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Hi and happy Tuesday to everyone! Gorgeous day out there but unfortunately I came home yesterday with symptoms of getting some kind of flu/virus. Doing my best to take good care and hope this is short lived, have so much on my plate this week starting tomorrow until Sunday I need to be 100%!

First off Karena from Arts by Karena is giving away one of my chinoiserie tole lamps! You won’t want to miss it, so click here to enter the contest (winner to be chosen on Sunday)


As spring is ticking on by,? I realized Mothers Day, May 10th,? is not so far away, and it’s time to start thinking about all the mothers in our lives and I always like to include a little treat for oneself afterall we work hard 365 days a year, we deserve a little something don’t we?

Here are some ideas for gifts, that I personally would love to receive, some of which I have given or might be giving this year:) I thought I would share- (click on title of item if you want to be taken to that website for more info)



IDEA 1. Love the idea of calling a local garden center and hiring them to go and plant flowers? or rose bushes or whatever strikes your fancy. I did this for my mom last year and it was such a nice surprise for them as well as being a gift that keeps on giving.



IDEA 2. This darling, whimsical and very pretty Mckenzie Childs tea kettle would be sure to put a smile on any moms face, given with? a box of tea…wouldn’t this make a wonderful gift!




IDEA 3.? Love this set of four beautiful bangles by Ashley Pittman, they are an exclusive by Ashley Pittman, so pretty and love that they would go with everything!


IDEA 4. Love the idea of this personalized passport chic cover (one of 4 colors), so elegant and distinctly yours!



IDEA 5. Have long admired this beauty from Nest, now on sale at Bergdorfs.…for a mother who likes statement necklaces, cannot imagine a prettier one than this, also super neutral an seasonless! This is really beautiful in person.



IDEA 6. I am a huge book lover, and believe there is always room on my book shelves for another great book. I have gotten a few lately which I have to say I highly recommend and would make wonderful gift ideas for any mother!

For the shoe lover, this incredible book Art and Sole by Weitzman is just fabulous and so much fun. It features 150 art shoes done out of all the most amazing fantasylike materials you can imagine, each and everyone a masterful work of art and the perfect addition to any coffee table or nightstand. This book is a must have for the shoe lover in your life!

AS_book-low-res unna34med

Charlottes Moss’s new book, Garden Inspirations did not disappoint….if you love flowers and gardening sprinkled with a nice dose of blue and white you will adore this book!


IDEA 7. How about for the dog, shoe or? lover these absolutely beautifier cocktail napkins! They are as whimsical as they are pretty and priced so well!

Dogs- I couldn’t resist these and got them for a dog loving friend too:)


Shoes- I know many girls who would proudly love these for their entertaining


IDEA 8.? This gorgeous diffuser from Agraria is a new fave, besides being so pretty, it smells heavenly! Free shipping too:)


IDEA 9. ? Fragrance is always a great idea, fun to et something new. This is a favorite that I wear often especially in the warmer months, it is so soft and has a beautiful mix of rose and jasmine and lasts forever! I am a big fan of Jo Malone! Free shipping


IDEA 10. Have a mother who loves orchids? How about an orchid a month! I would love to get that, hint hint:) This company will deliver a beautiful orchid plant once a month for either a 3, 6 or 12 month period. Love the idea…click here for more info


IDEA 11. Maybe your mom has always wanted to learn to paint, or secretly desired voice lessons, a photography course or maybe a cooking class to brush up on her skills. Giving the gift of a class or series of classes is always to me, a fantastic and super thoughtful idea…


IDEA 12. Of course you know I love my monograms and I think a set of custom monogrammed napkins is a gift that would make any mother too happy to receive! I am promising Mothers Day delivery for all orders placed before May 1st! Click here for information


IDEA 13. How about this really beautiful structured bag in cream and white, great color shape and will go with everything. Best part it’s nearly half off! A steal if you ask? me for such a great looking bag….


IDEA 14. One of my beautiful containers from my online ship filled with an orchid or flowering plant of some kind, this is always a beautiful, elegant and much appreciated gift (one I have given many times)! Here are a few of my personal faves, click here to visit my shop-


So there are just some ideas for a special mother in your life and of course that includes yourself:) I always treat myself to something special, afterall I work darn hard being the best mom I can possibly be and if there’s one day that I feel like? I’ve earned a little’s Mothers Day!

Thanks for stopping in..have some ideas of your own? Please share them with us. Many thanks for stopping in, until next time! Don’t forget to stop over at Arts by Karena for the tole lamp giveaway. Enjoy your day!

Also if you missed my showhouse reveal, click here to see it from start to finish!


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Tina, these are all wonderful Mother’s Day ideas! Your Giveaway is both gorgeous and generous so I hope all of your readers will come over and enter at The Arts by Karena!

The Arts by Karena
Giveaway from The Enchanted Home!

I see a few things off this list that I might like πŸ˜‰ Love that gardening book by Charlotte Moss! Enjoy your day Tina!

What great ideas, I love the hire a gardener idea. My parents live in florida and marthas vineyard and when they come home there is always such a big cleanup ahead of them. xox

What a treat to discover these gorgeous lamps! I live in a small town on the California Coast, and shopping for my home is impossible, so I rely on the net. After struggling for years to achieve the look in my house that would make me happy, I’ve just begun to redecorate, giving in to my passion for blue and white. I’ve just recently found this website and am always anxious for Tina’s next blog because it’s so newsy and filled with great ideas.

There were three blue and white lamps that I loved, but would choose the Octagonal Tea Caddy Lamp in blue and white. What a great addition to my living room this would be!


I miss having a “Mom” or “Mother in Law” to buy for , especially on “Mother’s Day…both are gone…
The gift selection/ideas are lovely for any special woman on any occasion . I am thinking dear friends,aunts,sister in laws-
I am blessed to have these women in my life .

If I had to choose just one lamp base it would be the pale blue Chinoiserie scenery lamp. It would be beautiful in one of my guest bedrooms! Thanks for introducing these beautiful lamps!

Hi Tina, I love all the wonderful selections your have chosen for Mother’s Day. The book by Charlotte Moss is do die for! Any of the items would be a perfect gift to honor the women in my family. I especially love the blue/white Chinoiserie Woman scene Lamp base. It would be a perfect addition to my collection and I would place it in my bedroom. Thank you for sharing, feel better soon and Happy Mother’s Day.

Having a local garden center plant some flowers or shrubs, etc is a wonderful idea for Mother’s Day! I asked for flowering trees from my husband for my birthday one year (explaining that the gift was truly in his picking them out and arranging for planting) and it was one of the best gifts ever! I enjoy them year after year and the effort he expended in picking out the trees and arranging for planting was no more than spending endless time searching for a gift. From personal experience I can say it’s a fantastic thing to do for a Mom who would no doubt love the result as well as the fact that she didn’t have to “touch” it to make it happen! πŸ™‚

I love the Fabulous Octagonal Blue and White Lamp Base. Thank you for your unique Mother’s Day ideas! Feel better soon!

Love love the chinoiserie toile lamps!! I am drawn to the blue coat of arms one that would have a place in my family room.
Thank you for this opportunity to win such a beautiful item!

Tina, I love the idea of planting the flowers. Every year for my Mother in Law we came to her house (5 sons, 5 daughter in laws, and a host of grandchildren of varying ages). We brought breakfast, lunch and dinner and worked on anything/everything she wanted done. Cleaned and relined kitchen drawers, mulched and planted flowers, cleaned windows, bathed the family dog. There were jobs for everyone, and what fun memories. Wish she were still here!

You have great style! I am a huge Jo Malone fan as well. I think my mom is going to get some of those cocktail napkins. They are stylish and reusable! Two things I love!

Absolutely love your website and blog! I would love to have one of the black lamps for my living room. Thank you.

I love all the lamps but my favorite by far is the sence with the flowers and birds. It just beautiful. Thanks for all your mothers day gift ideas I am sharing with my family! Hint, hint! I hope they get the message.

Hi Tina,
What a fabulous giveaway! I love the large round tea caddy lamp in black chinoiserie. The classic design and elegant features would add a touch of class to my room. Thank you.

Hi Tina, I just discovered your blog a few weeks ago and I have thoroughly enjoyed your style of decorating. I really look forward to every issue that pops up in my inbox! If I were to choose one lamp, I would love to own the Fabulous Octangular Blue and White base. What fun it would be to win one!

I think the black Large Tea Caddy lamp with crest/coat of arms is stunning! It would be a wonderful accent piece in almost any room.

Oh, Tina, you have so much going on that I hope you are feeling much better by tomorrow. I cannot wait to see how the show house looks. What you have done with the outside space is magnificent! Gorgeous! And the colors you chose are exquisite!
I took some time out to look at your shop. I’m usually mooning over the porcelains, but the tole items are lovely too.
Happy Thursday.

Tina, thanks for a great give away! I love the blue and gold trellis lamp. They are all so pretty.

So many great ideas here Tina, the love the class idea and gardening idea, such long term pleasures these would bring. But The immediate gratification of the fabulous bangles and and anything JO MALONE is also enticing. Thanks for getting the wheels turning. Running to Karena’s.

Tina, each one of these would make a Mom smile! Thanks for sharing such beautiful gifts with us. I love visiting your blog, and seeing what is new and beautiful in your world. xo Lidy

1. I must have those bracelets. I’m afraid to click over for the price, but I have to to send it to my husband πŸ™‚ 2. I want to frame those shoe napkins and put them on a shelf on a walk in closet. 3. Bobby had that bug last week, and it was 24 hours- I hope it’s the same for you.

Tina…so many wonderful ideas!
Just a quick notice…the necklace you showed from Nest…I just found it yesterday at TJ Maxx and in different colors! What a deal… $50!

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