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Hello friends!! First congratulations to the winner of the tole planter-


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How are you? Hope you are having a wonderful and relaxing weekend. Here its been nice and calm………had dinner plans with friends, was going to go into the city today but as they are calling for all day rain, will take a rain check pun intended:) We are invited somwhere for dinner tonight so will enjoy a lazy Sunday to putz around the house,  sounds really good!

Here we go with my Seven on Sunday-


1 CAKES AND CUPCAKES TO BE BELIEVED!  If you can believe these are cupcakes/cakes…..I couldn’t process it at first! Found out about Julie Anne Cake Design on you guessed it…..Instagram.  I just could not get over how cute these were, not to mention realistic.

I would have been more tempted to go pet one before I could bite into one:) So realistic…amazing work of arts, she is particularly incredible at her pet cakes/cupcakes. Click here to be taken to her instagram.


2 IN LOVE WITH THESE NEW ITEMS! Just got these incredible fixtures and new florals in and am smitten with them. I think I am going to add one of the fixtures to my closet, and am going to see if there is a place in one of the bathrooms in PB.

I love the shape, they are all handpainted, and are offered in four wonderful colors- ivory, pale blue, pale pink and black. I think the pink for a girls room would be unbelievably beautiful or the blue for a baby boy’s nursery…so sweet! They will be added to the site on Monday or you can always call Mon-Fri for info 800-804-9565.

And yes I am very excited over the new florals, paired in my containers these are less than half of what they sell for in other high end places. I was in Miami recently and there was. a store full of faux orchids, the arrangments started at $550 for a small 2 stem in a plain white container! These make me proud because they are really exceptional…..people are fooled every time they come to my house! They are now all online, click here to see.

3. THINK I JUST GAVE MYSELF A GREAT REASON TO GO TO PARIS IN APRIL. This i s calling my name……the iconic Ritz Paris who just did a multi million dollar overhaul is holing a huge massive auction with hundreds of items in April!! I would so love to go and my wheels are indeed turning but then again it is happening at a time when I think of downsizing, but what fun to go!  Over 10,000 pieces will be up for grabs.

A similar smaller auction was held when they renovated several Ritz Carlton’s in the states and a colleague of my husbands went and scored with some amazing deals on super high quality items. Oh boy, I won’t stop thinking about this one…what a great excuse to go to Paris! Click here to see the press release and get more information. Just reading the Press release will make you feel like you took a little jaunt over to Paris:)

 4. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST I so love sharing with you what has caught my eye on Instagram. Some weeks the beauty is just over the top and it’s hard to narrow them down. This week is heavy on the flowers which must mean only one thing……spring cannot be that far away!! Love this weeks round up and think you will too-

5. AMAZON……WORLD DOMINATION? Just when I think Amazon cannot possibly have any more tricks up their sleeve, they came out with their newest lure to be sure you don’t do your shopping anywhere else. Offering 2 hour delivery on Whole Foods supermarket orders!

They just introduced this service and are doing it in four cities to start, but wow, how does one compete with that? On one hand it is amazing and sure makes market shopping as easy as it could ever be but on the other, makes me feel sad for your average neighborhood market…how can one compete? What do you think?


6. A NEW PRODUCT I AM KIND OF ADDICTED TO.  I was so hoping I wouldn’t like this so I wouldn’t have to tell you about. So I wrote about La Prairie not long ago and being a very avid fan of their products,I buckled in and indulged in  the Absolute filler after reading this article (click here). I was convinced my skin deserved it. Well……..let me tell you, its only been 4 days BUT this is worth every copper penny.

It was the closest thing to getting botox or a filler that I could possibly imagine. I am now more convinced than ever that La Prairie is the best skin care company in the world..this product is simply amazing, I am really seeing. difference when I use it.! It has a special dispenser that only allows a small drop (that’s all you need).

I have used it morning and night four days in a row and I swear my face feels and looks firmer/plumper (not fat but it fills in where needed) I bought it at Neiman Marcus and she told me if for any reason I did not like it, I could return it so had nothing to lose. It’s safe to say this amazing product worth all the hype isn’t going anywhere but it was reassuring to know if it didn’t work as i had hoped I wsan’t stuck:)  Click here to read another article 

Click here to get the 411 on this product.


7.  SUNDAY’S SURVEY This is on the subject of travel, one thing I hope to do a lot more of this year! I am always mindful of the people behind the scenes who make a great stay at a wonderful hotel possible. Bellman, housekeepers the gardeners, maintenance people,etc….and know that without them a good hotel would not be able to operate.

I always leave a daily little tip for the housekeepers especially if the room is extra clean and I always have a few requirements (like not seeing a comforter before my entire stay) just white sheets please. But I was talking to a friend and she said she never tips and doesn’t think most do.

Nothing wrong with it necessarily but to me, it just feels like the right thing to do. Especially if you consider that it’s likely those very housekeepers cleaning your room will never have a chance to stay in a room/hotel like that. I think its a small gesture to show they are appreciated. What do you say on the matter?


And that’s a wrap. I appreciate you stopping by and making TEH part of your Sunday. Hoping you have a wonderful, relaxing day, until next time……

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Hi Tina. I love your blog. I have to say something about the tipping. Is this a new thing people not leaving tips for housekeeping? This is a hot topic for me. I work in the hotel industry, housekeepers are not paid well, and rely on tips. We see more and more people not leaving tips for them. Our daughter travels with friends and none of them leave tips for them. They are mid twenties and make plenty of money to do so. Our daughter always leaves a tip, as she has seen us always leaving them. Onto amazon, I do love it and love prime, but since our middle daughter graduated with a degree in fashion design, we also support local stores, because without those, she wouldn’t have a job! Love this Sunday series!

Those cupcakes! Those lanterns and flowers! Everything is so pretty today and all those flowerly instagrams also. make me anxious for spring. We were hit by a big snow storm (Chicago area) and I am ready for fresh spring air. I love Amazon but hate the way they are putting small businesses out of business. You can’t live with them and you can’t live without them.

As far as tipping- I always leave about $5 a day. It is the right thing to do, cleaning people work very hard and like you said will likely never have the chance to stay in such a place. What is a few dollars out of our pocketbooks to show gratitude! Good subject.

Wow those cupcakes are amazing, way too pretty to eat. Love all the pictures today from Seven on Sunday. In regards to tipping, yes we always leave a tip for the hotel maids. We also tip the bellman and front desk manager as well. We are fortunate to be able to stay in 4 or 5 star hotels and it is our way of saying thank you for the great service. Sure do hope many of your loyal fans spread the word to tip going forward. Have a great Sunday. Raining here in Virginia today.

Hi Tina,
Great post today. I live a small town. We use Amazon when we cannot find a product anywhere near us. I really try not to use them at all. I fear the day when there are no small businesses because Amazon ran them all out of business. ANd now they are going to try taking on UPS and Fed Ex to deliver their own stuff!
I too am a fanatic about tipping…anywhere. The people that have jobs that depend on tips are hurting. Another place that really upsets me is the nail salons and spas. I will watch women get three hours of wonderful service that they paid a lot for and then leave $5.00. These people are taken advantage of by so many. I am amazed that some of these people continue to do this kind of work.

I recently attended a food symposium and one of the speakers said that grocery stores will become a playground for the elderly, meaning younger generations want the convenience of having their groceries delivered while the older generations still want to shop in traditional grocery store. Definitely gave the crowd a chuckle.

The cakes are cute. I’d like to suggest you take a look @cadescakes! Awesome cakes of your pet or favorite food.

Hi Tina. I’m very surprised that people don’t tip housekeepers in hotels. I’ve heard some friends say they tip at the end of their stay. We leave one every day because you never know if the same person will clean your room for your entire stay. Think about one housekeeper getting a significant tip at the end of your stay and the housekeeper only worked on your last day of your stay, while another housekeeper who may have cleaned your room several times got nothing.

You never disappoint with these posts! The lanterns and arrangements are just beautiful, you should feel proud. Those dog cupcakes are the cutest! And Tina I bought the leave on mask from La Prairie after your suggestion and it is the best skin care product I have ever owned. Now I need to try the filler, at 51 I am not getting any younger!
As far as tipping- we always tip at least $5-10 a day wherever we are. Lets face it there is nothing appealing about cleaning up after people in a room so a few dollars out of my pocket is the least I can do. I cannot imagine NOT tipping.
And Amazon is a double edged sword. I love them but go out of my way to support local businesses because in my town they “make” our community and we all are quite passionate about supporting small businesses. Amazon has it’s place to be sure but I would not be able to soley support Amazon in place of a local small business.
As always a great mix of beauty, good information and thought provoking subjects!

Cakes, flowers, and Paris! So many beautiful things to admire on a snowy Sunday in Illinois. The spring fever bug has definitely bitten me. Your chandeliers are beautiful in their pastels of pink and blue. And the flowers on Instagram, oh la la! I love the three dresses on Instagram, especially the blue and white one on the left. Would love to go to Paris anytime, but to purchase a piece of history from the Ritz, #priceless.

Hi Tina,
This is my very first comment on your site but your remarks regarding tipping just propelled me to say something about the topic. Bravo for recommending that hotel guests should leave a DAILY tip for the housekeeping staff. The daily part is important as the staff cleaning your room today may not be the same one tomorrow. I’m always amazed that hotel guests not think about who’s cleaning up their mess (walking past some rooms, that is really what people leave behind). When we travel as a family, I always remind my kids to leave at least $5 for the housekeeper and write a note to say ‘thank you’ as well. It is not much really if one could afford to travel and stay in a hotel. Never know, the multiples of $5 could mean a fun family movie night, etc. for the housekeeper.

Thank you very much for touching on these topics on your beautiful site – every little bit by every one of us will make a difference in the world.

Great post- I use the absolute filler after my dermatologist recommended it since I was not a candidate for Botox. It took about 1 week to see a noticeable difference but it’s a pretty amazing product and still less than any other “procedure”.
Those pup cupcakes are so cute but I couldn’t imagine biting into one- they are too cute for eating.

A lot to love this weekend, enjoy the daily dose of beauty- thank you.

I love Amazon but only use them when I really need something in a pinch, otherwise I like to support neighboring businesses.

Re tipping, I always leave at least $5 a day, these people work really hard to insure that our rooms are spic and span. $5.00 is relative pocket change to help someone know that we appreciate their hard work.

Hello Enchanted Family…….as for the tipping…..I usually do at the end of the stay…..that will change as staff changes…..I’m in the restaurant industry….I understand…….Now for The La Prairie Skin care……I went to NM today and bought the Caviar filler…..I was the market for new moisturizers……..So I will report…..Just the sample felt amazing on my skin….. they also gave me wonderful samples of the other products to see what I like to go w the filler, Happy Sunday!

On another note.. I finally tried your Beef Bourguignon recipe today. You posted it last year I believe. OMG! It is the most delicious recipe EVER! My husband is still eating and licking up the sauce with garlic bread. It was time consuming, but the results were so wonderful. Thanks for posting it. It is a new family favorite.

I guess the concepts of tipping is Country dependent. It is for instance considered insulting to tip in Japan. In Australia, the minimum wage is very high as we pay everyone a decent living wage. Our minimum wage in 2018 is AUD$18.29 per hour or $694.90 per 38 hour week. Casual workers get a further minimum of 25% casual loading. On top of this, we get generous maternity and paternity and sick leaves and holidays plus an extra loading for weekends and working on public holidays. The cost of staying at the hotel covers the services of the employees whose wages are paid by the hotel. The average minimum wage for a housekeeping staff member working in a Marriott hotel in Australia in 2017 was $21 per hour compared to one in the USA who would have been paid $9 per hour! At $21 per hour, we expect a spotlessly clean room and exemplary service from the concierge staff. (Most private home cleaners are paid a cash in hand (ie. not declared as taxable income) of $25 – $30 per hour.) The one place that we do tip is in cafes and restaurants so the $18 per hour is supplemented by tips.
It always seems most odd to Australians travelling to such a wealthy country as the USA, which has such a high dollar compared to ours, to have to be constantly shelling out tips to absolutely everyone for doing what we expect to be done as part of normal service here! We really don’t understand that these mega-rich hotel chains are paying such miserable wages to their staff despite charging the guest a fortune to stay there!

In our small Texas community between Dallas and Fort Worth we have online grocery delivery or curbside pickup at every grocery store. There’s even one online delivery service that will fulfill your order from several grocers AND Petco. Amazon is late to the game here!

Hi Tina first time commenting, avid follower of your wonderful blog which has given me so many great ideas as we just moved into a new house last Sept.
I adore all your products and every piece I have bought from me has exceeded my expectations.
I wanted to comment on the tipping question- I cannot imagine staying in a hotel, any hotel and not tipping daily. These people get paid very little for a job that frankly is one I don’t think I could ever do. To think about the things they need to pick up after, I just cannot understand someone who does not get how important tipping these people is. What is a few dollars a day? I think it’s important to remember that these people are part of what makes our stay in such places so comfortable. Good topic, a little courtesy goes a long way.

Great Sunday post as usual! Although it’s super convenient to have the groceries delivered, I really enjoy grocery shopping: squeezing the tomatoes, checking out what’s in season, picking out a beautiful filet of fish, and choosing the wine. Amazon can’t compete with that!

Good morning, dear Tina. I’m a day late with my coffee. OMG those cookies are so sweet I don’t think that I could eat one. I don’t think that I have ever said that about a cookie before. Your orchid arrangements are pulling at my heartstrings!! As always, I love your Instagram picks. I might have to order a pair of those Tory espadrilles. Have a wonderful week!!

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