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Hello and happy Sunday! Hope you are having a great weekend wherever you might be… has been H O T over here and we were one of the areas really affected by this sweeping heat wave. Good thing i have a few stylish hats to make bad hair days a non issue:) I had to go into the city yesterday and to say it felt like you couldn’t breath was an understatement. Needless to say, the two errands i had to do were done with Lightning speed I didn’t know I had.I need those 80 degree temp to come back and soon!

One big announcement we have is our new wholesale site is officially live! For any retailer/wholesaler who has been inquiring or signed up, you can now utilize the site- we are very excited about it and think you will agree it’s very streamlined and easy to navigate. If you are a retailer/wholesaler, click here to register. And of course feel free to call us at 800-804-9565 with any questions.


1 HEAVENLY HYDRANGEAS This time of year is particularly beautiful with the hydrangeas in full bloom. I am lucky to have several bushes in my own yard and I seem to always pick up fresh stems too at my local market or floral stand. Here is a look at hydrangeas in the yard and in recent arrangements, definitely  as I always say “summers poster child”!

This is what I have coined my hydrangea orphanage, kind of a funny story- every time I get a hydrangea plant I put it here, so we have every variety and color growing in this very compact garden. Needless to say every summer I have no idea what will turn up and start blooming, part of the fun! This year we got lots of purple and pinks, beautiful:)

This limelight tree (there are two) are now huge, you probably cannot make it out in the pictures but they were once about 4 feet and now tower at about 8 feet! Guess they like the orphanage

2 CUSTOMERS PICTURES Boy, you are talented! I so love getting in your beautiful pictures that do just justice to my products, nothing makes me happier so please do keep them coming! Just so pretty-

3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Love this weekends batch so much, really highlights the very best of summer, especially heavy on hydrangeas and beautiful coastal homes.

4 NANTUCKET FLORAL HIGHLIGHTS I am going to do an entire post on my fun trip to Nantucket but these floral inspired pictures I have a feeling will whet your appetite. At every turn, there is something beautiful to take a picture of…truly beautiful!

5. ONE INCREDIBLE STATIONER Upon discovering this incredible and most talented stationer, Emily Mayne,  I felt like I found my exact aesthetic in a stationer. These are just mindbogglingly beautiful! I am dying to have some kind of party/event just to have an excuse to order something!! LOVE and sure wish one of my boys would decide to get married:) Humm….maybe I will need to renew my vows:)   Click here to visit her beautiful website.

6. INSPIRING STORY OF THE WEEK. Forewarning- get out your tissue box, it is impossible to not watch this incredible story about this most amazing woman and not cry. To honor and take care of the forgotten children and babies is her life mission and I was moved to tears watching this not once but several times.

A good friend brought this story to my attention and it was an immediate “must add to my Sunday post” story. What an angel on earth Cori is, just a beautiful story and one worth passing around, incredibly moving.

7. SUNDAYS SURVEY I need your input as I often ask, you are a great focus group and I can always count on you for validation and honesty! You have helped me make some big decisions more than you might know. So two mini polls-

Thoughts on this new white washed new style hurricane? I am thinking I am loving it but would love to know what you think!

So my new etched hurricanes have been a big hit and I am exited to be bringing in 2 new patterns and 4 new styles (you will love) and perfect timing for the holiday entertaining season. I have developed some bowl samples to compliment them and would love your thoughts.These are not great pictures but give you an idea, I would offer them in 12″ and 15″ round bowls.


And that friends is a wrap for this Sunday, hope you enjoyed the post and always love hearing from you. Let me know if anything was of particular interest this weekend. Hope you are having a wonderful and relaxing summer weekend. Until next time……

PS With summer being the season of flowers, we are offering 20% off of every planter to celebrate, use code “summer” click here to see all the planters

PPS Just yesterday announced a new contest, Summer Love- now taking your entries and already got in some great ones! Click here to read about how to enter

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Peggy E. on

I am with you, I long for the days with temperatures in the 80’s and low humidity.
Your garden of hydrangeas is stunning! The orphanage is certainly doing well with my favorite being the pink and blue hydrangeas. And, your photos of the flowers in Nantucket are beautiful. Have never visited Nantucket, but would love to.
Really love the photo of the orange front door with two blue and white fishbowls filled with orange flowers. So pretty.
Suggestion: Could your website allow for corrections in the comment area?

Emily on

What a beautiful post, so much to comment on. I absolutely love all of your hydrangea pictures and cannot wait to see your Nantucket post, my brother and his family just bought a vacation house there so we cannot wait to go and visit them in August !

Absolutely love the stationary line thank you so much for sharing it, thank you for all you do. The enchanted home is definitely one of the highlights of my Sundays !

Meg on

Love the Sunday posts, they are just the best, please don’t ever stop 🙂

Ethel J Craig on

Where’s Teddy at the end of your Post????

Celia Becker @ on

Happy Sunday to you too. I never tire of your beautiful hydrangeas. How lucky you are to have a forest full of them. Love your orphanage;))))!!

Charlene on

Love each post here?

Franki on

Where are your deer…the “herd” here have eaten away my hydrangea, etc…franki

Anne Marie O'Connor on

Enjoyed your post today. Love Phoebe Howard’s picture of the coastal front porch. Also, Her decorator/hard cover book is a good read and She has some great ideas too. Check it out. ?

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