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Hello friends….can you believe Christmas is over? I can’t but still trying to carry the magic of the season with me. Despite all my hemming and hawing about not being on track, things not getting done, being exhausted, not having a spare moment- despite all that,  it turned out incredible! Somehow someway it always gets done. This year it was right up to the wire and admittedly I will do things a bit differently next year! One of the highlights is always our Christmas party, such a fun and festive way to ring in the season.

Last year we had a very big party with family and friends of nearly 100 people. This year we decided it would only be family but then invited our closest circle of friends. We were about 45. It turned out beautifully with all my white flowers all around and lots of flickering candles that beautifully highlighted all the Christmas decor. And my tree? I loved it so much that I just may keep it up year round:) Love it in the living room next to the fireplace, it is a perfect spot. Next year since I will be so ahead of the game I will possibly put one also in the library, anything is possible!

We used Elegant Affairs caterers, the best in my book. They are like an army battalion that descends up on your home and with military like precision take over. They do an excellent job and their food is simply delicious, the kind guests rave about and the kind you pray that there are leftovers of the next day:)

So… sharing with you some of the highlights, the before, during and after. It was a beautiful memorable holiday and I must say my theme of white flowers will likely be repeated next year, against the blue and white with the fresh greens, its a hard combination to beat!

A special thank you to our caterer, Elegant Affairs (based on Long Island who serves the entire tri state area). They  always does a superb job coming in and making magic happen, they have the best food and superb service, extra kudos to them for allowing me to feel like a guest at my own party! So let’s get started with my many pictures…..


And here  is part of the party prep just around 4:30 as the caterers arrived and did their thing-

The signature red truck can only mean one thing… a party is happening

Stephanie above who I always work with getting to work on the dining table

The chefs prepping

The layout of all the dishes

And onto the areas of our home where we will host the party, I placed all my pretty flowers about with pretty flickering candles-


Forewarning-  these pictures might bring on a sudden desire to eat an entire smorgasbord and make you very very hungry:)

After about an hour of passed horsdeurves our dining table was filled with a huge assortment of small plates, everything was heavenly good!


And if you are now virtually wanting dessert, I have a feeling this spread might be more than ample:) It was a  fabulous array of a beautiful assortment of desserts that tasted as good as they looked. Yes, very hard to turn away from this yummy assortment! Loved that everything was mini, so you could sample all of them, even the hot chocolates were minis!

Love the giant 4 foot spoon above that held gorgeous Christmas cookies



Such a fun fun night and I am so very lucky to have this post to be able to look back on! Every ounce of work, frustration, effort was so worth putting into this memorable night spent with family and friends. I am also happy I get to share it with you all!

Thanks for stopping in, wishing everyone a wonderful day and hope you are readjusting as we get used to a “new norm” of post holiday living:) Can you believe I was in CVS and I swear there was a Valentines Day display….help me! Until next time……

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OMG Tina!!! Anyone on your guest list has definitely been born under a lucky star! Everything looked gorgeous – from your breathtaking home to the sumptuous food! I hope that you and your family have a very happy, healthy new year, dear Tina.

Gorgeous! But please tell me about your candles? The pics may be deceiving but they appear to be burnt down/melted but it’s at the beginning of the party with the food laid out. Were they purchased this way – are they electric? Very interesting.

sensational party decor and foods, you have certainly nailed it again! I love the white flowers throughout the setting. Glad you had time to enjoy your party – all the best for the new year!

Truly beautiful!! Everything looks spectacular and the catering is fabulous!! I missed doing a Christmas party this year. Happy holidays to you and your family. ?❤️???

The most exquisite home, decorated to perfection, and a celebration shared with the people you love. How lucky are we to see all these beautiful details. I could study these pictures for hours – and I think I will after the holidays! Thank you so much!!

Tina, you are a true genius with talents to behold. What a glorious affair! And your caterer is obviously second to none. It is surely a treat to get a glimpse of such a spectacular evening. I am so in love with all of your white berries. Do you offer those as faux on your website or are they all fresh? Your faux hydrangeas have a prominent spot in my dining room, and I just love them. Wishing you a very happy, healthy New Year and thank you for always sharing your incredible creativity with us.

What a fabulous party! I am drooling!! My invitation must have gotten lost in the mail!!!!
Wishing you and your family a Happy, Healthy 2019!

Just. Blown. Away! Everything looked so wonderful. A happy and healthy new year to you and your family from Connecticut.

I noticed your candles burned through before dessert! A sign of a great party! Have you tried Root candles? They burn slowly.

Tina, it looks like a fabulous party! The food looks delicious and of course my favorites are the desserts! Have a great week.

Valentines? I was in a store with aisles of patio chair cushions! Love the charcuterie and mini desserts! 45 sounds more intimate to be sure. It would be nearly impossible to chat with everyone and introduce people otherwise. As for our world we order lots of sliders from Arby’s with homemade cookies and jars of candy ?

Just WOW! Spectacular! What a vision of beauty, everything was perfect. Your guests are so fortunate! I’m sure a fun and memorable experience was had by all. Thank you for sharing!

How fabulous!!! Thanks for welcoming us in to experience your beautiful party. Cheers to 2019!!!

I love to see how food is set on display, the serving dishes, high and low trays, fillers and unique ways to make an creative and out of the ordinary salad presentation. Fun, fun, fun. Thank you for inviting us into your lovely home.

It looks beautiful Tina — especially your tree, I’d want to keep it up all year too. Your flowers are beautiful, I love white an green. If the food tastes 1/2 as good is looks it must have been absolutely delicious. Loved seeing all of the innovative desert designs.

Hello Tina,

I’ve been otherwise occupied, so it’s been a while since I’ve read your blog, and I’m just now doing some catching up. So many beautiful posts. And WOW! What a party…and your house looks g-g-g-gorgeous!

It would be nice one day to see a picture of you Tina! Unless I missed it over the years, it would be nice!

Amazing amazing amazing I love this so much everything evrything a’m intersted so happy ilove interior desin for everything home

I was wondering
Where was the Nativity Scene in honor of Jesus Birthday.
I would hope it was somewhere amidst the decorations .

When I started reading your post, it sounded like my story. A woman after my own heart! The difference is I don’t have the beautiful home that you have and I doubt myself right out of entertaining. Last year, I was ill right after Christmas and by the time I started feeling like taking the decorations down, it just didn’t matter anymore. I left 3 of my trees up all year and felt like I had a head start on this year but we did a family cruise the week of Thanksgiving which set me back. I never did get the yard decorated because it rained every weekend. I love, love, love Christmas and one way for me to keep the season going is to have an “It Ain’t Over” Girl’s Night this week before I go back to work. How can I follow you?

Happy New Year, Tina!!! I’m getting back to normal after the crush of the holidays. This party is SO inspiring! Elegant and abundant. I know your friends and family felt like they had definitely ended up on the “Nice” list.

Excited to see what 2019 brings for you!
xx Elizabeth

This is my 1st time commenting on something like this. 1st of all, thank you so so much for giving me a virtual view of your Christmas celebration in your home. The beauty was overwhelming and breath
taking. This encouraged me to add fuel to my desiring fire for elegance.

So thankful to see a really exquisite buffet posted on Pinterest that I so much enjoy looking at over and over and over. Such a lovely home and so elegant. Thank you for sharing. Very meaning full to me!

Your post was beautiful.
Would you remember every item that was served.
And were there individual items the same amount of guests that you had

You have a beautiful house. What colour paint did you use in your elegant living room?

Love looking at your beautiful home all the lovely festive decorations for the holiday season
You certainly know how to throw an outstanding holiday affair- the white flowers are gorgeous

Love looking at your beautiful home all the lovely festive decorations for the holiday – the white flowers are gorgeous

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