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Hello, and happy first weekend of June! Can’t believe its summer, granted until this weekend, it hasn’t exactly felt like summer but we have been warming up and I am loving these beautiful balmy days.

We had a busy week getting porcelain presale orders out and waiting on our very delayed containers from India to arrive….they are trickling in but its a been a real test of patience:) I thank all of our amazing customers for their patience…..this threw us all for a curve ball but slowly things are coming in again. Preparing for a succession of shipments that will start coming in mid June.

Today we are going to be driving out towards the beach and enjoy a nice lunch at a restaurant we haven’t been to in years then to a BBQ later, need to take advantage of those summer days! Hope whatever you are up to to enjoyable and relaxing, I anticipate my lazy Sundays all week long and they always must begin with this post! OK here we go with this weeks Seven on Sunday-


1 NEW PRODUCTS COMING SOON Always enjoy sharing with you what is new, exciting and upcoming. We have a lot happening in June, a phenomenonal new collection of linens arrives this week, then its our chinoiserie tole container, 2 tabletop containers and porcelain! Here is a peek at some of what is coming in-

So incredible excited over these linens here is a tiny sneak peek,  perfect time for summer entertaining.

Our chinoiserie tole shipment will be here around June 20th and is loaded with all kinds of amazing chinoiserie tole and we are so so excited about it!

Cannot wait to get our floor planters in, 3 sizes! Coming in less than 2 weeks:)

New handpainted trays just shipped, will be available in 5 fabulous colors


2 ONE STUNNING NEW ENGLAND FAMILY HOME Am a big fan of Patrick Ahearn, his name is long synonymous with his stunning and very classic New England style homes. This one is a beauty. I love that it will stand the test of time and how classic if feels. What an elegant, inviting, family home. Click here to see more of Patrick Ahearns work



3 A FAVORITE SUMMER SANGRIA This is super easy and incredibly refreshing not to mention very pretty (extra brownie points for pretty)! A berry sangria is meant for summertime! Made a few revisions of my own which I noted but this was so good and a great party drink. Found over at The Cookie Rookie. Promise this will be a hit:)


  • 1 bottle Moscato/Rosè Wine
  • 15-18 ounces Berry Juice I use Naked Berry Blast or V8 Splash Berry Blend (or anything comparable)
  • 1 liter lemon lime soda (I substituted this for lime Perrier and it was great, less calories)
  • 1/2 cup or more if you’re feisty Pearl Red Berry Vodka
  • 1 cup sliced strawberries
  • 1 cups raspberries
  • Raspberries and sliced strawberries as garnish


  • Place fruit, wine, vodka, and berry juice in a pitcher and stir.
  • Refrigerate for 1-2 hours
  • Right before serving, add the lemon lime soda and stir to combine.
  • Pour over ice and garnish with more fruit
  • Enjoy!

4 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Never at a loss of incredible instagrams to share with you, one of the funnest parts of these Sunday posts! So much beauty out in the world-

5 MICRO GREENS I have written about them before and have used these for years. Ever since I saw the flair that they add to just about anything from a caterer we had used, I was enthralled with these little greens.

Now I buy them on a regular basis and put them on everything from cheeseboards to fish to steaks, they make everything look pretty! Do you use them? Most local farmer markets have them as does Whole Foods and I am sure there are places online that you can order them. Try them, you will see what I mean:)


6 A BLUE AND WHITE MANTLE I love the way this came out. I used a bunch of my blue and whites and added faux cherry blossoms along with fresh flowers in small vases.It looks so fresh and happy, blue and white always brings a smile to my face! It’s a perfect way to welcome the freshness of summer……

7 SUNDAYS SURVEY. So I am now on a post Covid diet. We got very lax during Covid and particularly during the lockdown stage when we were home most of the time, binging on Netflix and the inevitable snacks that go along with it. Now with summer here its time to lose the pandemic poundage…ugh, how I hate having to give up so many things I love! Wondering (and secretly hoping) I have company out there. Did you put on wight during the pandemic?


And there you have it, my post for this Sunday. Hope you enjoyed it and I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Here it’s a hot one but I will take that over winter anyway. Thanks for stopping in, wishing everyone a wonderful day. Until next time…..

Our 30% off giftwrap ends tonight. Our entire collection of luxurious gift wrap is on sale (most reversible). Great time to stock up on your favorites. Use code present. Click here to see the collection

PS Our warehouse blowout continues, we have so many amazing things. To all who sent order requests over the weekend- we are closed and will reopen Monday. All invoices will be sent Monday (as long as we have those items available). Click here to see part of this amazing sale


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Tina that fish dish you showed, I’ll need a recipe for it. It looked marvelous. Mi ro greens are everything. I gained 17 pandemic pounds 😵 However I resumed barre classes and I’m down 2 inches in the waist and 6 lbs. I’m headed in the right direction🤩It’s summer weather here in GA. Not melting sweltering temperatures but warm breezy days with slight overcast. Just what I love🌷😊

Thank you AGAIN (!!!) for helping me up my entertaining game, Tina. We are having an outdoor party for a friend’s birthday and I am going to make a huge batch of your sangria!! Frongate makes great dispensers BTW.

I can’t wait for the release of your linens. I’ve purchased them before and cannot say enough about the excellent quality.

We’ve been traveling to MV for many, many years and I have always admired Patrick Ahern’s houses.
BTW Those who travel to the Cape and Islands what do you think of the recent Steamship Authority hack? Lots of theories. Yikes.

A beautiful post as I have always come to count on every Sunday morning!

so excited about the linens and those beautiful flower planters.

thank you for the sangria recipe we’re hosting a July 4 bash and I think I’m going to try that it looks delicious.

yes I have gained at least 14 pounds and have gone up to sizes but have gone back to my exercise regimen of walking three times a week and light weights and starting to feel better.

we really are all in this together😊😊

Beautiful photos, as usual. I have been on intermittent fasting for a few years so covid had no affect on me.

Tina I live all your posts but especially Sundays. Look forward to your recipes. Always great!! Can’t wait to try the sangria. This will definitely up my 4th of July pool party.
Loved seeing the photo of the pink table setting. So fresh and pretty. Especially liked the thin gauge like napkin and how it was tied. So pretty. Thanks again.

Tina, I cannot wait for your next shipment…love the linens! I just did a blog post about combining fresh and artificial flowers. I love your mantel with the faux cherry blossoms added-you cannot tell and texture and shapes make it even more interesting. Love your Seven on Sunday. Also, I just did the Fast Metabolism Diet by Haylie Pomroy. Actually enjoyed being on it for 30 days….and now I will do it one week a month. I know my metabolism has slowed down as I age and I think this book makes sense. Just an FYI.

You’re a mind reader, Tina. I was looking for a Sangria recipe yesterday, and none piqued my curiosity.. I am definitely going to try yours. Sound great!
And the weight question? I’ve been in the fight to lose the 10 lbs I gained.. Arrgh!!
Also, Patrick Ahearn. I’ve been an admirer of his, also. He takes an ordinary house and makes it into a beautiful home. Very talented..
As I said: you’re a mind reader!

Your mantle is so beautiful! i need to go. it micro greens- love how they look on your beautiful cheeseboard

yes gained Covid weight but now me and my husband are doing intermittent fasting and the weight is coming off.

love your Sunday posts

Hi Tina, I decided to make the soup that you so recommend….oh my god….I just couldn’t stop, and the perfume in the kitchen….divine!!!
So, let’s not talk about being overweight during the pandemic….I did a surgery in my face that made it impossible for me to eat a lot of solids, and my surgeon demanded that I gain weight to support the recovery phase. Soon after, the pandemic came and I didn’t lose what I gained and I added a lot more…. But let’s take it easy, in three months of low carbohydrates and everything will be resolved, So i hope.

Love the way you did your mantle I am going to have to try and copy😊

my sister-in-law owns a house on the Cape and her next-door neighbors built a really beautiful home with Patrick Ahearn. ever since I saw their home his name never escaped me.

yes I gained probably 15 to 20 pounds due to being home and as you said snacking around the clock, now that summer is here though we are getting more active and starting to shed the weight. i’m not beating myself up over it though it was such a challenging year that if that’s our biggest problem we’re lucky!

Love your blog!

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