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Good morning, if you love flowers and blue and white porcelain- sit down as this is the kind of post you will want to take your time with! As you know, I love flowers and don’t need to tell you my feelings on blue and white porcelain, I see ginger jars dancing in my head when I sleep:)

When I had the idea almost 2 years ago to recreate tulipieres that were not only beautiful but affordable, I could not have imagined how much I would love them and how well received they would be. This item is one of my proudest moments:)

I feel like this is akin to a public service to offer them as they are not easy to find, and when they are found they tend to be very expensive. Originally they were created in Holland as a beautiful vessel to hold and accentuate the delicate tulip blossoms during their famous tulip seasons. They have been an inspiration for centuries to many an artist and today are still so popular and with good reason! They are spectacular and create such a statement. I keep mine out all the time, often with nothing (still pretty empty) but add flowers for the seasons or for special occasions.


And truly these look amazing with any color and any type of flower. So when I was asked to take part in a photo shoot showing just “how to tulipiere” you better believe I said yes! I believe in spreading the love, will be sharing details on that soon. In sync with this post, I am offering 20% off our entire collection of tulipeires! This is a great time to take advantage of us being very well stocked, as we are often sold out. We just got a big shipment so it’s a win/win.

And……I am also offering one very lucky reader a small tulipere  (pattern of their choice) as a fun giveaway. All details on bottom of this post. Let’s get started……



Step 1 put your sections of the tulipiere (after a good rinse) on a plastic sheet, I buy the large plastic tear off sheets at the hardware store, or you can use a plastic bag, fill each section with cool, clean water until almost overflowing

Step 2 Have a good pair of cutting shears (or two) ready to work

Step 3 Have your flowers ready, I lay them out normally then start cutting, about 5″ on average but longer for the bottom section and slightly smaller for the top section

Even with nothing in them, they are pretty spectacular!

Step 4 And start filling to your hearts content- this to me, is the fun part, getting to experiment!

Step 5 I generally start with the largest flower first then fill in with the smaller “filler flowers” where necessary

Step 6 Stand back, give yourself a pat on the back and evaluate if you need to fill in anywhere

Tah dah! In minutes you have a floral masterpiece:)

Step 7 Depending on the flowers used, you can get anywhere from 4 to 9 days out of these (have had some last even 10-11 days)!  Just be sure the water is full,  I check it every few days

And just a look at various looks I have created over time and for different seasons-

A beautiful spring themed look above

Two sneak peeks from the photo shoot for Hamptons Magazine above and below

The arrangement above was done during, you guessed it…..fall!

The two above were for a Christmas party, the red was very striking even though red is not my “go to” color

Spring is probably my fave as it’s tulip season, above the fresh bright colors were a welcome sight after a long dreary winter!

Another pretty pink toned arrangement with touches of green

Christmas time above! The red and white is fabulous against the blue and white

One of my favorite looks above:)

LOVED this setting, the yellow, blue and white is so pretty and cheery. Mixed tulipieres here…..

And even empty, with no flowers,  they are simply spectacular!


Simply visit the shop with our beautiful tulipere collection by clicking here  and come back here and tell us your very favorite and how you would use it. That is it! I will announce a winner on Thursday so check back.

Meanwhile if you have a case of “tulip fever”, then it’s your lucky day, for two days we are offering 20% off our entire tulipiere stock! We are very well stocked and just got a huge shipment about a week ago. WHAT Use code “tulip”. Click here to see the tulipieres

PS Announced the launch of our new wholesale site yesterday!! We are very excited about it, if you are a wholesale/retailer then click here to register.

PPS Also we announced the Summer Love Contest we are now taking your entries and already have gotten some fabulous pictures! Click here for the info

Thanks for stopping in and wishing everyone a fabulous day. Here its raining cats and dogs but due to start clearing later. I think after our brutal heat wave, all the plants and grass needed  a good soaking. Until next time……..

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How adorable! You’re so gifted at creating the perfect vignette for each occasion! I love the classic original blue and white tulipiere and it would be perfect on our large mantle giving life to our gold mirror there–much like your Christmastime design!

I would use two large blue and white tulipieres on either side of my mantle. I hope I win!

I think the original blue and white in a small size would fit just right on my mantel. They are all so pretty 🙂

Loving the white Tulipiere. I would be able to use the white Tulipiere all thru the year changing out the color of the flowers to go with my tablescape. The size of the Tulipiere would allow for a dramatic centerpiece but not so large as to overwhelm the table.

I love the Spring tulipieres the most. However, why stop at flowers? I’m envisioning a Christmas fiesta with them! Oh the possibilities are endless! How about a candy-tree tulipiere, or even a lollypop tulipiere? Candy canes could be added in each section, or a cute styled Christmas tree with fir tree, or Scotch-pine, limbs? These cute things just have so much potential for creativity. Of course, flowers are best, but I can see even more! 🙂

I love my mediums pale blue and white tulipiere. I bought it in winter and it cheered me up with the promise of spring. I keep it my library and this spring have filled it with tulips and David Austin roses….. looks amazing!!! Better than a vase. ! I was so glad when I googled tulipiere and found them with Enchanted Home. The Delft originals run thousands and repros at popular home furnishing sites 600 dollars and up. This item lead me to the Enchanted Home and I’m grateful for the well priced beautiful items I have bought since.

I would love two of the medium blue and white original tulipieres to use on my dining room table. I would use pink tulips or yellow. Love your store!

I would love to use the large white tulipieres on a mantel or table with baby rosebuds and sprigs of ivy cascading down the sides.

As a “natural” blonde – I LOVE how you teach us how to use the product – 2 THUMB’s UP:) Oh – and I luv the “original” version of the tulipiere!

I would gather up 2 large and one smaller white set. I would put them on my mantel with dried boxwood and size appropriate silver mercury balls with tiny rice lights! Oh my goodness the possibilities you could create! Why stop at three-5-7! Beautiful!

I love them all but the original blue and white ones are my favorite. I would love to have a pair in my entryway.

I love the tulipieres! I help brides with weddings and I have wooed a couple of brides over to the blue/white. I would use them as the centerpieces at the receptions on guest tables or several on a head table. Beautiful!!!

My favorite is the small village scene tulipiere. I would place it on a silver tray on my dining room table with tulips or carnations for special occasions and dinner parties.

I love the small light blue and white tulipiere . I have Country Estate dinnerware and feel it would be beautiful on my table or on my demilume. I love the way you have shown how you can use them in all seasons. I too love flowers and with roses, raunculus , tulips and greens it would be gorgeous! .

I would use the medium original blue and white in my home office varying flowers with the seasons.

The pale blue and white Village Scene is perfect for a bedroom ~ soft and pretty even without any flowers!

I love my tulipieres!!!! And I love your readers ideas about creating “fun” with them!!! Never thought of putting lollipops in them!

We are about to move to our new (old) house upstate so my brain is imagining that cute little light blue tulipiere in the master bath on my vanity! Thank you .

Love the pale blue and white! A pair would add so much to any table setting. Keeping my fingers crossed, I win!!

At one time I had an antique tulipiere which sadly had a crack so no water….I took artificial holly picks as used on wreaths, they had beautiful aged silver balls attached and I created a Christmas tree tulipiere.

I have two on my mantle – always a conversation starter my favorite place for spring cherry blossoms in DC! A close friend who loves to have fresh flowers all the time fell in love and can’t wait to give her the light blue one as a special birthday gift – perfect for her bedroom mantle!

Tina, Thank you the tutorial on how to fill the tulipiere, I have wondered how it was broken down. I love the original blue and white pattern and would use it in my collection on my living room drop-leaf table. Thank you, Sherry B

I love the original blue and white tulipieres! Of course it’s a no brainer to fill them with tulips or flowers during the year. But I could fill them with Kumquats for Halloween and add fall flowers to the fruit for Thanksgiving. We have a little golf tournament in April where I live and lime green mini mums with golf tees tournament week would be adorable! The possibilities are endless!!! I look forward to your posts each day!!!! Hope I’m a lucky winner.

The original tulipiere is my favorite. I would use it as a centerpiece on a table setting with my brass candelabras on both sides ?

I would use an original small tulipiere with the other blue and white I have on my sideboard.

Tina, I absolutely loved these beautiful pieces.
While I like the Village tulipiere, I’m going with the medium White which would be more versatile in my home.
Of course every flower from my gardens will be stunning, I’d use just greenery for a soft cool look in summer. While winter greenery will be great all winter. I’m wondering if faux baby pumpkins in fall or small wired bunches of acorns and nut as well. And nothing but tulips in the spring.
I also think they are lovely alone with nothing at all.

I love the blue and white original, would use it outside with my melamine and try ferns and hydrangea for summer setting.

Ahoy! You know…I would use those tulipiers in our boathouse dining…flags and red carnations (both last a long time!) Luv’s the photos! franki

I love my original 2 medium tulipieres and would love a small one to make a beautiful trio ! ❤️

All designs are lovely. I do have a soft spot for white and blue, but I probably would pick the white one. After watching your different color designs for tulipere, I thought it might be lovely to arrange in shades of green, floral and or just green stems. Depending what you choose, it could be very modern, very traditional or even a touch of Asian influence. All would go well with the blue and white, I have already collected.

The small village scene tulipieres are my favorite! I would love to have two of them on my mantel and could also use them on my dining room table.

I like moving all my accessories around on an almost monthly basis, but especially seasonally. My
white tulipieres fit in everywhere. I use them on my sideboard, dining table, fireplace ledge and even on
small side tables. They look super with flowers for a more elaborate setting. They look wonderful w/o
no matter where they are placed. Such a fun tool.

I love the original blue and white and would use two of the medium size on my dining room table. Gorgeous!!

My pairs of large and medium tuilpieres have elevated seasonal and ever day decor in my home and garnered many compliments. I would love to share a small tulipiere with my mother in law to showcase her flair for design and flowers from her beautiful garden.

I absolutely adore the medium Original Blue and White Tulipieres! I can see using one (or two!) in my entryway for a pop of color! One would also be really pretty in my guest bathroom! Thank you for all your beautiful products and inspiration, and for feeding my blue and white obsession!!

The solid whites and pale blue village scenes are my favorites! The more I see these, the more I want a set of three in the various heights!!!!!

I have the perfect spot for two tulipieres! My favorite painting hangs over our fireplace. It is a painting of a garden with 3 little girls. My parents bought this because they had 3 little girls! It brings back so many fond childhood memories! The tulipieres filled with coral and yellow tulips would be the perfect complement!

I love the original blue and white. I’d put it in our dining room, which has a blue theme!

I would love a pair of white tulipieres. I am having a baby shower in the fall and would love to see them with mums. They would decorate my mantle beautifully as well.

We are going to Amsterdam this next year so I am going to stock up now to start celebrating early. And then as a gift to remember our trip.
The original is my favorite. I think the dark blue really sets off any flower combination.

I have two tulipieres but they are tall. I like to get the smaller pair you have. I had a favorite set from Portugal but sadly after moving they are no more. They were trimmed in pink. Really set off tulips. Tulipieres seem to come and go in the market place. But they are still around.

Wow what a great giveaway! I would use the Village tulipiere both as a display piece and for fresh cut flowers seasonally.

These are all so beautiful! I love the original blue and white tulipiere. Visited Delft for our anniversary trip and was blown away by the prices. These are equally elegant and at a fraction of the price. Thank you!

I love the pale blue village scene. I would use 2 on my Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving tables. They are stunning. Pink is my favorite color and I love how it looks with blue and white.

I do love the dark blue tulipiere with the purple flowers !!!!
They are all lovely !!!!
I have a small tulipiere and love it !!!!

I love the original blue and white pattern! I would love to display seasonal fresh flowers in it!

Tina ~ it’s just so obvious that you love what you do. In every single post. Blogs have changed and many old faves have disappeared or are no longer enjoyable. I ALWAYS look forward to yours (seven on Sunday is a must). Thank you for all the time and energy you put into it and for the amazing offerings from your shop. The village scene
doesn’t seem to be as popular to many but I LOVE it. I see a pair of the small ones nestled in among ginger jars on the entry console. Filled with all blush roses I think would be a sweet seasonal transition. I’m also wondering if the larger originals could possibly host mini Key lime fruits interspersed with white flowers of any and all kinds. I’m partial to the green with blue and white (visions of your Christmas paper here). But I’m thinking figs or small clementines or something fun to add
to the mix would be nice to try. See you’ve got me thinking (too much). LOL. Happy Tuesday ~ TJF

Village scene —small size. The blue is so delicate and the size is perfect for placing on my marble window sill above the kitchen sink. I would use two of them and change the flowers seasonally or—since they are so pretty on their own, I might just allow them to be splendid without any embellishment

I love all of them but especially the large blue and white tulipiere. I would use it on dining table with flowers but also on the mantel with tall blue and white vases. There are so many options and I love the pictures you post with many options.

The blue and white filled with white flowers centered with my blue and white melamine says summer, for sure!

Simply Beautiful… love how you showed the different seasons…spring and summer are my faves!

My very favorite tulipere is the solid white, so versatile and functional! It would sit beautifully in the center of my kitchen table!

I can see a pair of the original blue and white on my server with sprigs of greenery and coral roses. Beautiful!

When I win this contest, I would love the original blue and white in a medium. It is, after all, my birthday month!

I love my small blue and white tulipiere! I use it on my serving sideboard, the redistribute the individual components around the house when my party is over. So fun!

I love my small blue and white tulipiere! I use it on my serving sideboard, then redistribute the individual components around the house when my party is over. So fun!

I love all of the Tulipieres but love the first large one. I have an area in my home that honors my Son that died of Lung Cancer three years ago! I keep fresh flowers near his picture and I think the beautiful tulipier would just make the memories more lovely!

How kind of you to give away such a beautiful piece! I would use the original blue and white tulipiere on top of a rusted iron console table with a vintage dusty lilac matelasse quilt hung behind. The tulipiere would be filled with Spanish lavender, rosemary, and sage releasing fragrant scents everytime I walked by.

I have several spots that a tulipere would be perfect…dining table, hall console, entryway secretary. It breaks up the way you can use flowers in your home by having an alternative to a vase.

My very favorite is the original blue and white tulipiere. I would place it on my black granite kitchen island, which would not only set off the blue and white, but all the beautiful colors of my weekly flowers. Against the black granite, it would certainly be a showstopper!

In my home I have a lot of Burleigh’s Blue Calico and Spode’s, Blue Italian. I think the lighter blue tone of tulipiere would be pretty with what I have. Kindly choose me! Thank you!

I have a medium classic blue and white tulipiere that I bought from you two years ago; would love to own it’s “twin”!!!❤️

I would love the light blue in small to compliment my Country Estate dinnerware. They would be fabulous to leave out year round to fill with seasonal bouquets. Thank you!

The original design is my favorite. I would place it on my console as you enter my home – what a beautiful, warm welcome to friends and family.

All the the tulipieres are wonderful but my favorite is the blue and white village scene. I would love to arrange it densely packed with pink and white flowers with asparagus fern draping near the bottom and baby’s breath towards the top for a beautiful center piece!

Looking at all the color combinations of the flowers in the tulipieres, it proves, once again, that all colors go with blue and white.
I like the village scene in medium and would use it on a table in my front foyer. It would add some needed height…

I love the tulipieres! The original blue and white ones are my favorite. Two of the large ones look great on either side of the door or on the fireplace hearth. The medium and small ones are lovely on the mantel or coffee table. Fill them with seasonal flowers, berries, or greenery. Especially beautiful at Christmas, add candy canes, glitter sticks, and tiny lights for an Enchanted vignette.

I think the Original Blue and White Tulipiere is the most attractive. The continuous blue decoration throughout makes it the most interesting to me. I love the photo. Where you put the purple flowers in the original style tulipiere. The blue and the purple just pop! Thanks. Lisa

The love the medium original blue and white. The pale blue is lovely as well.
Thank you for a lovely and informative post.

I would use the original style on a faux bamboo chest in my entry- seasonal flowers would be a welcoming look in these beauties!

My favorite is the original blue and white and in the medium size. Other than blue/white china, I don’t have much blue and white in the house so I’d also like the white. Hard decision!!

I am thinking this time the solid white medium or large.
Used for tropical flowers of Florida on my entry table.
Then, outside the box thinking and using for fruit skewers on my buffet table.
Maybe even fondu brunch?
What do you think?

Tulipiere fever is contagious especially after seeing all these fabulous photos. ???❣️❣️The tulipieres are beautiful with or without flowers. They look beautiful with other blue and white vases and ginger jars and also with any table setting for a holiday or any celebration. Thanks for making these more easily available.

I could use the blue and white tulipieres on my console table, dining room table or mantle. Love your examples!

Thank you for the detailed instructions on how to use the tulipieres. I’d place one of the original blue and white ones filled with colorful zinnias of various sizes in the middle of a large silver tray along with my silver tea and coffee set. Then I’d display my handiwork on the dining room table. Angled slightly, of course!

I truly love these and would use the classic blue and white one here ,or the plain White one in my new home! I am newly single and am now decorating in all blue and white-have always wanted a Gorgeous Tulipierre. I would use it on my Table with most any Floral I have here. Gorgeous they all are!! Thanks for this opportunity!! ~~

The original blue and white medium tulipiere is my favorite. It is large enough to be spectacular but still short enough to fit on my dining room table under the chandelier. I would flank it by a pair of slightly shorter candlesticks and low round tulipieres that I have collected, each with a spray of five orifices, so that diners could see across the table with this stepped-down triangular arrangement. I’m thinking a choice of blooms in hot colors, deep fuchsia pink geraniums, or roses perhaps with blue delphinium or twisty spikes of purple veronica curling out. I’d like to the add the contrast of with orangey-red crocosmia, warm butterscotch mini roses, and some lime green mini-mums interspersed with dark green fernlike foliage. A navy cloth set with blue and white chargers and mix and match blue and white plates set off by fuchsia and blue plaid napkins in Delft napkin rings. The glasses are cobalt cut-to-clear stemware, the candles in the antique French candlesticks are white and the polished silver gleams. This is the fun part. Now I must serve up a meal that is equal to, and certainly inspired by, the presentation.

I would love to use a pair of medium blue & white classic tulipiere on my dining room table at Christmas. I’d fill them with gorgeous greenery with red berries and place them on either side of my real old willow tureen loaded with red tulips or perfect red apples.

I have always been intrigued by tulipieres, but very intimidated on how to use them. After seeing the how-to pictures on the blog, I think I’ve got this! I dove right in and ordered the large and two medium sized original tulipieres. I plan to use them at a brunch in September with fall flowers. Can’t wait to use them at Christmas, too. Thanks for the instructional pictures!

I love the original blue and white one the best. I would definitely put in on my living room mantle and fill it with fresh flowers from my husband’s garden.

Thank you for providing instructions on how to use the tulipiere. I love the original blue and white tulipiere, and would put it on my mantle. The classics are always the best.

I love the original large blue and white tulipieres. I would use them on my mantle.

I love the original blue and white tulipiere, in the large size, and would use it on my living room chest filled with lavender parrot tulips.

I ❤️Love❤️ the pale blue and white with the village scene-so very pretty! I would fill it with beautiful pink flowers for our sunroom??

I LOVE the medium blue and white tulipiere-not too big and not too small BUT just right! Simply beautiful!

I LOVE the medium blue and white tulipiere-not too big and not too small BUT just right! Simply beautiful! It would be perfect in my foyer with some of my other blue and white containers!

I think I would use the original blue pattern as a “signature” centerpiece on the dining room table. I envision, tulips, daisies, roses and sunflowers as the rotating flowers throughout the year. Tulips are almost year-round flowers now!

I already have 4 of the original tuplieres. Thinking about adding 2 of the Village Scene!!

I love the pronunciation lesson; I needed it. I love the small blue and white one. It would go perfectly on my fireplace mantel with the collection of vases that I have. Wonderful! Thanks.

The choices are endless……love the small ones as a pair, the big one as a statement, how do you decide?

I am torn between the original blue and white and the white one.

Either would look beautiful on a small round table in my home.

Tulipieres have such a decadent feeling and what a treat for the eyes! Indeed, they have been hard to find for years. Thank you for making them available to us at reasonable prices! My favorite tulipiere is the Original Blue and White – It’s a classic!

Original blue and white small would be my choice! To use on my deck glass table, which is viewed thru the center of my french doors……..just a beautiful framed ;happy spot to feature this lovely tulippiere during summer………

Hello, i would love a pair in my front entryway. They are all so wonderful and beautifuly made.

My favorite is the original blue and white. There ar so any places I could put it, on the mantle, kitchen table, end table. Endless possibilities.

Love the tulipieres so much because you can make such a beautiful statement on your mantel or wherever without needed huge bouquets of flowers!

The original blue and white is the pattern that I like most. I would use it on the table for my daughter’s wedding and after!

Always loved this collection. The blue and white original is my favorite and I’d love to use in my kitchen island. So stunning solo or with flowers!

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