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Hi friends, hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Fall is definitely creeping in the air and I am loving it!! I have really enjoyed my time in Palmetto Bluff and am in a different zone when I am there, so its always bittersweet to “go home”. Takes me a few days to get back in the swing of things but with so many exciting things coming our way and slowly preparing for a bustling holiday season,  it is a great incentive to get back. That said, taking time for some R &R cannot be overstated, so important!

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend, onwards to this weeks Seven on Sunday!


1 A GORGEOUS SHOWHOUSE When you can’t visit a show house in person next best thing is getting to see it on a video! I have been impressed with how many similar events have all been organized to be viewed online. Might not be ideal but it’s a creative way to carry on!   So here is the Southeastern 2020 show house tour-



2 SNEAK PEEK AT SOME OF  WHAT’S NEW!  We have eom really fabulous things coming in over the next 4-8 weeks. And you are always the first to know. We are developing a new line of absolute gorgeous painted pagodas with pretty details like greenery, floral, bunnies and more to come! I am really excited about these. Also continuing to add to our super popular line of of wicker items.

Very excited about our new painted pagodas, I think these are going to be a hit! They will be in later October and we will hold a presale sometime in a few weeks so stay tuned.

Adore these fun mid sized square bamboo planters in four great colors-

And our wicker collection grows, check out these new wicker hexagon planters, how fabulous are these!!

Another take on our wicker ginger jars, loving this square shape (coming late Oct)

3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Such a pretty and inspiring round up, love the increasingly fall related instagrams that are starting to take over Instagram, it is after all the most beautiful season!

4 AMAZING CUSTOMER PHOTOS You know how proud these make me. I just love getting in pictures of my customers showing how they use our products in their homes. Few things give me such a thrill. So thank you to all and if you have one to share, please send to [email protected]. Enjoy!

5 HOLIDAY MOVIE SEASON IS COMING! Call me corny but with the year that 2020 has been, I need all the fun, happy, carefree,  corny I can get my hands on. Lifetime is notorious for their romantic, lighthearted sometimes sappy holiday movies.

This year they have announced they are rolling out a whopping 30 new holiday movies! That’s a whole lot of hunkering down and movie watching.With Covid, and my planning on being indoors more this year than usual, this announcement comes at a good time. Sometime you just need to “get away” with a cute feel good movie. plus these are bound to get us in the holiday spirit:)

Here is a sneak peek and click here for a breakdown of all 30 movies coming soon (scroll down for titles and release dates!

6 MAGNIFICENT MAGNOLIA! No one has better or more beautiful fresh magnolia than Weston Farms. I feel so fortunate to have worked with them several times. I love their products year round but particularly in the fall and winter, they make the most spectacular arrangements. How fabulous is the magnolia in our silver mint juleps? The one shown is our silver beaded cup.

I love this photo shoot they did. I will certainly be recreating this for my own house. Today and tomorrow, our entire silver collection is 20% off in case this has inspired you (click here to visit our silver vault)!

Click here to visit Weston Farms and order your fresh magnolia

A few pictures from past holiday seasons using Weston Farms magnolia

7  SUNDAY’S SURVEY Would you get on a plane right now? I have to say I miss going away, traveling and new adventures more than I thought possible but I just can’t imagine getting on a plane. Curious as to what you all think?


And there you have this weeks Seven on Sunday. Hope you enjoyed the post. And always appreciate you stopping in and making TEH part of your Sunday routine. I feel like we get together for a virtual coffee hour every Sunday morning and my Sunday would feel incomplete without it:) Wishing you a great day, until next time…..

PS Today and tomorrow our entire silver collection is 20% and that includes our well stocked selection of mint juleps. Click here to see the collection (use code sparkle)

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Flew multiple times this spring and summer, for both necessary trips and pleasure travel. Airlines were fantastic, took so many precautions, and I felt very safe. TBH it reminded me of traveling following 9/11. Our commercial aviation industry is *hurting* and my heart goes out to all the workers and families affected. I hope travel will pick up in the coming months.

Well put, Elizabeth. When planning a trip there is so much to consider. Car service to the airport, time spent at the airport, air travel, where to stay when you arrive, indoor/outdoor seating. Of course, this can all be tailored to limit close contact. I.e., drive yourself, stay only with those “staying safe”, travel to “safe” states. If staying in a hotel be sure the hotel is strictly following COVID standards. Holy moly! We have traveled, but only by car. I weighed in to say I would consider airtravel.
I feel strongly that we must not judge one’s comfort level. As long as people are respectful and wear a mask, do what’s best for you.

Hello Tina, may I know what are the sizes of the mint juleps that were featured in the Weston Farm photos?

THAT SHOWHOUSE!!! SPECTACULAR…STUPENDOUS…I cannot wait till I find a magazine showing every detail…and, I can touch the photos…just…WOW!! Your photos are amazing…those shades of greens/ blues…franki

I planted a magnolia tree several years ago. While the flowers are wonderful, the tree is a mess. My yard is covered in magnolia leaves! Had I known it dropped leaves, I would never have planted it. Many people do not mind the leaves,

I love the way Magnolia trees look in bloom; however they make an ungodly mess in the yard and the leaves are BIG and heavy and difficult to remove. I would never have one in my yard.

Just love all the new products that are coming in and enjoyed the house tour video. Your customers pictures are a testament to your beautiful line of products! We had two big trips planned for 2020 both were canceled I have no desire to get on the plane. To me personally it’s just not worth taking a risk and I look at them as incubators of germs even before Covid but now especially so. Hopefully 2021 will bring back a sense of normalcy

Tina, I have flown five times since May. We live in Memphis and go to,our place in Sea Island Georgia. We go through Atlanta to Jacksonville. I think flying is actually safer now than before! We fly Delta and they leave the middle seats open (nice!). They now board the plane from the back seats to the front, and allow time for travelers to have their overhead bags in place before they call for the next rows to board. This works very well – no crowding in the aisles! And of course masks are required in the airport and on the plane. They hand you hand sanitizers when you board, and there are hand sanitizing machines everywhere in the airport. Even the Sky Club has taken on tons of safety measures including social distancing and prewrapped foods. I hope this information is helpful in your making decisions whether to fly. I am happy to say that it has been fine in the airports and airlines that I have been using. Happy Sunday! Always enjoy reading The Enchanted Home! Bond Moore

Hi Tina
I always look forward to your Sunday post. Love the photos, so much inspiration!
Have a wonderful week.

Love the magnolia from Weston Farm. It is truly beautiful. My niece flys when necessary and she stated now is the safest time to fly ever as the planes aren’t stacked full, everyone wears masks and gloves and there are sanitizing stations everywhere. I’m going to my daughters wedding in NC in October. My doctor has suggested I have the flu shop two weeks in advance so did that Friday. I think common sense and courtesy are the two most important things to remember. Plus I’ll bring wipes to clean my seat and surrounding area. Life is to short to let fear take control.

No. I would not fly right now. It’s not a great idea. Air is recirculated on the plane. The virus can be contracted through the eyes. I would advise wearing eye protection. Keep
Mask on.

What a pretty post, look forward to your blog more and more during such a unsettled time in our world.
Really love all of your new products, cannot wait for everything to come in.
Really love all of your new products, cannot wait for everything to come in. We had a very big family reunion trip planned and rented a magnificent home in Tuscany for August which had to be canceled, cannot tell you how sad I was over that as we had planned it over the course of a year. I am really hoping that 2021 will bring back some degree of normalcy, but in the meantime we tend to stay close to home and wear masks everywhere!

Your Sunday posts always make my day! Your mantle looks beautiful! Have a wonderful week.

Call me crazy but I have been travelling this whole year. Firs of all, I had my own movie on Lifetime so I was on set in Canada (right before travel there was banned for Americans), then we moved from Texas to Puerto Rico and I travelled to Puerto Rico twice to set up house. Then I came back to Texas to ensure that house was ready for a house manager, then I travelled to Northern VA to see children, then travelled to Colorado to see children before moving. I ALWAYS wore a mask. CONSTANTLY washed my hands (I carry medical wipes) and sanitized. No matter where I go or what I do I take all the precautions.

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