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Hello! Hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful weekend. My dad is here and its been so nice having him here, his vibrancy and infectious personality are a good addition to our household, not to mention he’s the best story teller. Now he’s off to to traveling and we hope to have him back here again soon.

Our party scheduled for Friday was canceled due to rainy weather so looking to reschedule that. Today, however the name of the game is total relaxation. I am sooooo looking forward to a nice lazy Sunday, except for Pickleball mania which happens here every Sunday morning. I am considering partaking, have given my injured knee almost 4 weeks to heal. If so, will take it very very slow. It’s been a crazy few weeks and I very much need a calm day with no agenda (and no injuries)!

OK onward to my post….




1 OUR CORAL AND SHELLS ARE LIVE!!!!! So thrilled with our newest arrivals, the fabulous coral and shell collection. I couldn’t’ be more thrilled about it and so happy to now be able to offer it to our customers (subject to availability) I have restarted my own collection and these beauties have added a lot to my existing collection, and I am not done yet! Click here to see the collection


2 TRADER JOE FLOWES TO THE RESCUE Needed flowers and had no time, stopped in Trader Joes for my monthly supply of nuts and lo and behold these fabulous triple leaf tulips and white hydrangea called my name. These tulips are sensational!! Not to mention they are going on 9 days and counting. Mixed them in with the pink hydrangeas I cut from my yard.

And yesterday stopped in to Trader Joe’s for my monthly supply of nuts (absolute best place to find both for the variety and best pricing) and lo and behold, these fabulous peonies were calling my name. Was shocked to see them and couldn’t add them to my cart fast enough!

Loaded into my back seat

LOVE them in our newest scalloped footed chinoiserie planter (will be on our arrival sale Tues/Wed)



3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST This weekends round up is a perfect blend of interiors, nature and of course some yummy looking food for good measure

4 MY FAVORITE EASY AND DELICIOUS TUNA I have been eating really healthy this last month and overall finding it fairly sustainable because I am making sure I am eating as often as I like but being mindful to eat healthy foods/snacks. This is also delish on any kind of bread or a wrap.

This has been my favorite way to make tuna for a long time, if you don’t like dill however this is not for you.

1-2 can solid white albacore tuna

1 hardboiled egg chopped fine (egg is optional)

about a TBSP of chopped red onion (optional)

1 TBSP of your favorite mayo

1/2 cup of cottage cheese

1/2 stalk celery very finely chopped

about 1/4 cup of fresh chopped dill (or dried if you cannot get fresh)

A dash of salt and pepper

Juice of half a lemon

Combine all together it is soooo flavorful, I keep a bowl in the fridge and literally eat it alone or on top of a salad. For a quick snack you can also put the inside mini peppers and it is quite flavorful.

5  COMING SOON!!! We are going to have an epic arrival sale as well as a presale on certain items including these fabulous med and large hurricanes in 3 colors! These have been so popular that we added white and green (2 sizes)

Beyond excited to announce that these lattice footed beauties (same as our 16″ and 20″ outdoor version) are now abatable in a 8″ and 10″ and they are FABULOUS!!!! Amazing with orchids, fresh flowers, topiaries, a boxwood ball, the height of elegance. These arrive and will be part of the arrival sale this week!

2 sizes and 5 stunning colors:)

Newly restocked on these very popular fretwork planters with removable lining which makes for such easy planning/floral decorating. Love these, two on a dining table or a console makes quite a statement.


6. DEADHEADING HYDRANGEAS As many of us are starting to see the blooming of the almighty hydrangea, the summer gift that keeps on giving, so too must we consider the importance of deadheading. I found the best, most comprehensive, user friendly guide at Martha Stewart!

Click here to read


7.  SUNDAY’S SURVEY Do you grow a garden? Or container gardening? Curious….for me there is almost nothing more fulfilling than watching something you planted, grow into a bearing fruit. I love going out every morning to see the progress, it is like a form of therapy.

Even when I look back to when we first got married and lived in a very small NYC apt. I had a small balcony where I attempted to grow a few things in containers (let’s say the light was not conducive to growing vegetables)! But I tried:) How about you?


Don’t forget to check out new coral and shell collection, its pretty amazing!

Click here

And there you have my Sunday post for this week. Hope you enjoyed it! I want to wish everyone a wonderful and relaxing Sunday and end to your weekend, appreciate you stopping by. Until next time…..


Need some inspiration for July 4th? Here you go……

(almost sold out of our patriotic pagodas, click here, they ship right away)

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Hi- I love your blog and have been following/purchasing for awhile. However, I am extremely disappointed you are selling coral. The worlds coral reefs are dying due to climate change and pollution. It’s predicted that 70-90% of the world’s coral reefs will be gone in 20 years. Please support this beautiful ecosystem by not buying coral from sellers.

I totally agree about Trader Joe’s nuts – it’s the ONLY place I have found sliced almonds without the skin!

Hi, everything is so lovely. This is like 10 magazines rolled into one. In fact, I unsubscribed from the only two magazines I still continue to get because the content is lacking.

All of your new products are just spectacular.!
Maybe in your next life you can come back as a florist because you have a real gift.
Thanks for the tuna recipe, never thought to add dill (which I love) so will try!

Just love your Sunday posts !!! Would you kindly share the instagram address for this – – ? quicklist
I can’t find it and wish to follow. Many thanks!! quicklist – the image of the wonderful salad.

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