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Hello and happy Sunday! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Over here it is an absolutely gorgeous weather weekend , but suddenly these summer weekends feel like they are going by way too fast! We have a busy weekend with plans four nights in a row, which truth be told is a bit much for me. So I know by Monday I will be pooped and ready to put my feet up. I am finding now in my “late 50″s” the idea of a perfect weekend, is maybe one plan, tinkering in my garden, and having lots of leisurely down time. Does this mean I am getting old? LOL.

Yesterday I ran into a local shop to buy a last minute birthday gift for someone, still like to patronize small local businesses when I can because that’s the heartbeat of America and we need to support each and every one of them. Anyway next door is this absolutely darling tiny (as in maybe 800 sq ft) old fashioned bookstore. I normally order books on Amazon but figured I would give my business to this local shop, I was so happy I could have cried when I walked in and it was full of people.

I was so sure I would walk in and there would be someone sitting bored out of her mind before the cash register. It made my heart sing to see it buzzing…..on a much tinier scale, reminded me of when I used to spend hours at Borders. I love bookstores, they can literally transfer your mood! OK just had to throw that our there….



1 EXCITING NEW ARRIVALS! Like I said last week, we have some seriously beautiful things heading this way and some have already arrived! I am excited to announce all the new salad servers, Hydrangea Garden flatware and the new colored wicker flatware will all be on our wicker arrival sale this Tues so check back. Take a look at some of whats new…

So these fabulous pierced floral plates and chargers are a go! I am so thrilled about them and cannot wait. We are also waiting on samples of doing them in a mossy green, thought they would be perfect for fall/holidays.

Not the best pictures but they are gorgeous with a capital G!

And our best selling wicker scalloped console is now going to be also be offered in a 60″ size! These will be available late September, stay tuned

2 HERBED BUTTER I love making this and kind of forgot about it until the other night, when two of my sons were coming home for a filet Mignon dinner…..herbed butter to the rescue  It is actually so easy and so much tastier than any ready made herbed butter.

You can literally use any herbs you have on hand, fresh herbs will by far, yield much tastier results. And you must use real butter, no substitutes. Here is all you need in case you want to try it. It is great with steaks, chicken, fish, shrimp, obviously bread and so much more plus looks quite pretty and fancy:)

Love using them on vegetables right when they do into the oven, so good!


3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST So in love with this roundup, kind of the best of everything…..


4 AMAZING CUSTOMER PHOTOS My customers are ridiculously talented, I always say it but its true! These pictures always make me so incredibly proud:)

5 A STUNNING HOME IN EAST HAMPTON Loved seeing this video featuring Micahel Gianelli’s home in East Hampton. You might remember my popup in East Hampton at East Hampton Gardens (click here if you missed it) , Michael is such a sweetheart and clearly is a garnered extraordinaire. His partner, Greg Shano is a acclaimed designer and clearly their talents have blended beautifully to create this charming and beautiful East Hampton home.

A perfect beach house vibe, very sophisticated but so welcoming. So many gorgeous takeaways here. Absolutely love the color palette and have always wanted to do a big coral/shell collection somewhere, hummm,  the wheels are turning:) I love so many of the details…


6 MY GARDEN AND A FAVORITE SALAD So first you would think I have been feeding my little garden shots of testosterone. I have never ever seen such HUGE zucchini in my life..have you? I need to pick them earlier! Plus my cucumbers are on overload as well. I have lots of tomatoes coming but sadly one night either deer or birds decided to have a major feast and ate almost al the ones that were just about ripe for picking, I was nearly in tears.

Thankfulyl there are many more coming and we bought some special netting to cover the plants to insure that does not happen again. Here are a few snapshots-


And I found the perfect container to hold my daily picks….our large oval French wire basket!

Chopped Mediterranean or Shirazi salad

2 large cucumbers or 8-10 Kirby/Persian cucumbers

2-3 large very ripe tomatoes or 2-3 cartons of egg tomatoes

A handful of fresh mint (fresh is a must)

1/2 red onion

Juice of one lemon

Salt pepper and olive oil to taste

Chop cucumber, tomato, onion very small. Mix together and add onion. Season with salt, pepper and olive oil. Add lemon juice (to your liking) then mix in the fresh mint….goes literally with everything!

7 SUNDAYS SURVEY I always value your opinion on products and potential new things. This is a line of Greek key silver items we got samples of and would love to know your thoughts. Thought this might appeal to someone who likes the tradition of silver with an updated twist, in this case, Greek key. Greek key is classic yet has more of a modern, clean line. Would love to know what you think!




Our deal of the day starts now and is only on for today!! Our best selling cylinder floral container is on special for $85. They make beautiful planters but also love them for oversized utensil holders! Great gift idea too. Discount comes off automatically at checkout.

Click here

That’s a wrap friends! Hope you enjoyed the post, anything really pique your interest? Hope the sun is shining, over here we are due to have another beautiful day and I am entertaining so will plan to set things up outdoors. Hard to believe tomorrow is August 1st! Wishing everyone a wonderful and relaxing Sunday. Until next time……

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Another fabulous Seven on Sunday. Met Michael and Harper at his shop in East Hampton. Such a great guy!

I so enjoyed the video of the East Hampton home. As we age, serenity in beautiful indoor and outdoor settings is such a gift. Thank you for sharing!

Hi Tina , what a fantastic post to wake up to!

Love the new bigger console and I’m trying your herb butter recipe today as we are having. a BBQ! I have made your Mediterranean salad many times since you first posted it and it’s one of my family‘s favorites.

I love the Greek key pieces I have a more transitional home and those would be perfect.

The house tour was perfectly lovely but those gardens wow!

Love reading Seven on Sunday while having my coffee! A little bit of everything!
I love love love my tole metal table!! So happy I found Enchanted Home! Happy Sunday 😊

I am a retired Designer with a background in Architecture and Design, Please note. Most of your readers are probably traditionalists; but the Greek Key collection will go well with both Contemporary. Mid Century Modern, and Classic Designs. I also note that most folks do not have the ability to visualize, as they have untrained eyes for most concepts so before you decide on whether or not to offer the Greek Key pieces take that into consideration. Basically they are a Classic of Design and go with most Interiors if properly used. Hope this information helps…

In the video posted they have a large cabinet with a collection of blue/white pottery placed on the top.
I love this look and need some assistance with placement. While I have some pieces, most from your shop,
it would be wonderful if you had a tutorial of some sort on how to achieve the look with your pieces.

book stores are a must see where ever our travels take us. Always pick up some sort of local history book even if its a tiny cook book featuring local dishes.

Love 7 on Sunday! Sorry the deer ate your tomatoes! But everything else from the garden looks beautiful! Have a great week.

Really like the Greek Key pieces, only wish the silver was more “substantial”. I would definitely pay more for that,

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