Spring! I pray the snow melts soon, I know enough is enough, right, have a great weekend!

Kathy Pelletier on

Hi Tina Oh this was so nice for the first day of spring. I know you really didn’t want any more snow. I would have loved one more and we might get a wet snow next week in Virginia. Your tulips and vases etc are beautiful and inspiring. I always look forward to seeing what you serve at your luncheons too. I love to copy. Any pictures ??! Hugs, Kathy

Sandy @ You May Be Wandering on

Happy Spring! This storm is NUTS! I was in 85 degree weather yesterday and now this! Your tulips definitely feel like Spring, though. Have a great weekend, Tina! xoxo

franki on

MAKE IT GO AWAY!!! No more sNOw!! franki p.s. beautiful photos!!

mkkkKarena on

Tina We did not get more snow; however had very cold rainy weather til today. Finally sunshine and milder! ! Love tulips always especially the variegated ones!!
The Arts by Karena

laney on

…oh my…I think I would much prefer to have your gloriously beautiful snow…than atlanta’s dreadful horrible terrible incredibly yucky pine pollen…but then…we both get to have the tulips…blessings laney

Jayne on

There are many things I miss about living in the Northeast, but those late snows and cold and delays to Spring – I DO NOT MISS that. Your tulips are a lovely anecdote, but Spring is the South means tulips blooming outside your window as well as on your dining table – yours is stunning!

leslie on

What is going on with all that snow?! The West Coast has had two mild winters in a row .. and that means next winter will be a cold one.. and the EAST πŸ˜‰ will have a break. Keep the tulips coming Tina! They look so pretty and will make all the difference in your mood. Hang in there!

dEbby on

Well, your home certainly looks pretty in the snow! Logan is home from college and wanted pizza so I headed out around 5 pm and it was beginning to flurry. I haven’t been out since and don’t want to look in case it has piled up this way. Lordy, Lordy, enough already! Your floral arrangements are gorgeous – they certainly feel like spring! xo

Taylor Greenwalt on

Tina..they look gorgeous in your blue and white pottery…so pretty!

Debbie on

Wow. 8 days. They look great.

Deanna on

It’s spring in your home, Tina! The tulips are beyond beautiful andy I’m sure this is the last of Old Man Winter and that spring weather is headed your way. (I can’t wait to see the beautiful tables you set for springtime entertaining!! ) And I’ll bet your lunch was wonderful.
Think spring!


I love your positive thinking with the Spring tulips! Unbelievable snow!

Anita Rivera on

Good morning Tina! When I lived in Boston, I remember every first day of spring it would snow. Here in Minneapolis now, this year we’ve hardly had any and we are officially in a drought. Sorry to see you got snow again! Your tulips are fabulous; my husband came home last night with a lovely bunch of white tulips and I LOVE THEM TOO! Stay hopeful that we soon will be reveling in our gardens! I hope that you also get that fantastic green house you were talking about once….

BE WELL! Anita

Katie Clooney on

So sorry that you are getting the snow, dear Tina. Your house looks beautiful both inside and outside as always. I’ll call you from The Clubhouse.

Tone on Tone Loi Thai on

Gorgeous! Those tulips look divine in the blue and white vases. And yes, we had snow in DC as well. Hopefully that will be it. What a long, frigid winter. Happy spring!! Cheers

Anne on

Absolutely incredible arrangements that you’ve made- what a way to welcome the new season of spring!

sylvia faye on

Fresh flowers are so uplifting. We need beauty iin our life; after all God made beauty for man, n’est ce pas?
With a grateful heart,
Sylvia Faye

Victoria Bolingbroke on

Breathtakingly beautiful as always Tina. Thank you again for sharing all that beauty, puts a smile on my face as I’m sure it does many others. You have a wonderful eye for detail and beauty.

Anonymous on

Absolutely Beautiful!!! Thanks for brightening my day!!!

Glenda on

You home is so lovely. Do you mind if I ask Where you purchased the sofa table?

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