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Hello and Happy Mother’s Day friends, hope you are doing well this Sunday morning. First I want to announce the winner of the Staffordshire dogs giveaway. Congratulations goes to-

Cherie P

Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers out there… is bittersweet for me. I am unable to see my own mom, which is so upsetting. Normally we would have met in Palmetto Bluff or I would have gone to see her in Virginia.

My mom has dementia and as some of you might know, its an incredibly fluid situation. It often feels like one step forward two steps back. This past week was a tough one for her but I always try to find a silver lining. I realized that I need to make every single day count. I call her every day and try to engage with her by talking about my sons or what I am up to with my business, maybe a favorite movie, whatever it is.

So though distance will keep us apart this year, she is here by my side in spirit and I cannot wait until things slowly get back to a new normal and I go pay her a visit. I feel so lucky to have my mom, she is as many always say a true “angel. So giving, kindhearted, always put family first.

She made me who I am and who I continue to strive to be. She will always be my hero and my role model. Always. I know I am very lucky to have her, OK stopping now before I start crying. I seem to cry over so many things lately…………anyone else? OK, moving along to the Sunday post…


1. TWO SET TABLES  Since every day is a “stay at home day” I have taken to trying to set a pretty table at least a few days a week. Why not? It’s a great time to use and enjoy all my favorite things, that normally stay hidden in closets and storage cabinets.

So when Cinco de Mayo came around,  last minute I decided to set a festive table. Made a delicious guacamole, frozen margaritas (forgot how good they are), tacos, fajitas and Mexican was delish.

That frozen margarita machine had been put away but I have to say this could become a nightly gig:) Anyway here are some pictures from the other night, on Cinco de Mayo and another night when I set a small intimate table for two:)

All melamine from my shop

Etched margarita glasses Williams Sonoma (years ago)

Tablecloth John Robshaw fabric that I had made into a tabelcloth

Lemon topiary from my shop


Forgot just how good a frozen margarita can be!! This is not going back into the closet:)

And then last week set up this pretty table for two…..just because:)

Porcelain salt and peppers, wicker hurricane and pagoda flatware from my shop

China from Juliska

Stemware from Williams Sonoma


2 A FABULOUS AND VERY UNIQUE GIFT IDEA   I absolutely LOVE this idea and a few people in my life are getting this unique and very special gift. So, Storyworth will send your gift recipient a question a week which will require them to answer with some kind of a story or thought provoking answer.

Over a year these responses will be collected and at the end of a year, in this case next Mother’s Day, a beautiful hardbound book will be created and sent to share with the family. I was so excited over finding out about this unique idea. What a treasure for every family to have the permanence of the written word highlighting all of life’s memories and stories. Click here to find out more about Storyworth.

3 A BEAUTIFUL SHORT VIDEO ON MOTHERHOOD I thought this was so beautiful and touching. The messaging is for all mothers regardless of the age of your kids. As someone with grown sons, it really touched me and wanted to share it. The part about holding hands until they were ready to let go got to em…I remember that very day. It’s true, we made them but they made us a mother. Beautiful.


4 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Another round of beauty…lots of flowers, spring fever! One of my favorite parts of these Sunday posts.


5 THE MOST STYLISH FACE MASKS! Who would have thought I could get so excited over a face mask? If you told me that seven weeks ago I would have thought you lost your mind,I was so excited to receive a most beautiful blue/white face mask complete with my monogram from Del Ray Monogram.

Never did I think a face mask could be so stylish. In fact makes even a fun yet practical gift idea too. :)   Click here to order yours over at Delray Monogram

Here is the beautiful and oh so fitting mask they sent me with my initials…a monogrammed face mask, a Covid luxury!

And my friend Leslie from Giddy Paperie has just come out with her own gorgeous face masks, as well. Let’s face it, these are probably going to be around a while… might as well make them pretty! Click here to see


6 A FEW NEW PRODUCTS I AM LOVING THAT ARE ON THE WAY.  Just love my footed planter in a new variation pink and white!! Imagine your favorite flowers or a boxwood topiary in this beauty!! The tulipieres and garden seats in this pattern will be here in just two weeks (presale will be next week)! Do you love this in pink as much as I do?

A few new porcelains en route!! We will have our usual porcelain presale on this huge 40 foot container in about 2 weeks, brimming with so many exquisite new pieces and bringing back many of our best selling items as well. Here’s a little sneak peek-

7 SUNDAYS SURVEY So this is kind of Covid-ish related. Looking forward to summer….can you believe Memorial Day is just a little over two weeks away. Think it’s safe to say, Memorial Day will not quite be the same this year.

Not sure if you are a Memorial Day planner, if you tend to go away or entertain, throw a big BBQ, go to the beach,etc….but wondering how much of an impact Covid will have on your Memorial Day.

Our own travel plans have come to a screeching halt but I am hoping for July 4th, OK scratch that, maybe Labor Day for a sense of normalcy:) I am bracing myself for a different kind of summer. I think we have been well prepped given the last few months! So curious as to where you fall on all this?


And for all the moms out there, we are holding. a one day 20% off site wide sale to celebrate Mother’s Day! Use code mother, click here to visit shop

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Happy Mother’s Day, Tina. Hope you have a relaxing day surrounded by the ones you love.
You are so lucky to still have your Mother in your life. I hope you get to Facetime with her.
The video on “You made me a Mother” was beautiful. Thank you.
All the best. Stay safe and stay well.

Tina, I found that, even in the fog of dementia, my mother noticed my new handbag or someone’s weight loss or a distinctive outfit and enjoyed commenting on them. Of course she also loved any information about the grandchildren and great grandchildren and hearing about a party we’d hosted or attended. Speaking of any of these things seemed to perk her up and distract from the confusion and paranoia of the dimension, Good luck to you and your family as you navigate these waters.

Happy Mother’s Day Tina, you bring so much honesty and love into your weekly Seven on Seven, thanks for bringing a little sunshine into our homes each week.??

Thank you for Seven on Sunday. Your post on Sunday’s always brings a smile to my face. Also I just ordered a face mask from Delray Monogram. They were so pretty I couldn’t help myself. Have a great Mother’s Day.

Hi and happy Mother’s Day to you. I am so sorry about what you were going through, I do not have personal experience but my sister-in-law is dealing with that with actually two parents at the same time which is just heartbreaking. Please take good care of yourself. I am sure your mother knows that if you could be there you would.

I hope you have a wonderful and relaxing day as you do so much for others I hope you will take this day to take care of yourself. Absolutely love all the new products, cannot wait till they all come in just beautiful and as usual your table savings take my breath away!

Hi Tina,
Just saw Doctor from John Hopkins on this mornings news program. He implied this is just not going away and we all should be masked and gloved. He said firmly he is watching for a vaccine ”END OF YEAR””! Just consider this our new norm until we get vaccine. The trick is to stay healthy and safe. Your doing an awesome job. Be well!

I always thought of myself as a dedicated blue/white person, until I saw the green garden stools! They are exquisite, as are all of your items, but it was love at first sight with the green!
Wishing you a Happy Mother’s Day, and prayers for your mother.

Happy Mother’s Day , Tina! I lost my dad to Alzheimer’s so I feel your pain,deeply. All you can do is go one day a time and yes these times make it terribly difficult. Things MUST go back to normal and they will. Please don’t say “new” normal because that will never be what we know as normal. I want the freedoms we were all used to without having people watching us every minute. I want the choices I make for my life be just that, for MY life. We never had to worry about making others sick before so why now? I refuse to carry that burden. Life has risks and to each his own. Anyway, I’m sure there will be many that disagree with me but that’s what makes this country so great. They CAN!

Dear Tina, Happy Mothers Day to you and your Mother. My Mother has been gone for sometime now. I now know, which brings me great comfort and joy, is that she now lives inside of me. Happy Mothers Day to all, and to all a beautiful and Safe day.

Happy Mother’s Day to you Tina! Thank you for your post. Enjoy the times you have with your mother, you’re very lucky to have her. I lost my mother several years back and not a day goes by that I wish I could be with her.
Enjoy your week!

I never noticed the detail on your dining chair fabric before. As a pug owner, I’m in love with your pugs on toile fabric! So adorable!

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