Things I am loving- Buffalo checks

Hello….in getting back to the subject of design, one thing I have always loved is buffalo checks. They to me, are the perfect blend of casual chic with a healthy dose of elegance. They make a room more causal but always still look sophisticated. I had it in my old home and have it in my present home, in my guest room.

As I am still considering the reupholstery of my breakfast room chairs I am thinking of going with a French-y feeling floral on one side and a buffalo check on the other. I find myself continuously drawn to them. So today is all about buffalo checks, if you have not been a fan, this may change your mind and if you are fan, this will remind you why:)

My own guest room where I mixed a traditional toile with buffalo check, love the effect

This is so very pretty, love the idea of using it for a tablecloth mixed in with solid white, Maureen Stevens

What a dreamy bunk bed, love the mix of prints with the buffalo o check ,Homebunch

Makes a great simple cleaner feeling window treatment, Monica Hibbs

Isn’t this a beautiful combination, the check adds so much to this beautiful ensemble


Buffalo check works really well with almost any mix of fabrics, Royal Designs

Charming, this looks like a Charles Faudree space who loved buffalo check, Cottage Journal

Love the mix of the patterned drapes and charming buffalo check chairs

Proof that they look fabulous in any color….love the green!

This is one beautiful space, love the tonal elegant

Of course you know i just love this, House of Harper

A small touch of buffalo check can have a lot of impact, must look at this stylish laundry room from Style At Home

Very handsome for a boys room, great idea on where to use it, Etsy

Definitely proof that buffalo check looks great when mixed in with other textures and elements

Adore it in a bedroom, so very French:) Instagram

Gorgeous mix of green and white prints, the buffalo check is a beautiful addition

Buffalo check on the floor? I love a painted floor so why not! House of Hargrove

A vision in blue…so pretty The Foo Dog Ate My Homework

Classic Charles Faudree, the master of mixing fabrics

Sometimes just adding a touch of it such as on this landing bench is a pretty subtle play of pattern, Brooks and Falotico

Gorgeous on these beautiful breakfast room chairs, Pinterest

Can dress down a bath ME Beck

This is so very gorgeous, Southern Hospitality

Love the pop of red check in this cheery kitchen, Tobi Fairley

A clients recently installed stair landing bench, missing one pillow…just love this and would love to duplicate it for me:)

Isn’t this the dreamiest girls room! Love!! Alyssa Rosenheck

Beautiful idea for barstools in a kitchen

Some recent buffalo checks I have found and some great coordinating fabrics=

Don’t know about you but this post has given me a sudden urge to go fabric shopping and do a little decorating:) I will likely use buffalo check in some way in the PB house, think the casual but sophisticated vibe would work well. And you? What do you think of buffalo checks? Do tell, wishing everyone a wonderful day. Until next time….

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Bluff Diaries Chapter 8

Good morning friends.  Hope you are having a good week, here it’s been very busy with lots of changes on the warehouse/office/new website front. Coming up for air.  But all good things…so no complaining but today is a nice deviation from that- Palmetto Bluff!

I waited a long time to tell you that we have officially signed with the builder as of about 3 weeks ago and it’s full steam ahead now. When I started this post we were due to get our permits on or around  Oct. 10th and break ground right after that, then Hurricane Matthew came along and derailed the plans a bit.

I was also supposed to be there this past Monday for the week with friends, but with the hurricane and clean up going on,  postponed my trip.  So…….we are hoping to get the permits in the next few days and hope to break ground this week or next and we are very excited.  Check out these pictures my friend who lives there sent me, (thanks for sending J)!




Now that the hurricane is thankfully a thing of the past and to Palmetto Bluff’s credit they have cleaned it up,  by all reports really expeditiously. We are however already talking things like plumbing, floor outlets and custom cabinetry.  As we are really hoping to get this done as expeditiously as possible, we want everything ordered and decided upon well ahead of schedule. So we are already starting with the kitchen design which is very exciting.

The kitchen is  smaller than my current one but it’s an open layout and a nice size and I have decided I am going to do it light and airy. I am thinking a variation of a white cabinet with white marble countertops. This was my idea from the getgo and I haven’t wavered much since.

This will not be my last kitchen post but I do think this accurately sums up what I am hoping to achieve. So as my ideas start to crystallize this post is full of ideas that I am pretty much sold on.

Ready to see my latest ideas on the kitchen? Let’s get started-


This is a great visual- So we had seen a house being built in PB  when we first started looking and immediately said “this is exactly what we want” (great layout). We then started working with that architect and we worked based off of that plan but tweaked it to our specification.

My husband was there not long ago and had a lot of fun getting to see the house almost done. It is not done necessarily in our taste but seeing the kitchen and how it’s part of one big great room in these pictures really will help you visualize as you begin to share this process with me.


unnam3433ed u3433nnamed

There will be a window on each wall, reconfiguring the way the cabinets look on either side of that range hood, not a fan of how it looks now


This wall above (right of kitchen) I took the upper bay of cabinets and put a window in. I am giving up cabinet space but want it flooded with light and do not like the window above the cabinets…so it will be a big window with lower cabinets and fridge/freezer on either side as above


Here is the front door (looking from great room)



Moving along…..I went to a local plumbing business that I have done a lot of business with and was floored at how many wonderful choices there are basically with everything!

I had to look for tubs that would fit in our parameters and found two that worked great as when they pour the foundation within a week or so we need to specify where the plumbing will go-

unnamccved unnaasdf3med

Simply amazed at what they are doing with tile that looks like real marble above, incredible!


Love this thick marble countertop above, then I remind myself we will be on a budget:)


Always drawn to polished nickel, it’s so classic



I have  lots of inspiration pictures in my various online photo albums but there are certain kitchens I keep going back to. I know I want this to be really light and airy…probably white or a creamy white and definitely white marble.

I go back and forth between polished nickel and brass. I am really loving brass lately and it does give a certain pop and dresses things up a bit but probably will go the polished nickel route. Really torn on that one.

kitchen-pendant-triple-window-melissa-haynes-design kitchen-stools-lee-ann-thornton ivory-kitchen-cabinets-ivory-french-kitchen-hood-ivory-x-back-counter-stools f9f9d22f635b

This picture above and below is a good representation of what I see, definitely want to do eclipse doors!


Some of the elements I love and am drawn to-

white-and-gold-kitchen-hood-la-cornue-cornufe-range gray-cooktop-cabinets-vintage-brass-pulls

LOVE these metal hoods and hope we can work it into the budget


Already sold on white marble, there is no second choice:)


If the metal hood will not work, then it will be a lovely wood range hood-


But then I see this incredible sink and suddenly want to banish the word “budget” from my vocabulary!! Gorgeous!


Love what is referred to as eclipse doors-


I see upper cabinets on either side of range hood with these doors (love both variations)

taste_bir_062813_0082 darlana-lantern-gray-kitchen-island-eclipse-mullion-cabinets

Pretty very pale blue island above


Love this Ilve range but it will most likely not be within the budget so will look at other options but sure love this look:)


And then I spotted this beauty from Viking, beautiful! My very first “adult” stove was  a Viking and I was really happy with it, I know they went through some changes in their company but hopefully are back on track, will be considering this-



So much to love here….but I do feel the elements are coming together, enough so that I would be able to make some decisions. We have two kitchen people working on plans/quotes and we hope to get the kitchen ordered by Jan.1st.  We are simultaneously working on bathroom vanities/cabinets so that will be what I will talk about next.

The kitchen (to me) is my most important room and because it is open I want it to make a statement. That is probably the one room where I am least likely to make concessions, but am also willing to think outside the box and keep an open mind as we get started with this process.

Thanks for stopping in , wishing you a fabulous day.  Here it’s been really mild lately but supposed to turn cold again. The foliage is really starting to explode now, favorite time of year! Until next time…..

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Color crush- Gray and white

Hi friends….hope your week is going well. Mine is a busy busy one, and these next ten days I need to be on my “A game”…..cannot afford to be sick or rundown, have way too  many balls in the air and doing my best to keep them all in check. Heading out of town for my nieces graduation this weekend then will return with a day in between before I head down south….

Besides working on two large design jobs and going full steam ahead on the new website (which is going to be AMAZING and very much worth all the work) , I am  getting ready to head down south to Nashville next week for the preview party  on May 11th, at the O’More showhouse where yours truly has been chosen as the honorary chair:)  If you live in the area (or even if you don’t but want to take a little trip because you really like me) please come and join the fun…its going to be a wonderful night! Click here for the link/info

Moving along….I have fun with these posts, Color Crush because it gives me a chance to share and be inspired by color combinations that I like or that happen to be on my radar.

A few pictures recently sparked the idea of the gray and white….I like it more than I even realized. I think the key with gray is balancing it with a warm tone, a warm white, beige, a pale blush as an all gray room can appear cold and barren.

When paired correctly, it can be showstopping! I searched high and low through all my sources to bring you the prettiest pictures I could unearth in gray and white. So let’s talk a look at this current color crush at it’s very best. Then your turn to weigh in……



If this doesn’t set the tone for just how pretty gray and white can be, don’t know what will! Splendid Willow


Gorgeous pale gray kitchen with white perimeter cabinets…love that lantern! HGTV


It’s all in the details…..gray and white never looked so beautiful, Chanel


A gray kitchen with white marble…works every time! Style Me Pretty


Aren’t these gray/white tiles fabulous, Builders Depot


This exemplifies the look beautifully, so crisp and clean


This is so well done think the heavy accent of white really balances out the gray beautifully, Hooked on Houses


Gray and white is as beautiful in a more traditional interior as it is in any other, Cottage Market


This is so gorgeous, this color gray is really has a slight touch of green, feels warmer than a lot of grays Heidi Piron


This is so pretty…love that Imperial Trellis paper in gray and white, just beautiful Tidbits and Twine


A lovely picture of pale gray and white done right, Laura Tunin


A beautiful gray front door…yes! Better Homes and Gardens


Love this white room with the gray painted beams, Brooke Gianetti


Give me a pale gray framed French chair any day…..Pinterest


It is just darling in a nursery…Rosenberry rooms


A beautiful example in tile by Walker Zanger of just how beautiful white and gray is!


Here is a gray and white room with warm golden accents, love this color combination, City Farmhouse


And dont’ forget how pretty it is for clothing too…classic


This is surely one of the prettiest examples of this color combination, love this! Style Estate


Modern done well by Anne Hepfer


There are so many great looking gray and white wallpapers it’s a nice look for a powder room,HGTV


The key to using gray as a primary color is to balance it out with crisp white…great example shown in this bedroom, Brooke Wagner Design


Is this gray and white chinoiserie not to die for! Laura Tunin


Thinking of using gray paint? I like this chart a lot for the warm grays…thanks Laurel Bern Interiors!


And gray and white is timeless in a bathroom, loving it here with the brass hardware. Really adds a touch of glamour


Lusting after these high gloss gray doors…so stunning


Lest you forget how beautiful it can be on the outside this is case in point..fabulous! Better Homes and Gardens


Such a pretty vision in white with pale gay chinoiserie as the backdrop, gorgeous! This has given me an idea for my own bedroom in PB, Laura Tunin


So much to love here, has me in the  mood to start on a gray and white space……hum, possibly at Palmetto Bluff:) Thank you for stopping in, would love to hear your take on the matter. If you want to see other Color Crush posts, just go to the search bar (top right) of my blog  and type in “Color Crush’, it will take you to all the previous posts, enjoy!

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Designer Spotlight- Jeffrey Dungan Architects

Hi and a happy Friday to you. Every now and then I like to feature the work of a designer/ architect whose talent is catching my eye. I have seen the name Jeffrey Dungan here and there but recently his name has increasingly been on my radar, as a few pictures  got my attention.

Upon further looking, I really fell in love with his entire body of work. He seems to really shine in the slightly more casual but very sophisticated niche. I think for me, its particularly appealing as many of his pictures and general aesthetic are somewhat in keeping with what I hope to do in PB.  He certainly has a beautiful portfolio under his belt and I definitely felt it was worth sharing with you. I think his work will speak for itself….





This is the picture that started this post! Love this space above..and this is somewhat how I see our great room in PB

English-Village-Alabama-1600x648 dungan-nDFequette-portfolio-interiors-traditional-library dAAungan-nequette-portfolio-interiors-traditional Jeff Dungan Architect dungan-nequette-porStfolio-interiors-eclectic-kitchen


This is the ultimate barn!

7-Bodnar-Grassy-Side-1600x1045 Jeff Dungan Architect dungan-nequette-portfolio-interiors-eclectic-kitchen

dungan-nequetnbte-portfolio-architecture-architectural-details dung3433an-nequette-portfolio-interiors-traditional-kitchen

DSC7588-Edit 34dungan-nequette-portfolio-interiors-traditional-kitchen dungan-nequette-portfolio-interiors-eclectic-great-room IMG_2943-1600x1066 IMG_2922-1600x1205

What a lakehouse! Love the walls of windows

porch-1600x1066 kitchen-1600x1065

Fabulous kitchen with the soaring ceilings and metal windows….stunning!


Always love limed oak, we did it in several areas in our home and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat


Beautiful, don’t you think! So many beautiful spaces that feel serene, inviting yet super sophisticated…love all the earthy tones. Pared down elegance is how I might describe the work of Jeffrey Dungan. He is based in Alabama but his work takes him all over the country.

He has also partnered with another architectural powerhouse, Nequette Architects and suffice to say they make a winning team. Click here to visit his  website, it is a feast for the senses. I was also very impressed reading over his testimonials. So what do you think? Do you like his style? Your turn to talk….wishing everyone a wonderful day and a great end to your week:) Until next time….

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Bluff Diaries Chapter 3

Hello friends, here I am with Chapter 3 of Bluff Diaries, where I will chronicle our building journey in Palmetto Bluff. Right now  everything is obviously preliminary but we are making progress. Nearly done with interior plans and working on exteriors now.  I am sharing with you my various ideas of what I can see for that house in this series. Though I am sure many of my ideas will change/evolve over time, I tend to be a pretty decisive consumer. When I like something, it normally sticks:) If  you missed Chapter 1 click here and Chapter 2 here. There will be, rest assured, many more chapters to come!

Today’s chapter is on one of my favorite subjects……kitchens! I am excited about getting to plan another kitchen. I really enjoyed the process for my home here in NY and it was one room where I really was able to fulfill my wish list and it delivered. I recognize this kitchen in PB is going to be obviously smaller and much more casual, however that does not mean comprising on beauty! I see a “light and airy” approach to this house in general and the kitchen will follow suit.

My husband and I have decided we want this house to be part low country/part will be a hybrid of the two. I love the look of open shelving in a kitchen but with the plans as they are shaping up, I will not have much wall space so it is probably  not in the cards if I want to be practical and for the kitchen to be functional. Though we will use it part time, you always have to be mindful about down the road, if we were to sell to someone who might live there full time (and that includes us:). So though this is very early on, here are some of my ideas-

The kitchen will be about 13 x 20 which will include a center island with ample bar stool seating for at least 4, it will open onto a large great room that will be family/living/dining. Very open and inviting layout. Here are some of my ideas….



This has been a longtime fave and I could see this easily in this house-


And these are an assortment of others I like very much and have been collecting for a while-








The details-

There is a chance I will do wood floors but am not totally sold yet. Depends on what we do for the main big room, love my kitchen floor the reclaimed French limestone but its costly and not as gentle on the feet so we will either do some kind of wood or stone with area rugs.  Peacock Pavers are really beautiful and look like old stone, plus they are so affordable-

11250f546c92507d12b8a065f266f54b e534f5b24e2af2f4cbcd58d7aca2efe1

I would LOVE to do this Ilve stove if my budget allows, just really digging the gold/silver mix, love my Ilve now so I would do another in a heartbeat:) Isn’t this a beauty!



And really love my Shaws farmhouse sink so would do that again as well….might do a double this time


I think I am leaning towards brass in the kitchen but its not 100%…..however I really do love the look. Something like this faucet and this hardware below are an example of the vibe I hope to create….

211522 0111133bc5557b61827d89293548509b

Pulls- seeing something a bit cleaner, less fussy, oversized and more transitional along this line-




Countertops- I am as in love with my honed Calcutta Gold countertops today as much as the day I got them put in….hopefully we can find not crazily priced beautiful slaps to do it again in the new house. Second choice would be one of the beautiful quartzites out there, a bit more affordable and some are really quite amazing looking! You just have to be very persistent and keep looking until you find what you want…..




Barstools- Definitely  want something on the casual side…always been fond of the updated traditional bistro style bar stool

fox5208c-front fox6532a-front


And I also like this look a lot as well….

connor counter stools


I could see any of these beauties above the island which will hopefully seat 4-5 kitchen stools-

CHC2177GI CHC3436AB CHC2161GI CHC2107AB 9346 9000-0013


This is fun and most definitely the one room I tend to be the most excited about. You can be sure there will be many more kitchen posts to come! I love to cook and entertain so look forward to this more casual style as I think it will get used a lot. Fingers are crossed that we will sign off on the plans (both interiors and exterior) within the month and get building permits June, or July at the latest.

I am anxious to get this show on the road!!  In the meantime it’s fun to do  my “investigative research” 🙂 Thank you for stopping by…wishing you a wonderful day! Until next time….

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Designer spotlight- Anne Hepfer

Hi there and happy Friday!? Thank you so much for weighing in on my bathroom decisions, your input really helped! If you missed that post click here. In continuing on with a series I started a few years ago and periodically feature, Designer Spotlight, today I introduce you to Anne Hepfer, quite a talent who is based in Ontario, Canada. I have seen so many of her beautiful rooms over time without necessarily realizing it was her work. Then when I noticed a pattern (loving every thing she does) I felt a post was warranted!

She has a beautiful, versatile style and seems to stay true to classic traditional without it feeling fussy or off putting. Her rooms feel current, cheerful and elegant.? Every one of her rooms looks welcoming, like I can envision plopping down with a book and a beverage of choice. That to me, is the hallmark of not only good design but well thought out design……a truly successful room is not only beautiful but functional and inviting. So take a look at the work of Anne Hepfer and tell me what you think. Click here to visit her website and learn more…..





main_Blue,-Traditional,-Dining-Room,-Green main_Kitchen,-Green,-Bar main_Blue,-White,-City-Chic,-Kitchen main_Kitchen,-Organic,-Blue,-Green,-Urban-Cool main_AH_Giffin_8586 main_OfficeDen main_Living Room main_Master Bath

c50e76cf462b24d7118523377cf1ba45 dc875a42884a561cfee76881e5e79e3e 1f0cc029dcf913cef24b6c6b4b33a0a2 Blue-Bed.-Blue-Bed-Fabric-Ideas.-Master-bedroom-with-blue-bed-and-blue-draperies.-BlueBedroom-BlueBed-BlueDraperies-Bedroom-MasterBedroom-Anne-Hepfer-Designs. Living-Room-Draperies.-Traditional-living-room-with-blue-draperies-and-pale-gray-wall-color.-LivingRoom-Draperies-TraditionalInteriors-Anne-Hepfer-Designs.

main_Master dressing rm main_Kitchen4 main_Steremberg Miami Living Room 1 main_AH_SteremAH_Steremberg_171012-5310 main_Dining-Room,-Blue,-White,-Cottage main_Kids-Room,-Nautical,-Cottage main_Blue,-White,-Asian-Fusion,-Bedroom,-Green,-Yellow main_Green,-Blue,-Organic,-Living-Room,-Urban-Cool image_OfficeDen


main_Details,-Black,-White,-Luxe,-Dressing-Room main_Luxe,-Dressing-Room,-Black,-White main_AH_Giffin_8569


See!? I told you she is? talented, so many beautiful spaces….what do you think? Are you familiar with her work? Have a favorite room? Love to know as always what you think. Wishing you a wonderful day and to your week. Until next time…..

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Pinterest pretties- kitchens!

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Hello there! Thankfully this is a post that was in my draft box, nearly completed which helps me at a time when I have a lot to do. I didn’t realize how cathartic it would be to reemerge myself into blogland, but just visiting all of my blogging friends and even working on posts makes the world seem right again:)

You know what I haven’t done in a really long time? A kitchen post! I love my board, Amazing kitchens on Pinterest as it is an ever evolving gallery of incredible kitchen beauty and inspiration. I never get tired of looking at beautiful kitchens.

Whether you are someone who just loves to ooh and ahh over pretty kitchens, ready to take on a new build or renovation or looking for ideas to spruce things up…this post is for you. An updated post on some true kitchen gorgeousness. Ready? Let’s go……



Isn’t this a vision! I love everything about it, Les Ensembliers


Howard Slatkin’s gorgeous kitchen is a study of elegant appointments


Love the colors and vibe in this fabulous European feeling kitchen, Veranda


This high ceilinged beauty is a classic, Arch Digest


This is a beautifully designed kitchen that will stand the test of time,? by the talented Amy Vermillion


John Hummel created this wonderful open, airy? timeless beauty


Gorgeous space made dramatic by the super tall ceilings, HomeBunch


When not if I get my beach house, I want this for my kitchen space….LOVE! Geoff Chick and Associates


It’s all in the details… the blue stools in a sea of white, so pretty!


Doesn’t get better than a kitchen? finished with Segreto….just stunningly beautiful!


This is such a great color and I love those lanterns! House Beautiful


Isn’t this a beauty! What a fun space to work/entertain in,? Downsview kitchens


Isn’t this grand and yet so warm and charming at the same time? Elle Decor


This is so fabulous,? Sue of The Zhush designed this space in her own home….love it! The Zhush


This has such a “feel good” quality to it…like you can imagine cooking up a storm all day long, great light. Urban Grace


What a beautiful space this is…..just adore everything about it. Minnie Peters


Really like the like of open shelves, the slightly commercial feel but in the most beautiful way. And any kitchen with brass gets my vote:)South Shore Decorating


Great beach house/coastal kitchen, Geoff Chick and Associates


Hopefully this gave you your kitchen fix for the day!? I must say I never ever tire of looking at beautiful kitchens and had such fun designing my own. Classic details like marble countertops, solid wood cabinets, and good appliances never go out to style and will certainly stand the test of time.

How about you? Whats your favorite look in a kitchen? Do tell…..if you want to see even more kitchen fabulousness, click here to visit my Amazing Kitchens Pinterest board. Thank you for stopping in. Wishing you a fabulous Thursday, until next time……


Which would you choose?

Hi and happy Sunday to you. We were out of town for my sons lacrosse game, so I didn’t have time to finish my Seven on Sunday this weekend, but I will probably post it later this week.? In the meantime am putting up this fun post which was in my draft box and one? I think you will really enjoy.

So this post is a bit of a virtual little trip to the beach (which I could really use) and imagine this, you are granted your ultimate beach house! Wouldn’t that be neat? I discovered this incredibly talented firm, Blackband Design through Home Bunch and decided to do some research. I was so impressed by their beautiful body of work that I could literally close my eyes and point to any one of these and be over the moon!

So it’s your turn which of these incredible beach houses would you choose? A hard decision….but what a good one to have!


27-Via-Monarca-029-copy 27-Via-Monarca-024-copy 27-Via-Monarca-032-copy 27-Via-Monarca-037-copy 27-Via-Monarca-039-copy





2601-Bungalow-012 2601-Bungalow-0162601-Bungalow-013-B? 2601-Bungalow-001



2128Seville0854da84076d3dd-1024x794 2128Seville0454da838e653d5-1024x756 2128Seville0354da833b7451a-1024x683 2128Seville3054da855685ff8-1024x683 2128Seville02-1024x683 2128Seville01-1024x683


24-copyjpg_16165258851_l54da6aefeaf6b-1024x703 02-copyjpg_15981083639_l54da6a597ef3d-1024x752 09-copyjpg_15547381953_l54da6a81a62da-1024x691 30-copyjpg_15547395503_l54da6ae0f3455-1024x684 23-copyjpg_16167152345_l54da6ad50d1ef-1024x683 01-copyjpg_16165243681_l54da6a6736a70-1024x691 08-copyjpg_15547381253_l54da6a4bbbb7b-1024x680 20-copyjpg_15981094699_l54da6a9b6f6db-1024x680


IMG_007254da7ea8d7f23-1024x683 IMG_999054da822063e3a-1024x683 IMG_9084w54da804ab5353-1024x683 IMG_9171w54da80744b740-1024x683 IMG_9927w54da819a9fde7-1024x683 IMG_9915rtw54da8143434db-1024x683


1106-Dover-2-00754dd00b3d23e6-1024x683 1106-Dover-2-00954dd0133f23a6-1024x683 1106-Dover-2-01554dd01895b57f-1024x683 1106-Dover-2-00254dd0061ba137-1024x683 1106-Dover-2-00554dd0089cbbc9-1024x683


IMG_833154da7dd57aabd-1024x683 IMG_800454da7a84ca495-1024x683 IMG_830654da7d8188491-1024x683 IMG_827254da7c7f5f73d-1024x683 IMG_831754da7d5989a40-1024x683 IMG_829754da7cabd7d12-1024x683


Can’t you almost taste that salty air and hear the waves crashing? Me too….next best thing to being there! I love the work that they do and was hard pressed to name a single favorite but after much scrolling up and down I finally settled on one. So now it’s your turn….ready to choose (poll on bottom)?

Don’t forget CALLING ALL ENCHANTED HOME READERS to enter your homes in my newest contest!!? I have started getting some beautiful pictures, it’s your turn-


  • 2 pictures per person
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  • Can be of anything or any room in your home
  • This contest starts today and I will take pictures up until March 10th
  • There is a cutoff of 60 pictures so get them in soon!
  • Contest will run March 12th and a winner will be announced on March 15th
  • The winner will win $100 towards anything in my online shop


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Pinterest Pretties…..Blue and White Love!

Good morning… I periodically do I feature? a particular Pinterest board from my “collection”.? Today’s post is calling all blue and white lovers. One of my favorite boards is, no surprise my Blue and White Love. This board is filled with all kinds of scrumptious blue and white beauty and it just never gets old. When I need a fix, I know where to turn!

Blue and white is unique in that is literally looks good next to just about? every color of the rainbow, can be used in modern and traditional settings alike, is as beautiful in clothing,? on a violin or cookie as it is in a cluster of ginger jars! Now you tell me what other color can do all of this……….

If you want to see more of this board or any of my other boards, click here to be taken to Pinterest. Do you “pin”? I used to be baffled when people spoke of how addicting it was, well….now I totally get it! Though I have learned to show willpower and am a bit more disciplined in how much time I spend on it because we all know how easy it is to get carried away. Enjoy….




















b3e5bb82dff561a4b951903ab4702482bluewhiteweddingdetails CVR_BBQ211JOH

peonybluewhite2 24f6d6c761b05f832e3778bf46084f6b IMG_2123BlueandWhiteHallwayHomesandGardnesHousetohome


Hope you enjoyed all the blue and white goodness. At the very least it should give you your blue and white fix of the day! Click here to see more blue and white inspiration on my Blue and White Love board. Don’t forget if you didn’t stop in yesterday click here to be eligible for the beautiful duo of custom pewter/silver napkin rings giveaway.

I will announce a winner on Saturday. I also hope to be able to get this next round of Steals and Deals together by then…it is a showstopper! If not for sure early next week…..wishing you a wonderful day and thanks as always for stopping in.

Come on in… my kitchen!


Hello! In continuing with my “Come on In” series, I am happy to invite you into? my kitchen. My first in the series was on my bathroom. I have gotten many many emails over time about various things we have done, so I hope to cover many of them here. Though it’s a very large kitchen,? it feels really warm and inviting, not cavernous and stark as some kitchens do. There are some markings on the marble and a patina that has developed but I like to think of that as signs of the joy we have gotten from using this space.

I think the warm colored beams and beautiful old floors add to that a lot. It was my goal to create a European styled kitchen that felt French and a little elegantly rustic with all the modern conveniences of today. I knew I wanted a big? black island? and the white Calcutta gold marble was decided long before the kitchen designs even started. I had always wanted reclaimed stone floors so that was another item on my “wish list”.? Other elements came together as the planning begun.


I must say I love my kitchen today as much as I did almost two and a half years ago when we moved in (still cannot believe its been that long). Some people have beautiful kitchens that they really don’t use much, but this is one that is used every single day and where we spend 90% of our our time as a family. I love to cook and entertain so in just 2 years its already seen a lot of mileage and I? wouldn’t want it any other way.

This is also Teddy’s turf so dogs and people are welcome around the clock. If I was doing it all over again, honestly I don’t think I would change a thing….I really love the way it looks and I feel that it’s a kitchen that will stand the test of time, it’s somewhat ageless….and I think it could look as relevant even? 15 years from now.

So first a few facts-

  • ?The perimeter cabinets are painted a soft creamy white (custom colored) with a soft taupe/gray glaze lightly applied over it
  • We used small puck lighting for inside of the cabinetry for accent lighting and under the cabinets (they last really loooooong time which is a great benefit)
  • Oil rubbed bronze hardware from RK International
  • The island is painted black
  • All marble is slabs of gorgeous premium Calcutta Gold
  • Island hardware is ant brass
  • All faucets are from Perrier and Rowe (Rohl)? and are oil rubbed bronze
  • My pretty window treatment is from Brunschwig and Fils, it is called Digbys Tent in blue
  • Fridge/freezer and wine cooler are from Sub Zero
  • Dishwashers are from Miehle
  • Farmhouse sinks from Shaws Original
  • Beams are all custom made
  • The stove is a black Ilve Majestic 60″ European range
  • The backsplash is made of oversized large 6 x 12 beveled “bricks of Calcutta gold
  • The beautiful limestone hood is from Francois and Company (they do beautiful work)
  • The wire grills are from England from a company called Heathcast, my pattern is diamond Regency their website is
  • The kitchen was designed by a local kitchen designer and myself,? a local woodworker/cabinet maker built it
  • The gorgeous floors are reclaimed limestone from Paris Ceramics (with radiant heat) no wonder Teddy loves sleeping on them!
  • The pretty old world looking radiator grills are from Reggio Registers
  • Stools are from Vanguard, super comfy!

So that’s a summary of most of the important elements in my kitchen, ready to come in and have a look around? Bear in mind I am no professional photographer but did the best I could (believe it or not all these were taken on my iPhone or iPad) one of my must do’s for 2014 is to take photography course, I have always wanted to learn how to take a professional pictures. Come on in……..


IMG_2226 We used a door to cover the microwave….

IMG_2224Most of the drawers have wood divider inserts

IMG_2221We have an excellent painter who specializes in different finishes, we did a rough faux stone finish on the ceiling which works really well with beams

IMG_2220I like having some open shelving for displaying favorite items or a collection

IMG_2218 DSC_0146My tulip belljars which I just love, are understated and elegant (these are from my online shop)


I did double farmhouse sinks from Shaws Original….they are deep and wide and just a classic!

IMG_2251My Perrin and Rowe (Rohl) oil rubbed bronze bridge faucet

IMG_2219More open shelving, I like the bead board detailing? on the back wall

IMG_2212Hardware from RK International in oil rubbed bronze, adding an escutcheon really dresses it up

DSC_0103DSC_0154 DSC_0156 DSC_0155The beautiful fabric on the windows is? Digby’s Tent from Brunschwig and Fils (wish I knew how to get a better picture of it though)! Trim is from Samuel and Son

IMG_2213Freezer and Refrigerator hardware

IMG_2214I used a different finish on the island, went with ant. brass

DSC_0130A close up of the grills that I used on the cabinets, really love the effect

IMG_2216Love my hardware:)

DSC_0136 DSC_0142

IMG_2217The profile on the marble countertops

DSC_0140Over sized marble “bricks’ for backsplash

IMG_2209I learned from my old house…go with a big and very deep sink for the island! This one is fantastic super deep? (about 18″) and gets a ton of use as its behind the stove

IMG_2208A pot filler is a great idea if you like to cook (which I do),? this has saved me many times, really convenient!

IMG_2207The side profile of? the hood

IMG_2206The under counter lighting which is great as accent lighting

IMG_2204We are big fruit lovers so I have a few pretty containers around the? kitchen that hold fruit/veges

IMG_2201The backsplash I kept simple and classic, did a herringbone out of 2×6 Calcutta gold and did a frame around it with molding in Calcutta gold.

DSC_0143IMG_2200The beautiful Limestone hood from Francois and Co.

IMG_2195The moldings that my cabinet maker used were gorgeous and really finish the space beautifully


IMG_2197This was a clever way to fill a corner, a small tall unit which is great for display


IMG_2198My reclaimed limestone floors from Paris Ceramics

IMG_1537My Ilve range……..its a beautiful as it is user friendly to cook on.

IMG_1539And I like to keep my “tools” handy on the stove top, copper accessories and anything French inspired always work for

IMG_2188A pretty detail on the island that repeats itself in different areas throughout the kitchen

DSC_0123IMG_2187My pretty stools from Vanguard, they are super comfortable


8a16ed0021a37e19b486406e8660c3c6I like having unique containers for storage, in this case I use a blue and white planter from my online shop for the daily mail….and love small lamps in kitchens too!

DSC_0194My pretty tulip belljars are beautiful lit up

hellolovely enchantedhome6Cabinet color was mixed until it was what I envisioned, but its creamy white with a very light taupe glaze over it

DSC_0987I like having small containers to put spices and oils in….I love the look of copper on the black range


So there you have it! Many thanks for stopping in and following along. I will feature the my sons bathrooms in my next round of Come On In. If you missed the first Come on In for my bathroom click here. Wishing everyone a fabulous day…remember to put your name in the hat for the amazing giveaways from Hoffman Media (winners to be announced on Friday). Click here for details.

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