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Hello, hope you are having a great weekend! Here, it’s been so nice, the weather spectacular which makes even an ordinary day even better. Attended the funeral of a dear friends father which was both sad and moving, and as most funerals do, remind you to live life to the fullest and take care of those closest to you.

Just as of Monday morning introduced a brand new promotion on monogrammed linens! Click here for the details-


We also met friends for dinner and hope to get into the city today, NYC is so magical come springtime. Here is whats on my radar……




1. PJS! I take my pj’s very seriously….if there was a way to get away with it,? I seriously would live in my pajamas and possibly never opt for “real clothes”. I have “tested” many brands and have a few proven faves!

I have a major collection of robes and pjs. The second I get home and know I am home for the day I slip into them immediately. I have not bought any pjs in a while so it was time to do a little replenishing. Robes I am set on:) Here are my picks, with a new season I like to add a few fresh sets of pjs, nothing like slipping into a crisp pair after a long exhausting day (click on titles of pjs to visit site)-

A classic white pair is a must have!


I had to buy these chinoiserie styled pjs, how cute are they!


How cute are these capri style from DKNY?


And recently discovered these from Cosabella and will not lie, they might be the most comfortable pjs I have worn yet, ultra soft and cozy! In fact just gave a friend a pair for her birthday and she called me the other day to say that they are the most comfy pjs she’s ever worn. Click here to see

cosabella--bella-long-sleeved-pajama-set-product-1-25734802-0-495662448-normal_large_flex cosabella-white-bella-long-sleeved-pajama-set-product-1-25734801-0-495645445-normal_large_flex

2. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. I always enjoy my weekly sharing session of what I am loving on Instagram……so much to share this week. Never ceases to amaze!

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A peek at my beautiful black and ivory chinoiserie planters/cache pots getting their final paint coat then will be on their way to The Enchanted Home!


A sneak peek of the showhouse patio in case you missed it


3. THE CUTEST PAGODA MONOGRAM! How fantastic is this!!! I am thinking of ordering one and painting it in navy for my office of my initials for The Enchanted Home. I just LOVE this! Had to share…can you believe its from Pottery Barn? This is one of the prettiest monograms I have seen yet and love the big size, 30″!? Click here to see.


4. AN AMAZINGLY AFFORDABLE FLORAL SERVICE! So, The Bouqs is kind of like “the’ celebrity florist to many of the stars, they are the resident florist for the Four Seasons in LA, and are the go to florist for notables like Tory Burch, Paul McCartney and Louis Vuitton . So they started this incredible service and I do mean incredible where you are getting the prettiest, freshest flowers for $40(original) and $50 (deluxe) delivered right to your door.

These beauties are grown 10 feet above sea level (closer to the sun) so are a step above in every way, I am so excited about this service. There is even a concierge that you can book important dates with ahead of time (like your moms birthday, friends birthdays,etc…). Totally genius!? Click here to learn more.

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5. THE MOST GORGEOUS BLUE AND WHITE LUNCHEON. One of my customers bought her monogrammed napkins from me and hosted a blue and white luncheon to end all blue and white luncheons, check it out and click here to visit her daughter’s absolutely beautiful blog over at Her Sparkle.

IMG_2333 IMG_2331 IMG_2335

6. MORE PVE BRILLIANCE. You know by now what a huge fan of PVE I am, her artistry is simply out of this world and her style really appeals to my own. I was so blown away when she gifted me the most exquisite framed painting of my home, but totally unexpectedly the other day I got in another care package.

I almost cried from how beautiful it all was! I cannot imagine possessing that kind of talent, I would be at my easel at 3am and would be unstoppable. Patricia, just when I think your work can’t get any prettier, well it does! Take a look at what was in my goodie box! Click here to find out more about Patricia over at PVE.

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7. A COOKING SCHOOL I WANT TO ATTEND. So a friend of mine was recently in France for her birthday and had the good fortune to attend a class by Patricia Wells, noted former journalist turned cook/chef/owner of her own cooking school.? Can you believe I was invited to go but couldn’t go….what an opportunity. She was there in April and has not stopped raving since:) She had so much fun!

Just read this sample schedule and tell me if this doesn’t sound like so much fun (not to mention delicious beyond words)!

I have the bug and would loooove to go too! I would love to attend a class in Provence or her black truffle workshop, how fun! Here is Patricia and doing what she does best. Click here for more info. I am seriously thinking of booking one of the 2016? classes (most of the good 2015 classes are already booked)? so if anyone else is game, do let me know!

_MG_0673 kitchen MondayNightBeefSalad-_MG_2426 JeffKauck_TomatoTrio-_MG_2871 Patricia+and+students+2+Chanteduc

I have these three books and love them……they are staples that I enjoy today as much as I did the day I got them (also great gifts)!

51PTbkn+pWL French+Kitchen+Cookbook


So there my friends is what is on my radar this Sunday. Beautiful day out there, which I have every intention of going out to enjoy. Hope you are doing the same, wishing you a fabulous day and great end to your weekend.

Here is what’s coming up this week-

  • A showhouse recap from start to finish
  • Mother’s Day gift ideas
  • A chinoiserie giveaway with a blogging friend

Hope the sun is shining and the birds are chirping, until next time…..


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Tina you definitely have me wanting some new pajamas and the pagoda monogram from Pottery Barn, thanks for that special find. Patricia, what can I say, I have ordered her gift cards and they are so very special!!

The Arts by Karena

Love my pjs, too.
And a French cooking school is in my future.
Thanking you for such a lovely post.
Enjoy your day.

Always a fun Sunday read! Patricia’s art work is so amazing and what an absolutely generous gift she gifted you. Talented, lovely and giving, what a wonderful lady.
Happy Sunday, still packing up my house getting ready for the big move,

Happy Sunday Tina! SOunds like you’ve got great weather too; we’ve had the best weekend for my birthday. We went on a Twin Cities homes tour and saw cottages, homes and mansions! The gardens are starting to get colorful. Thank goodness we’ve come out of winter!

Your Instagram shares today are wonderful! Anita

Patricia does amazing work! Love everything she sent you Tina .. so sweet of her to do that. What fun to take a cooking class in France! I need to get a copy of The French Kitchen Cookbook πŸ™‚

Enjoy your dinner out tonight!!

An amazing round up AS ALWAYS!!!!! That pagoda monogram is perfect for your office…totally see it in there.

You have me wanting to hop over to Instagram right now…so much eye candy. What did we do before Instagram?!?

Your customer’s table is stunning!

Love PJs and am always on the hunt. I didn’t grow up wearing them in TX b/c it was rather warm, but up here I have to have them and I love to lounge in mine too.

Happy, happy Sunday, Tina!
xoxo Elizabeth

Hi Tina,

I agree. New York is magical this time of year. We are just at the end of a week in NYC, and I have been snapping photos madly. My camera is full of images of blossoms, and all the daffodils and tulips! The bulbs are a novelty for us, because we come from Australia and a sub tropical climate. Have to go and pack now, because tomorrow we head for London, and more spring flowers!

Hi Tina,
I love your blog!! I clicked on the link for the pottery barn monogram (I love it) but it didn’t take me to the monogram, I looked on pottery barns site but still can’t find it. Can you help me out???

So much to love, Tina. I am a pajama gal, too and love nothing more than lazy days of lounging in pjs. Brooks Brothers are my “go to”! And PVE’s work – beyond stunning! Happy Monday!

Love PJ’s and Night shirts and all that you share. Thanks so much for sharing my art and so happy you enjoyed the package full of prints and notes. I was not on line yesterday, so thanks for letting me know that you shared it.
What fun to take a cooking course! I need Patricia Wells book!

Can someone please explain to me why Americans have such a fascination with monograms? And also why they are so keen on wearing pyjamas – other than at bedtime. There are so many coxs, comfortable clothes available to buy, I can’t figure why anyone would ever want to spend all day in nightwear! Thanks.

Seven on Sunday make me ooooh and aaaaaah all through your gorgeous pics. Love all of the jammies. Patricia is beyond talented. What gorgeous notecards! I would like to go to the cooking school for the cute aprons and I would offer my service as chief taster. Have a great week, dear Tina!!

SO delighted to see my mom’s tablescape on your blog!! Thank you for the Her Sparkle mention πŸ™‚ Another beautiful post! That cooking school looks amazing πŸ™‚ xx Ashley

Tina, you always have the best Sunday roundup! I love pi’s so I will have to check these out.

As for Patricia, her work is stunning! I love everything that I have seen of her work.

And patricia Wells, I have all of her cookbooks and use them often. She is such a talented lady. I have heard of the cooking school and want to attend myself. Thanks for letting us know how wonderful it was.

Have a great week!

Thanks so much for appreciating our monogrammed pircelain dinnerware! We really love your blog and aesthetic so it’s quite a compliment!


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