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Hello! As I periodically do I share with you all the recent happenings in my life via my little iPhone. Well, not all, but at least the good and pretty:) I love how my iPhone keeps track of daily life at least the highlights and it will be fun for me one day to look back on my blog and take a look at life “way back when”.

I always say it (especially to my kids ad nauseam) but there really is something to be said about the blessing of an ordinary day. When things for the most part go smoothly, when you feel healthy, when you have your family and friends nearby and when you can appreciate even the small simple things.

The thrill of scoring two enormous pumpkins that are so heavy they stay in your car a few days, getting a design decision just right, trying a new recipe and getting rave reviews from your family and walking into a newly organized closet (love that feeling) and more.  The older I get,  the more I appreciate and reflective I am for those small things, and of course the big things are really the icing on the cake:)

So here we go with life in the last week and a half or so……..



Go big or go home is what I say, especially when it comes to gargantuan pumpkins:)

And they made it home, my fall front door is complete!

If I could do a cartwheel, I would have when I got these back in….are these the cuties!! Just got in the most beautiful linens, dinner napkins and guest towels, plus adding these beautiful new fonts to our monogram line. Stay tuned a flash sale on these beauties coming up in a few days!

Had a dinner party Sunday night, and love any chance to use my dining room, fine china, all my silver and of course my beloved mini silver table lamps (container coming in today with them)!

Love the bounty of fresh fruit this time of year!

And don’t these giant white not quite in bloom white mums look spiffy in my blue/whtie fishbowls with the faux pumpkins!

How pretty are these stunning monogrammed towels going out to a lucky customer!

OK , possibly the single most exciting thing to happen all week- my “GORGEOUS even prettier in person” sample porcelain pumpkins arrived and it was love at first sight. I can’t stop staring at them and placing them all over my house:) Due in about 3-4 weeks! They are now available for presale, they can be found by clicking here

Had set up an outdoor setting for the dinner (another great excuse to decorate with my beloved pumpkins) but cooler windy weather brought it indoors, it still made for one beautiful picture:)

Say hello to my newest style  mini silver table lamp, these will be here in a few weeks (will be included on upcoming silver presale)

Was at a stoplight in NYC and spotted this adorable little shop isn’t this so cute, kind of has a European vibe

These beautiful ornament favors went out to a customer hosting a table at an antique show, gets me excited for the holidays!

My NYC design job is really coming along, just got this gorgeous library sofa and it is perfect! Lots of wonderful things happening there in the next two weeks:)

In the middle of a big closet cleanup and realized a few things- namely I love bows and flowers on my shoes, don’t throw away the classics because they are always in style!


And that’s whats new in my world the last week or so. Thank you as always for stopping by, wishing everyone a happy and productive day. Raining like cats and dogs over here but great for my newly potted mums, so no complaints here. Until next time………

A few announcements-


PS Last day for our flash sale on previously sold out tabletop, click here to view the sale

PPS The porcelain presale scheduled for today will happen starting tomorrow (early afternoon). We are getting in our silver container today so will be busy with that.  Starting it later in the day tomorrow than usual because of a frequently received request from our West Coast readers/customers so check back tomorrow!

PPPS Don’t forget to enter your picture into the Enchanted Home Love contest, all details can be found by clicking here. Max 2 pictures per person, pictures can be sent to [email protected].

Gone but never forgotten:)


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Most beautiful random musings ever! I feel like I just opened a beautiful coffee table book, gorgeous Tina. Your set tables take my breath away and I NEED those pumpkins and monogrammed towels!

Enjoyed this posting- loved the random creativity seen throughout such as the cute circle of shoes photo. You seem like fun.

I saw a facebook post on just retrievers and they are so cute and smart. I think you would enjoy a puppy but not a replacement for Teddy just a new baby/friend.

First off, love, love, love your blog and look forward to it every day. Can I ask you what the carpet is that you showed your lovely shoes on? I am needing to change out my bedroom carpet, which I love, but it is getting worn and needs an update. Thanks so much.

When you are ready to get a new dog–consider a Goldendoodle. The premier breeder of Goldendoodles is in the Gulf Coast town of Robertsdale, Alabama. It is called Smeralgia Teddy Bear Goldendoodles. They have the temperament of a Golden Retriever, and are not shedders. Sherry Smeralgia has a beautiful breeding program and she has a lot of celebrity clients. They have a service called AuPair Air where her daughter accompanies the pup in the cabin of the airplane to bring them to you if you don’t want to come to them. Their business is on an estate with lots of land and the dogs are kept in immaculate areas inside. You can go to their website and see. She also breeds Schnoodles and a
few Twoodels. You can choose the size of dog you want–Small, Medium or Large. We are getting a mini Goldendoodle from her when my daughter gets over the loss of her 2 ShiTzus, who recently passed a year apart–they were 15 and 16 years old and she had them through her college and young professional years. She got them when they were 8 weeks old. She has not had children yet, so they were her babies, so I
understand you feel you are not ready yet. I have found that a new pup fills the hole in your heart, without forgetting about your love for the
dog that passed. I have always gotten a different breed when I lose an elderly dog, because I don’t want to compare them.

Always I enjoy your “Random Musings” posts because you present so many interesting vignettes through your ‘phone. Yes, NYC button shop is quite a traffic stopper! Good thing you already were stopped for a light. And your idea of “planting” one huge pumpkin in each urn with trailing ivy is exactly what I like to do. In fact, I may have learned that technique from you. Thanks!

I LOVE your ginormous pumpkins! So cool. Eveything looks beautiful for your dinner party, love the little lamps as well. Have a great week Tina!

Your front door setting- be still my heart. Wow! You inspire me daily and I love every thing I have ever gotten from you. Truly beautiful and always such a bright spot in my day. Every picture is gorgeous, Tina.

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