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Hello! Hope your week is off to a fantastic start now that the beautiful weather of spring has finally decided to arrive. I am so enjoying it, and feel? a little pep in my step with the warmer longer days, how about you? I was going to post this tomorrow but wanted to mention the Gotham scenes of our house tonight:)

For anyone who has enjoyed seeing my house on the show,? Gotham, tonight is the second to last show of the season and the scenes with my living room and staircase are on tonight on Fox at 8pm EST. We will surely be tuning in, I wasn’t here for those scenes so even to me they will be a surprise!

As you know I have been working these last few weeks on the show house patio/covered porch area. The beautiful Mill Neck manor is located on top of a hill which though beautiful and majestic means strong cross breezes and on a very breezy day literally it can feel like a hurricane up there (did not anticipate this and it meant many days of having to take down what I had set up only to return to set it up yet again)!

The mansion itself? is very old (turn of the century) though the interior spaces have been beautifully kept up, you will see areas where the masonry has had to be replaced and not the same color as the original, it can also be? drafty and a little drab. My wish was to give it light, crisp and? pretty vibe, and I think I achieved that. The show house opens May 2nd and will stay open for about a month.

As many of you have asked, the information is at the bottom of this post. I thought it would be fun to do a post on my little space, and show you the before and after, mind you these are pictures taken from my iPad but professional pictures will be taken next week which I will definitely be sharing. I also did my best to include sources where applicable.

This is very picture heavy so be sure to grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, sit back and relax:)



And here is a “behind the scenes”-



The raw space I was taking on-


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The prep in my garage:)

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On any given day in the last few weeks my car looked like this-


Gorgeous chinoiserie pillows are from The Happy Seamstress, who was wonderful!



Guys unloading……..

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And some of the main characters getting carefully transported:)

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?A visit to an incredible wholesaler through a friend to pick some more beautiful topiaries…

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This console was just what I was looking for but I wasn’t loving the oak-y color so I came up with a little DIY’er


Let the setup begin….


The outdoor trellis rug from Safavieh was perfect…


First layer of the table getting put on…


Got two of these white garden benches from Wayfair for either side of the patio along with this beautiful Safavieh outdoor rug


And how gorgeous are these oversized blue and white fishbowls! They are about 22″x? 21″ and are fabulous!



And the after of the table getting stained/painted-


And more things getting delivered for one of the setup days….



Fishbowls got their palms and started adding other pretty little accessories

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My vision come to life… pretty are the Tilton Fenwick linens on the table!



Love the hydrangeas however they require a lot of constant watering and I think in the end I am going to just put two more palms there, when they droop they look really sad

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Napkins, mini boxwoods and dinnerware (melamine) are all from my online shop

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The fabulous chinoiserie pillows on the chairs are from The Happy Seamstress who was a delight to work with!


Adore the topper I had made from the collection of Tilton Fenwick for Duralee


The beautiful cherry blossoms are also from my shop


The gorgeous bamboo flatware was such a bargain! Over at Horchow 20 pieces for $35.00, click here for info



White ginger jars are from one of my porcelain resources


The gorgeous floral pillows and tablecloth topper are from a collection I totally love,? Tilton Fenwick for Duralee…

?u3bvnnamed unnam4vced

All porcelains and hurricanes are from my shop

unnamed77 u434334nnamed

In the process of setting up there were 3 or 4 super windy days which wreaked havoc on my little project…


And check out this wind (see I did not exaggerate)!



So my friends there you have it….from start to finish , the showhouse patio that has kept me busy the last 10 days or so. It was a lot of fun and I have to admit I do work well under pressure, but not high winds however! I am basically done minus a few little tweaks before the opening party on Thursday night.

If you happen to be in the tri state area and want to stop by to see the entire showhouse, I do not think you will be disappointed, there are many beautiful spaces to take in, and it’s a really enjoyable way to spend a day or afternoon. The information is below-


designers showcase 2015

MAY 2 through JUNE 14, 2015

Mansions & Millionaires? returns to its Spring schedule of Designers’ Showcase? Events.
Don’t miss this award winning Gold Coast Manor and the outstanding 2015 event
where art and design merge into Signs of Spring.
This Showcase will benefit Mill Neck Manor School for the Deaf.


Finally a number of people over time have emailed me about very large fishbowls/blue white planter for plants. Due to the size and freight, I do not carry them however did have the opportunity to purchase 12 (6 pair) at a very very good price. The ones below are for sale either alone or as a pair. Heavily discounted they are between $445-515.00 each plus freight. If interested just email me at [email protected]



Also a new promo started for 2 days only on monogrammed napkins, click here for the details



Thank you as always for stopping in. Wishing you a fabulous day and start to your week. Until next time……


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You did a marvelous job on the covered patio area! I got a big kick out of the blue and white pieces being “buckled up for safety” on the way to the house. I really hope I get a chance to take a tour of the showhouse. It looks incredible.

Congratulations on this beautiful space, Tina!! So gracious and elegant. It reminds me of your own gorgeous loggia. Thanks for sharing it all with us – that was fun πŸ™‚ And thanks for sourcing the items. Cheers

Great job, Tina..What an awesome porch to begin with…and you decorated it beautifully…Good call painting the console with all the gray stone…

Tina, your porch for the Designer Showhouse turned out so gorgeous! Everything you chose goes together perfectly to make such a comfortable, yet luxurious space! I wish I lived in the area so that I could attend!

The Arts by Karena

Sorry- The space that you designed is absolutely perfect I cannot imagine it looking any prettier:-) Thank you for including some of the sources because I may want to play copycat- wish I didn’t live 1000 miles away!

Your show house patio/loggia is gorgeous! Thank you for sharing and sourcing the beautiful fabric, furniture, and decorative accessories.

Fantastic post! The porch looks gorgeous. Your blog is a feast for the eyes – and very educational!
Thank you.

Now…that was a labour of love…it shows!! All your details make the difference!! Thanx for letting us see your handiwork. franki p.s. the ferns really look so authentic and THAT WIND…we have constantly gathered things from the yard that blew over…one would think it was March!!! fmp

I was very lucky to be able to buy a very large fishbowl like the ones you have shown for sale several years ago at T J Maxx for only $70!! What a great buy and source! Pretty patio, love the Lutyens benches…very Classic!

Great job on the patio!! What fun to stage such a beautiful space. And of course all of your porcelains look spectacular. that wind is crazy. I sure hope it doesn’t do that on your “Opening Night”. Congratulations on a beautiful job.

Tina! Your Designer Showcase turned out incredible and YES…. it DOES look a little bit like your space at home;) How exciting to be a part of this and I know how hard you’ve worked.. It’s NOT an easy task setting something like this up. Your car made me smile as I’ve never seen blue and white porcelain containers seat-belted it! Those hydrangea are so pretty. They are so sensitive to temperature and if you handle them too much. Gorgeous flowers! Hope your week is off to a great start!

Congratulations?the space just screams Spring. It blossoms with fresh, crisp and inviting fabrics and of course the blue and white porcelains are just perfect! Using blue and white porcelain outside frightens some people. You’ve demonstrated it’s so easy and the most natural thing to do to warm a space.
It is so much fun doing a show house room?so glad you enjoyed the experience and that you shared it with your loyal fans! BRAVO!
Linda Floyd

Congratulations, Tina! The porch is stunning…you are so talented! As a former teacher of the deaf, I was touched to see that the showcase is a fundraiser for a school for the deaf. What a beautiful project on so many levels!

What a gorgeous mansion!!! And you were certainly up to the task of designing a beautiful patio worthy of this beautiful place. Love your touch of green! Everything looks beautiful. I am taping Gotham tonight. Can’t wait! Enjoy the rest of your week, dear Tina!

Just wow, Tina! Can you come to Seattle and work on my back terrace with me? (Mostly because I would love to have you here and do a project with you, what fun that would be!) It turned out beautifully. Congratulations on a job well-done. Love everything you chose. I’m sure glad that a blue and white porcelain thief didn’t highjack your car and that your precious cargo survived the many road trips. The topiaries, the linens…. it’s all just perfect. And those goldfish planters. I need 16 inch planters for our spaces, but would love to get my hands on one of these.

Wish I could see it in person, but thanks for showing us all these lovely photos – it’s almost like we are there.

Have a beautiful day, my friend. Hope you get to relax a bit! XOXO

Good Morning!
Oh Tina you knocked it out of the park with this one! Such gorgeousness! I can’t imagine what the inside of that home looks like, the whole thing is stunning!
The combinations of blue, green and white that you used is perfect. Where did the long oak table come from that you painted? It is just what I’ve been looking for…. along with everything that you used…. πŸ™‚
Have a wonderful day!

Wow! Tina, seeing your vision come to life is such a thrill! I adore the Tilton Fenwick gals and love how you incorporated their fabric, especially since they’ll be doing Kips Bay.

All of your blue and white porcelain brought life to that patio. As always, you set the prettiest table and I loved seeing things from your shop and other great finds.

I know it will be amazing for the opening party and the next couple of days should be great!

Bravo to you!!!! I have a feeling this will be your first show house but definitely not your last!
Big hugs!!!
xoxo Elizabeth

Its a home run Tina! I loved everything you put in this space…truly inviting and chic. Love the blue and green mix of print and patterns too. Bravo my friend!! Your dinner ware was the perfect touch on the table, I think my favorite was the long console with all the blue and whites.

Good Morning Tina. I have posted your generous Giveaway of one of your hand painted tole lamps on my site! I hope all of your readers will come and enter to win this fabulous gift!

The Arts by Karena
Giveaway from The Enchanted Home!

As always, Tina, you did a fantastic job! I cannot imagine how it is all going to survive with such winds though. That is terribly unfortunate for sure. I am also surprised, with your connection to Safavieh, that you had to go through Wayfair for those rugs! (I think tuna salad for supper, for a week, would be in order.)

So many times I am disappointed with a decorators’ showcase house for the extreme and ridiculous approach a decorator will use to just let go and ‘be free’ with the whole process. Your plan however, is glamorous but realistic in a world in which we all live. Thank you for that!

I love the result! I confess I was unable to embrace your vision earlier, with just the fabric choice, but that’s why your the professional, and I’m not!

Since I don’t live near the area I was curious about the house and looked it up. All things being available on Google, I took a tour through the blog, Big Old Houses, which did a post on it’s history and interiors on April 1st of this year. (Absolutely fascinating!) If a link is acceptable, here it is:

I love the final result! I confess I was unable to embrace your vision earlier, with only the fabric choice, but that’s why you’re the professional and I’m not! It is a beautiful result.
Since I do not live in the area I was curious about Mill Neck Manor. All things being available on the internet, I took a pictorial tour through the blog Big Old Houses, which wrote about the history of the home in it’s April 1, 2015 post and included many pictures of the interior as it is now and as it was in the past. It’s such a gorgeous house; I wish I could see it during the showcase. In any event, I know your space will be a hit! Congratulations.

The colors are beautiful. The green does something amazing for the blue and white. So serene and satisfying. Works perfectly in concert with the spring foliage and the porch. Nothing short of a masterpiece! A space that I could literally spend eternity in. It has such a positive energy!!!

Fabulous. the look. Where did you find the wood console table? I love that you stained it:-)

…Loved all you do!
Where did you find the wicker/straw chairs for your fabulous showroom porch?
My napkins just arrived in time for Mother’s Day-taking them to the beach today!

I merely such as the helpful information people provide as part of your articles or blog posts. I will bookmark your site along with take a look at again here regularly. I’m marginally convinced I’m going to discover a lot of innovative goods right right here! Enjoy for the next!

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