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Hi and happy Saturday…I actually had to take a full 3 minutes to figure out what day it is. Just wanted to check in and say hi with this Saturday post. As we all try and adjust to this new,  albeit temporary reality…I know we are all struggling in some way or another. For some, like me,  its just my general anxiety which makes this difficult and of course worrying bout my parents (both in their 80’s and my niece, double lung transplant last year).

Many of you have asked about them and I thank you for thinking of us during a time when I am sure you have those in your own circle to be worried about,  meant so much. They are all doing fine, thank you. My parents are home and everyone agreed that was the best place for them to remain (originally wanted them to come to Palmetto Bluff). Same with my niece, who is also home and not going anywhere. They are extremely well prepared and have everything they need.

My niece is doing well all things considered and I told her jokingly she doesn’t have to worry about a case of the FOMO (fear of missing out) any more:) As the first year post transplant is most important to stay away from big crowds and to be very vigilant (which she has)! Not always easy though for an 18 year old, she has done a brilliant job however and I am so proud of her. She will turn 19 in less than 2 weeks so sadly will be in quarantine but we will try and figure out a way to make up for it with some kind of a special celebration.

So I just wanted to say I am thinking of all of you and your families. Seems everyone has a story and as the horrible virus continues it’s wrath, it seems it’s touching more and more people we know. We know four who have had it, 3 had to be hospitalized. All healthy no underlying conditions. Youngest 38 had to go into hospital twice. This is serious stuff and not to be taken lightly regardless of your age, health, or even if it’s really hit where you are or not. It’s there and that’s what all the scientists are saying, an invisible enemy. Also spoke to a friend who’s husband is an infectious diseases doctor in NYC. The stories you read and hear are REAL. He is living with it every day. Now spending nights at a hotel to not infect his family…it’s just so surreal. Onto happier subjects……..

I will continue to blog as it is my daily form of therapy…makes me happy. In the meantime, we are so eager to get back to work.  Never thought I would miss it as much as I do! We have several shipments which are literally in the middle of the ocean on freight ships right now, 2 had actually come in and are just waiting at customs until everything opens up. Concentrating on all the beautiful things coming in a huge bright spot in my day.

So the silver lining is that we will have so many amazing goodies coming this way soon. We will go ahead with our chinoiserie tole presage next week (was supposed to be 2 weeks ago). Here are just a few odds and ends, wishing you a good day (relatively speaking). We are in this together and will come out of it together. Stay strong, stay well and please stay home!


SO excited over these new pink pieces!!! They just came to of proton…love them! Will be here hopefully mid May! The village pattern is being offered in a fabulous tall garden seat and the small and medium tulipieres

Also doing the solid pink in a garden seat (will be doing them in the pale blue and green as well) to match the jars!

A little sneak peek at our gorgeous new melamine pattern that came out of production las week!! This cannot arrive a moment too soon

And here is a first sneak peek at the set of mixing bowls (with lids) that will be available  some time in May! Cannot wait:)

These beautiful handprinted framed murals will be part of the chinoiserie tole sale next week, so love these-

Made this board with some of my favorite things for sprucing up the house and looking ahead to spring/summer entertaining.  Love blue and green with wicker.

Remember today is the last day to save 15% site wide. And we are donating 15% of all sales April 1- April 4th to Meals on Wheels. We will be donating to a few different organizations over the next few weeks. This is a win/win and I am only to happy to help however I possibly can. So many in need! 

Click here to visit the shop


Stay safe everyone, thanks for stopping in. Leave a comment say hi and let me know how you are doing…until tomorrow.

PS If you missed the funnies I posted yesterday , which I find very comforting during this difficult time, click here.


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Thank you for your commitment and consistency in posting beauty and encouragement. A positive and uplifting part of my day!

I LOVE the pink! The village pattern garden seat will look perfect in my first grand daughter’s nursery when she arrives in August! I’m so excited to add this to her pink and white room!

What a bright spot in my morning, thank you. Everything is so beautiful I am loving all this pink I can’t wait to get a pair of the pink tulipieres! The melamine is also really beautiful, great pattern.
Those murals are amazing- I love it all! Thank you for your kind and heartfelt message and mostly thank you for your generous spirit and giving to an organization that so desperately needs help right now.
It is refreshing because I’ve noticed not all companies are doing their part and that makes me sad, Will continue to support companies like yours that has a social conscience to helping others.
Beautiful Tina!

Thank you for letting us know that your parents and niece are doing well. It was so nice to hear that news!
Love the mixing bowls!
So many beautiful items on the horizon!
Thank you for your post!!! M

You mentioned having to think about what day it is. My friend says she is missing the underwear of her youth which had the days of the week on them……

Idea for your nieces bday: My granddaughter had her 15th birthday last week. Her mother asked friends and family to mail her daughter letters for her bday, explaining why is is special and what she means to them. She also arranged a surprise Zoom phone call from 10 of her best friends.

Thinking of all of our elderly parents, relatives with medical conditions—and friends and people everywhere who are ill, have lost their jobs, or are afraid, or without enough food. Thank you for this lovely blog as it is a real bright spot at a very difficult time.

I just sent a link to my daughter. The pink garden stools will look beautiful in her daughter’s room!

Just love the pink!! It’s not for me, I’m an avowed blue & white girl like you, but I think you’ve done spectacular job with it. Without question it will fill a void in the market as there are lots of pink girls out there.

I just love EVERYTHING……..certainly lifts my day……………Thank you !!!!!!

Thank you so much for continuing to post and boost our spirits! It truly means a lot to have a little escape each time I open one of your posts. Today, I have to say that the new PINK pieces are absolutely beautiful and makes me so happy simply by being so cheerful!!! Happy to hear that your at-risk relatives are still doing well. I too have 80’s parents in Virginia and hope that they stay well!

Thanks for your fun postings, have pasted them on to others for a chance to smile and/or laugh out loud. We live in a CCRC in Sun City, AZ with about 600 others. Our management has been terrific finding things for us to do, arranging to deliver our mail and meals, and playing movies on our in-house channel. We come out on our decks daily at 11AM to greet our neighbors, some times with music, always with laughter. The social isolation has been the hardest for us but being able to walk outside around the property has helped. We’ll all have stories to tell later on. Thanks for giving us a chuckle to make our days brighter.

Hi Tina ,
First thank you for all of your positive posts ! Being a fan of everything pink I must say your new items are fabulous. I appreciate all of your support for the hospital’s and staff . My sister is CFO for a Hospital in Albany NY and I know she appreciates any positivity in this hard time. ☺️

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