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Good afternoon! How is everyone adjusting to that post holiday slowdown? By now, this probably finds almost all of you having taken down your Christmas table setting and even possibly your decor. Yes, on this end doing things a bit late as I realize most show their holiday decor, table settings,etc…..before or during Christmas but better late than never:) If you missed my recap on my Christmas decor, click here and click here for the recap on my Christmas party.

So….. despite all the frantic, last minute errands and “to do’s” really turned out to be such a beautiful holiday. One of our best in fact, go figure! I had fun as I do every year setting our Christmas dinner table. We were a smaller group this year than usual and it was nice having an intimate table for 8. I loved being able to use so many of my own creations, really gratifying more than words can say.

I used my gorgeous silver flatware, candelabras, hurricanes, mini silver table lamps monogrammed napkins and chargers. To me, the gleam of silver especially around the holidays is just such a no brainier way to elevate a table.

I loved being able to use my beautiful white flowers from the party, a great way to reinvent them:) They were still going strong, added fresh greens, candlelight, the gorgeous plates from Royal Copenhagen and stunning monogrammed salad plates from Sasha Nicholas. I loved this table so much I think I will literally duplicate it next year! Since I am planning on starting extra early next year I may even set up a small Christmas tree in my dining room:)

Today and tomorrow, for every 6 chargers or mini table lamps you buy you get one free!

And here is a look at my dinner table for Christmas 2019-

A closer look at the details-

My square chargers compliment the gorgeous china from Royal Copenhagen and Sasha Nicholas so beautifully! Glasses are vintage and some bought from Anthropologie years ago (so wish I bought a caseload years ago)!

A brand new linen napkin to my line, will soon be on the shop site, the details are so beautiful and coupled with a monogram its a hard combination to beat!

My mini silver table lamps are so fabulous I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed using any excuse to use them, especially around the holidays and for special celebrations:)

This is my reeded ball flatware and love using sprigs of fresh greenery as a pretty accent

The covered dome is also from my line and is so old world, you just don’t see these anymore (unless antique)



Thankfully I have this post anytime I need  quick holiday fix or reference! It was so pretty it was kind of hard to dismantle the next day but there is also something nice about putting everything away and having a fresh clean palette to start with too!

Thanks for stopping by, hope your holidays were merry and that we can all raise our virtual glasses to the new year coming and wish all great things for each other and our world. Our offices will be closed on Monday, Dec 31 and Jan 1st and will reopen on Jan 2nd. We will have access to emails or you can leave a voicemail and calls will be returned on Wed, Jan 2nd. Until next time……



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What did you serve on Christmas Day? I hope the main was worthy of such a pretty table!

Tina you are the “Picasso “ of the decorating world! Your home is breathtakingly beautiful ❤️ Your Christmas table was simply stunning ! Blessings ❤️

Everything is just lovely; such an inspiration for elegance!

Where did you purchase your upholstered dining room chairs that appear
to have a gilded accent on the wood?

Was this two different dinners or did you change your mind mid stream,? I see a large hurricane in some shots and your gorgeous candelabra in others. (Old eagle eye, I drink in every detail of your beautiful tables! lol) I love the big fat candles in the candelabra! Love your dinner plates!

Magnificant!!!! Happy New Year….All the best to you, your family, and staff in 2019.. You bring much us joy!!!!!!!

Can you share where you purchased the area rug that your beautiful golden retriever pup is posing on?

I know everyone had to feel so welcome and completely loved sitting at your beautiful Christmas dinner table. What an absolutely delightful way to spend Christmas! Gorgeous!

Your table (and your home) is absolutely stunning. You truly have a great eye for design and everything is just lovely. I do have a question for you and it is a silly question I’m sure. Where did you put the food for your Christmas dinner? The table is full with the place settings and the centerpiece?? Do you serve from a buffet in the dining room? Again, I’m sure this is a silly question, I just don’t see any room for the food. Blessings to you and Merry Christmas!! Thanks so much for sharing your homes with us. I always look forward to your posts and loads of pictures! Happy New Year from Missouri!!!

Tina, your table looks beautiful! A wonderful mix of old and new. Have a great weekend.

Your table is one of the most beautiful Christmas settings that I have ever seen. I would do a table like yours every Christmas! I would never get tired of it. I just love it! I am certain that your guests felt the same!

I response to Robbin,
May I suggest that service at this formal a setting was most likely served, quite properly, a la russe…
In the Russian style; where dishes are served sequentially, per course, to each individual present.
In this tradition only condiments, assorted fruits and garnishes are presented on the table.
All other dishes, once served, are removed to a servery, sideboard (if present) or kitchen. The table
setting therefore remains in relative splendour.

The single most beautiful table ever! Wow you have created many gorgeous tables but this one tops them all. Your guests must have felt like royalty, bravo Tina! Happy new year to you?

Increidble! Love all the silver and your monogrammed napkins- thanks for showing everyone how traditional is very much alive and here to stay.

White, silver, dark wood, candlelight and greens my favourite table setting.
And yours does not disappoint. Lovely and elegant.
Question: I find place mats all too small, how do you keep people from placing their glasses/cups on the table?

Hello, Love the little silver table lamps. What is the price of these and how to order?
Thank you,
Gay Whitman

It’s so beautiful I can just sit at the table and dream about it beautiful beautiful And God bless

I love the covered dome. Could you share where is it from? Same with the chargers.

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