Seven on Sunday

Happy Easter to all of my fellow Easter celebrating friends and readers. To  my Jewish friends and readers, hope you enjoyed a wonderful Passover. Beautiful day here, with a high getting to a whopping 76 degrees, practically summer!  I want to announce the winner of the chinoiserie tole tray. Congrats goes to-


Please email to provide your shipping address and color choice so this tray can be on it’s way!

Wishing everyone a wonderful and blessed day with your family and. loved ones. My parents are in town so it’s going to be a day of family and togetherness (less two sons who are at Coachella, they CLAIM they did not realize it was Easter when they booked the trip…uh huh:)  Here we go with my Seven on Sunday-

1 FABRICS AND TRIMS…OH MY! I so love playing with fabrics and a current job that has been ongoing is starting to get the finishing touches.

This job is one I have been working on for the last several months and it is shaping up so beautifully. I shared some pics here (the NJ project) and will surely show a final reveal when the room is totally done. The final element will be the fabulous Ralph Lauren rug being made (to be delivered in May. We just firmed up all the pillows to be made, here is the rug-

The beautiful rug from Ralph Lauren is being made for them and due here within the month and feast your eyes on all the fabulous trims-


2 FOLLOWUP REPORTS ON A FEW THINGS I recommend things that I like and share my ideas often. Sometimes its fun to follow up when I really really like something. So here are a few recent “reviews”

Get these shoes! Love them, they are so comfortable now have them in two colors. Very chic, super comfy and a great everyday espadrille. Click here for info

These also are too cute, love the color and great scalloped shape plus the color screams ‘warm weather dressing,  here I come”! Click here for info

And finally have been using Glopro for about 10 days,  using it 3 times a week. I just recently learned what microstiumlation/mircroneedling is…and it makes perfect sense to now be able to do it at home, as traditionally this was done in a dermatologists office. It’s easy peasy but I swear its not my imagination, I think my skin is looking better and better.

I have good skin but as this sheds that first sloughy layer off of skin, so allows the skin to breath and open up the pores.  My favorite moisturizer, La Prairie really penetrates the skin. I will say this was well worth the investment and I am going to continue to do this 2-3 times a week as recommended.

I bought mine at Nordstrom as they stand behind their products no questions asked, just in case I didn’t like it. So far though, it is an absolute keeper and I think the buzz Glopro is getting is well deserved. For what a dermatologist charges, this thing pays for itself in one visit. Click here for info

Great article in the NY Times, “How to reduce wrinkles without lasers or chemicals” click here to read


3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. Very “Easter heavy” and why not, it only comes once a year with a healthy dose of spring and all around pretty thrown in!


4.GORGEOUS NEEDLEPOINT PILLOWS. I so love this exquisite line of very fine needlepoint/aubusson pillows. Got in a handful and will be offering them in a flash sale soon, to “test” the market before I commit to a large order. Thoughts welcome! Please participate in this short poll-


5. PRETTIEST SCONCES! I am excited to soon start carrying this most beautiful line and went with a client to the company headquarters to see them in person. So spectacular!! I have used them for years and often use them in jobs as well, made of the highest quality.

I am using a number of them for my PB home and have their more traditional ones in my current home. Here are some of what I saw….not one I don’t just love.

And this lamp I have used so many times and for good reason,  it is positively gorgeous-

6. MR TEDDY BUNNY. Always save the best for last, say hello to our resident Easter bunny…never seen one cuter! He wishes all of you a very happy happy Easter Sunday but demanded these darn ears get taken off right after his pic was taken, he said they made him look like a donkey. What can I say, he is one smart dog:)


7. SUNDAY’S SURVEY. So today, this is about summer and your plans or lack of plans: Never have I appreciated and enjoyed the blessing of no agenda as I do now that am working full time.

For me summer signifies the loosening up of a strict regimented non stop schedule. Its time to sit back and indulge in cocktails (sometimes before 5), lobster rolls and beach days. Of course mixed in with work as life doesn’t stop but taking more time to chill. Summer almost feels like a “temporary free pass” to take extra time off and relax a bit more than we might other seasons. How about you? What does summer mean to you?

And that my friends is a wrap. Hope you enjoyed this post. Wishing everyone a Happy Easter and a happy Sunday.

Always love to hear from you and happy you make me a part of your Sunday every weekend morning. Until next time…….

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Which would you choose and a giveaway!

Good morning…this week has flown by so fast and we are getting a tiny snippet of pre-fall weather which I am so loving. So happy I did not end up getting sick, it is allergies and it’s thankfully under control for the most part. I am finishing up a few projects and just started one large local project and am knee-deep in work, but am having fun in the process.

The neat part about helping others with their homes is that I get to live out some of my own decorating fantasies…only caveat is in the process I always see or discover things I would love to apply to my own home:) So restraint is key here.

A newer favorite resource that I have come to rely on is Decor Market. There are so many well priced beautiful items and many we have been able to get very quickly, a big perk. Never has it been so easy and attainable to decorate on a budget, they really do have something for every budget!

We recently ordered a bunch of things and so far, everything has been a home run. Prices are super competitive, delivery fast plus a huge selection. What more could you ask for! So today is a Which would you choose, imagine the furniture fairy decided to pay you a little visit. Plus Decor Market has generously offered a wonderful rug giveaway. Details on the bottom. Ready?  Let’s go……




CHOICE 1 A client got this beautiful console  and loves it, it is a lot of look for the money. Click here


CHOICE 2. A leather wing chair for $1300, sign me up! This one is a beauty…click here


CHOICE 3. Isn’t this rug stunning? Love the colors and design, Oushaks have always been one of my favorite rugs,  click here


CHOICE 4. Adore this sleek bench in a rich taupe velvet, can think of so many places where this would work, click here


CHOICE 5. This is a favorite of mine, I have used this twice on projects. Love the antiqued mirror detailing…fabulous! Click  here


CHOICE 6. How gorgeous  is this chandelier, and for a crystal chandelier of this size..this is a steal! Click here


CHOICE 7. Is there anything richer than navy velvet!! A favorite of mine and this set is priced so well. Click here


CHOICE 8. Own this beautiful chest and can attest to how beautiful it is, great color. Click here


CHOICE 9. There natural fiber rugs are so inexpensive, and they are great looking. Click here


CHOICE 10. Big fan of upholstered beds and in fact, am in the process of ordering one for myself (more traditional) however this modern beauty is one good looking bed, click here


CHOICE 11. Lucite has never been so red-hot as it is right now, isn’t this Lucite cocktail table stunning! Click here


CHOICE 12. Never met an Oushak rug I didn’t love, this one is a winner, click here


CHOICE 13. One of my favorite chairs, this bergere and ottoman are the epitome of timeless elegance, love the brushed Belgian linen. Click here


CHOICE 14. I used this rug for a design project show house last year and it was a huge hit, the price is even more amazing! Click here


CHOICE 15. How about this fabulous more modern sleek navy lacquered nightstand for $450. The brass makes it so rich. Click here


CHOICE 16. The Lucite trend is very big and I love seeing the juxtaposition of more modern pieces sprinkled into a traditional setting, this one would fit the bill beautifully. Click here


CHOICE 17.  An antique gold leaf and glass coffee table for $397……incredible deal! This could work with so many different styles, click here


CHOICE 18.  This bench is a beauty and at $269 hardly requires having to think about it! Click here


CHOICE 19.  One of my all time favorite light fixtures, have this in my own breakfast room and have used it for a few design jobs, it is stunning. Click here


CHOICE 20. I really like the Tibetan rug collection for their super soft rugs that are quietly elegant in their designs. Have used them often in my own design work, plus they feel so good on the feet:) Click here



One very lucky winner will win a 6 x9 rug of their choice from the beautiful Evoke collection. Simply visit Decor Market by clicking here, take a look around and come back and tell us your absolute favorite item and how you might use it.  Winner to be chosen next Tuesday 9/20.

4 ways to win-

1 Leave a comment on this post (mandatory to enter)

2. Follow them on Instagram provides a second chance, click here

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4. And finally like them on Facebook and your chances are even better (fourth chance)! Click here


Don’t forget when you visit Decor Marketall rugs are FREE SHIPPING and all purchases for The Enchanted Home readers get an extra 20% off!! Use the code “enchanted”. That is a huge savings:)


Wow, so much to love here! Gets me excited for eventually getting to decorate my PB home, as I will definitely  be going with a more transitional style. Let the fun begin. Thank you as always for stopping by, wishing you a wonderful Friday and end to your week. Until next time…

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Bluff Diaries Chapter 6

Hi friends….back with another chapter. It is starting to feel like it will really happen. Our plans are out with two builders that we narrowed it down to and with luck we will have made a decision by next week, will get those final permits and be on our way!

My original plan was to be there by next Easter, that does not look likely however I sure hope that by July 4th we will be calling PB our second home:) There is so much to consider and think about, but I feel like I am making great progress well ahead of schedule by doing these posts. I already know the colors I want, the roof, the windows and shutters, that right there is huge (think of Donald saying H U G E).

Today we are going back to the interiors, when you walk in there is a wide hallway/foyer that opens to a very large great room open to the kitchen/bar (included plans on my last chapter). I have a feeling this is where we will spend a lot of our time. That room has French doors that open to a very large wide deck that goes from one end of the house to the other, love that!

So this room will have tall ceilings and we hope to do some kind of a coffered ceiling. I love when they are painted but I also really like a very light white/washed stain. So here are some of my ideas for how I see that great room being done-


The ceiling-

Either way- painted or white washed, it is a beautiful detail and really adds to that coastal feel-

f7cc92e8a7f890581eda2e2dad12d3b1 cfa52028d3a32b6a3cda367b654ff826


Great color, Alabaster by  Sherwin Willliams


I am continuing to research this, looove the idea of a stone, like limestone or next best thing, Peacock Pavers but I know they are not as easy on the feet, so we probably will end up doing wood but I am still putting all options on the table! If I do wood it will be a lighter stain and always been a fan of herringbone anything!

chevron-hardwood-floors-asd surfaces




And there is no denying the beauty of a Peacock Paver…

739a7d409316bdfc5dcbbad50e159274 b52f30fc883038e91b08a3a8af63fdda


Rugs vs sisal-

I see doing either a tonal sisal maybe with a pattern or one of my favorite rugs, Oushaks, the more washed the better!! I know the sisal is not the most comfy on the feet but its so darn pretty, however a worn Oushak is hard to beat.

camilla-sisal dsc_0097 traditional-area-rugs

And of course you cannot deny the beauty of a washed Oushak, so gorgeous!

l_sh26823 002 NMH5EDD_mu HCH88Q3_mu

Fireplace mantle-

We are hoping to do a limestone/cast stone rustic French oversized mantle, I have the vision alive in my mind and know it will be a perfect choice

MT-205-BG P3_Inspiration


The Furnishings-

The fun part aka the furniture/furnishings!  I see a lot of creamy whites, in case you are not onto this idea already:) Soft blues as a subtle bit of color, but a very soft and tonal room. I have always loved this space below that was beautifully finished by specialty finisher Leslie of Segreto, my room will be  much more casual but the feeling that invites you in and is so soothing is what I am after-


I have always seen a big chunky tressel table in this room, the size can handle it and they are incredible durable


And can see any of these chairs, some more casual and some more of  a rustic French


Safavieh Furniture: Sofas, Loveseats, Recliners, Dining, Chairs, Coffee Tables, Accent Tables, Patio/Outdoor Furniture

fox6229h-front contemporary-white-linen-dining-chair-with-varnished-oak-wood-legs-as-well-as-dining-room-arm-chairs-and-dining-arm-chairs-936x702

In the living room/family room I see lots of creamy white (in durable fabrics)

oversized-wood-coffee-tables img-thing C2452_03_0509_fpo-600x6001


I see a tonal room with very subtle color in soft blues and greens, these types of fabrics are what I can see on pillows and maybe a chair or two


Love this trim as well wouldn’t it be pretty on a solid ivory pillow



Always loved this light wood chandelier and am so happy I will have a place to use it, can see putting two in the great room.



And for above the dining table which is an extension of this room can see something along this line ( a pair of these over table) All lighting from Currey

9075 9000-0013

Can see a pair of these beauties on end tables-


And of course lots of small tables, big baskets of magazines books, a few beautiful orchids like those from my shop, all the “fluff”

Stunning Square Ivory with Blue Planter and 3 Stem Orchid Arrangement

Incredible Large Pink Orchid Plant in Long Ivory Gold Tole Planter


Fabulous Hydrangea in Blue and White Tole Planter

2866520_1 img38m


And finally here is a loose storyboard of what I can see this room shaping up to be-

OB-great room



So there you have an overall design scheme for this great room. I see it as a space that is both beautiful and of course light an airy. I think it’s going to be the center of where our living gets done. So comfort, functionality is very important, a few big comfortable sofas with plenty of chairs you can relax in are tops on my list.

Pretty soft lighting, I cannot wait to get to the point where I need to actually start making these decisions! It’s fun though to have a concept in mind and I know me, I don’t waver much, many of our ideas I know are what will end up coming to fruition.

Thank you for stopping in and following along with me..the best is surely yet to come. If you missed any of the other chapters, go to the rop right in the search bar and type in Bluff Diaries it will take you to all the previous posts. Wishing you a fabulous day, until next time……

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Bluff Diaries Chapter 4

Be sure to check out all of my new arrivals, so many exciting new things!! Click here to see….

Good afternoon! Hope you had a great weekend, I am finally on the mend and today was a serious “catch up” day. Thankfully  I had started this post a week or so ago  and just put the finishing touches on.

So here I am  with chapter 4 of the Bluff Diaries…things are moving along I am happy to say. We have pretty much signed off on the interiors and I am loving the flow, it’s going to be a great space with a lot of open living. I am thrilled with how it’s  all coming together and now we are tweaking the outside elevations.

The first round of permits has been submitted so fingers are crossed that we could start building maybe late June/early July! As we inch closer, I am starting to think about the house in a more realistic sense, how we will use it and live there day to day (when we are there).

One room that I think we will use a lot is a study/small-ish family room right off the kitchen with access to the long back porch and a view of the lake. I can imagine that I will look to retreat there  early in the morning with a cup of coffee and late in the afternoon with a glass of wine or cocktail:)

I have this persistent vision for some reason of doing lacquered built ins. If I get really daring,  I would do them in a pale blue/gray but the safe/left side of my brain says do a pale wheat/taupe color. Truthfully either color could be spectacular.

I see a beautiful worn soft colored rug (think Oushak) a comfy but good looking couch, a few really cozy club chairs, maybe a small desk. I see built ins with plenty of bookshelves and no over head lighting, just a few perfectly placed lamps for soft lighting.

So as I daydream about a lacquered room that is what’s on my mind this go around and this is one room I feel like I know exactly what I want to do and chances are this will not change.  I did some “investigative research” (makes it sound official) and spent a lot of time to find the images that best convey the look I am after. So here are some pictures to drive home my point……


This picture  best illustrates the look I am after, love the color, the tones and the overall feeling…..from John B. Murray


And yet this below is my argument (and a mighty good one) for the pale blue, love the feeling here and the colors! I happened to see this house 2 years ago on a house tour and this room stayed with me ever since! SB Long,


And look at the before and after picture that I found in my “investigative research”…amazing!


So seeing them both….which would you choose?


Here is another variation of the blue, though what I would use would have a bit more gray but this is the idea- I would also would consider doing the back pantry area in this color if I don’t do the study in blue


Plan on having ample bookcases like above


This is a color I have used, Stony Ground by Farrow and Ball, and this would be the colorway if I go the taupe route


And if go the pale blue/gray route, Borrowed Light also a Farrow and Ball color would be a great way to go


Love the idea of wallpapering the back of the bookshelves


This is a great picture to show the palette and overall feeling I am going for, Phoebe Howard


These both show a pale blue/gray finish which is awfully pretty!



This is a different colorway (but so beautiful) however I do love the way the sofa is nestled into the bookcases, a clever use of space, Phoebe Howard


Both of these pictures above and below beautifully exemplify the overall feeling/tones I see for this space, soft and soothing


Now a look at some of the actual elements that would go in this room….

This rug would be beautifully in this room I am dreaming up:)

1681_71_BIRCH 9500_29_DW

Coffee tables by Hickory Chair


Sherill sofa


Lee sofa



Love both of these lamps and the more transitional feeling of them, Chrsitsopher Spitzmeiler


This fabric (Fabricut) is not necessarily my top pick in design, but it  has all the colors to a tee that I am looking for, so keeping it on the backburner, because you never know, I could see it as a simple pleated Roman shade or soft drapes finished with a tonal wide tape like this one below from Samuel and Sons-



Both of these pillows would fit right in with what I see in the room…..


OK now you want to see how tall this looks on a mood board? I am really loving it…..



I must say I really love the way this is headed, its nice to feel so certain about at least one of the rooms! Whereas the others I am in a few directions, this one I really think I could do right away if I had to, I feel that certain.

Do you have a preference of the pale taupe vs. the pale blue/gray/green painted cabinetry? Would love your take so vote if you are so inclined, I always value what all of you have to say.

If you want to see other installments of the Bluff Diaries, go to the top right corner where it says “search” and type in Bluff Diaries, it will take you to all the other “chapters”. Next time around I hope to share the interior layout with you. Thank you for stopping in. Until next time…..

PS If you missed my Seven on Sunday, click here

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Which would you choose?

Good evening to you….wow what a busy busy week. Found some time to see some friends which was the highlight, and had a visiting relative- otherwise it was an incredibly busy work week especially with the big porcelain presale…..lets just say the love of blue and white is alive and well! Hallelujah to that:)

I am working on a few edesign projects that all involve rugs in addition to me possibly choosing a new one for my home office. I must say that what they are doing with machine made rugs today is simply astounding. The newest technology called Powerloom is groundbreaking in what they are producing. Not only are they better looking than ever but they are ridiculously inexpensive. And we all know how a rug can change a space!

Decor Market is my new “go to” source for the best selection of rugs and certainly the best prices…..especially if you factor in my discount code ONLY for Enchanted Home readers (use code enchanted for an extra 20% off)!

So…….this post is all about rugs that if you can believe it are all under $500 and free shipping on all rug orders!? I just cannot get over how gorgeous they are…..I mean we have beautiful antique rugs in our home which I love but am always paranoid about if something should spill or if Mr. Teddy has an accident (which he has)…..I will be looking at rugs in a whole new way when we get ready to start decorating our new PB home! Ready to choose your two faves? Here we go……



CHOICE 1 This is such a gorgeous rug….cannot get over the price, client using this in her dining area. Click here


CHOICE 2. This rug is so rich and elegant, just love these colors. Click here


CHOICE 3.? A contender for my office otherwise will be in my new PB guest room:) Click here


CHOICE 4. Really like the neutral elegance of this beauty, click here


CHOICE? 5. This is? a very regal looking rug, and such a classic design. Click here


CHOICE 6. This is very pretty and so decorative, has a French feeling that could work well in traditional interiors click here


CHOICE 7. Such pretty colors, could see this in my PB home and stay tuned…you just might! Click here


CHOICE 8. Can you believe this starts at $79! Click here


CHOICE 9. Used this for one of my show house rooms and it looked like a million dollars! Click here


CHOICE 10. This looks like an old Persian heirloom,? you will not get over the price! Click here


CHOICE? 11.? This is one of the ones I may put in my home office, adore it and loooove these colors:) Click here

val113g-4CHOICE 12. This has a great vibe, could see this in a guest room, just love the beachy colors and adore a trellis design, click here


CHOICE 13. Really liking? this Oushak feeling rug, the washed colors are huge right now. Click here

CHOICE 14. Another very pretty and easy to decorate around rug, click here


CHOICE 15. This could be a perfect breakfast room rug, love the colors and the warmth, easy pattern on the eyes too, click here


CHOICE 16. Think this is so pretty and interesting…talk about adding personality to a space! Click here



This has me dreaming of all kinds of possibilities, and thanks to the prices, it is a very doable dream:)

Click here to visit Decor Market? (use code ENCHANTED? for an extra 20% off if you purchase something) and don’t blame me if you get stuck on their site for hours…its easy to to get lost in the sea of beautiful offerings from furniture, lighting, accessories to their superb selection of rugs.

Thanks for stopping in, hope your weekend is off to a wonderful start. Until next time…..

PS The container porcelain presale ends on Sunday, if you missed it click here. A number of things are sold out but some remain and be sure to throw your name in the hat for the two fabulous porcelain giveaways!


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Which would you choose and a rug giveaway!

Hi there, hope your week is off to a great start. Everyone getting ready for the big Superbowl? I am not a huge football fan but must admit even I become a temporary football nut as the Superbowl fever is rather contagious:)? OK let me get back to business, first things first, let me announce the two lucky winners of the blue and white goodies-


The square jar goes to- #63 Audrey R.

The mini foo dogs go to- #158 Madeline Hickman

Please contact me at to claim your prizes!

And to everyone who participated in the poll, THANK YOU! Over 550 of you took the time to give me priceless feedback and it was the ultimate validation for me to read what you had to say! Your words will keep me, my blog and my little shop going for a long long time🙂


I am working on a few really exciting? design projects, one is right? in Westchester (about 45 min away) then edesign jobs? in California and just started one in Qatar! I love getting to connect with my readers all around the world. The beauty of edesign is that the distance that separates us is insignificant as everything is done via email and these days…nearly all companies ship all over the world.

If you missed my post on The ABC’s of edesign and just how it all works, click here. I scour the market for all kinds of things, I have my regular “go to’s” for things like fabric, trims and wallpapers. For furniture and accessories, there are also a handful of companies/vendors who I love and know I am getting a great price through and price is always very key. One of my newer favorite sources is Decor Market,? I have using? Decor Market quite a bit lately as the buys and selection are pretty darn amazing.

Decor Market has generously donated? a wonderful giveaway (details on the bottom). But before that I am sharing with you my top 16 picks from their site and would love to know your favorite! If you happen to be in the market for rugs, furniture or accessories I strongly suggest you take a look at Decor Market! Here we go….



CHOICE 1 Smitten with this wonderful desk in this soft powdery blue and am thinking of it for dressing area as a make up table, a beauty!….click here


CHOICE 2 Isn’t this a beauty for smaller spaces? I love it for a foyer or powder room….click here


CHOICE 3 Think this is a very handsome dining table reflective of the “new clean traditional style” and what a price!! Click here


CHOICE 4 ? This painted little end table is such a pretty and elegant little here


CHOICE 5 Isn’t this chair a beauty! It is a dining chair but I could easily see a pair in a living room or foyer flanking a chest or console….stunning! Click here


CHOICE 6? If you are amazed at the beauty of this rug wait till you see the price! Click here


CHOICE 7? Love the neutrality of this wonderful cocktail table, amazingly priced too. Click here


CHOICE 8 This is one gorgeous display cabinet…classically elegant. Click here


CHOICE 9 How clever is this! I love the design and it “breaks” into three separate tables if you don’t want to keep it as one long one, brilliant! Click here


CHOICE 10 An edesign customer just bought two of these, these are really gorgeous and the price is to be believed, they look very expensive! Click here


CHOICE 11 Would you believe me if I told you this bench is $309! Where were these when I bought mine last year!! Click here


CHOICE 12 Adore this washed vintage rug, the entire collection is stunning with prices I had to do a doubletake on! Click here


CHOICE 13 Isn’t this bookcase exquisite, I could even see incorporating it into a kitchen design!! I could see this in Palmetto Bluff:) Click here


CHOICE 14 Just ordered this little ottoman, so much look for the money and so glamorous! Click here


CHOICE 15 One of my favorite colors, moss green. Where can you find TWO cotton velvet pillows for $84!!! Their pillow selection and prices cannot be beat! Click here


CHOICE 16 One of my edesign customers just ordered this for her living room above a console, can’t wait to see it…think it? is such a beautiful and elegant classic! Click here




One lucky winner will win a 4 x 6 rug of her choice from their magnificent Vintage Rug Collection, a perfect size for a foyer. I will announce the winner on Sunday, to be eligible visit Decor Market (click here)? have a look around and come back here and tell me a favorite item or two that is on your wish list!


So many beautiful items from Decor Market…what’s not to love! Remember Enchanted Home readers? for a limited time get an additional 20% off anything on their site using the code “enchanted”. There has never been a better time to shop than now with one of my favorite new sources! Thank you for stopping in, wishing you a fabulous day, until next time……

PS Started a warehouse blowout last night…some real deals click here.


Finalists, an Everything Sale worth telling the world about and a Horchow giveaway!

Hi there, hope you are well. Busy busy days over here and I know this is just a prelude to the busiest season of the year, so I am buckling my seat belt and making sure my coffee maker is up to doing overtime!? By the way, my home was featured over at the uber chic blog, The Zhush, click here to check it out (and thanks Sue for the feature)!

I have been playing serious catchup after being away for four days (more on that later). Feels good to be home and recharged, I am really starting to feel the whispers of the holidays…how about you? We have two finalists for the Fall Love contest, and they are both incredible……please cast your vote (voting ends tomorrow) and a winner will be announced on Friday morning! Here they are-


From round 1-


From round 2-


With the holidays literally around the corner,?? I am scouring my home looking at the areas that need tweaking or a little of this and a bit of that. Plus I am in the process of redoing my sons bedroom? (after 4 weeks found out the bed we ordered could not be processed as the leather was discontinued) so we started from scratch, hopefully in a few weeks! I am also working on my own bedroom while working on a few design projects so always on the lookout for great buying opportunities.


Horchow, who as you know I am a big fan of is having a sale for everyone…its called The Everything Sale and literally just about everything is on sale. It is a great time to stock up on odds and ends to get your home holiday ready. Allows plenty of time for items to arrive and ample time to “play” which is my favorite part when? I get something new in. So here are some of my favorite items? from Horchow along with some favorite inspiration pictures that are all part of this fabulous sale……plus a great giveaway (details on bottom of the post)-



You KNOW this stopped me in my tracks! How gorgeous is this…..I am doing? some serious brainstorming as to where/how I could use this…beyond fabulous! Click here


I might be a traditional girl but boy do I love this desk…so chic Click here


How handsome and regal is this incredible bed! Love everything about it, click here


Has foosball ever looked so elegant? I know three boys in my household who would love to see this under the Christmas tree! Click here


And if this so elegant and glamorous dining room set doesn’t? scream sophistication….don’t know what does. So well priced too~! Click here


Doesn’t every dog deserve his very own faux fur coat! I think so …and I better get Teddy’s on order:) Click here


How about this fabulous acrylic bar cart! Love that it could go with a traditional or modern setting so beautifully, these really come in handy around the holidays, click here


It is most definitely not too soon to start thinking about Christmas, love this beautiful wreath which happens to be a great deal too. Click here


This flatware pattern would make any table setting look royal…incredible and an even more incredible price. Click here


This scrumptious bedding set makes me want to jump right in, so fresh and fabulous! Click here


Holidays is all about good times, togetherness, good food and lots of games…this fabulous pool table could find a great spot in my own home. So beautiful! Click here


This rug is a winner! I adore the washed pale blues and creams..just dreamy! Click here


Bought two elegant nutcrackers years ago and always look forward to putting them in front of my mantle around the holidays, these are very well priced and so stately, click here


Can’t you see these in a grouping on a console or in front of a fireplace? Would be so beautiful especially with the holidays coming, great price on all five. Click here


Let’s most definitely not forget our pampered pets around the holidays…they like to get new things too! Just smitten over these personalized ticking dog beds, too cute!

Click here


Isnt’ this fabulous! Reminds me my of grandmother’s sterling, Repousse. Talk about a steal, 65 pieces for $244! Some lucky person on my Christmas list will be getting this fabulous set:) Click here


I own this throw and normally we fight over it in the colder months, it looks sooo good and is as cozy as they come, at 30% this is a deal! Click here


How beautiful is this branch mirror! I could not get over the price either..wouldn’t mind seeing this under my Christmas tree:) Click here


These fabulous Matouk table linens are stunning, always a sucker for anything scalloped! Click here


Flipping over these pillows….my favorite color palette! Click here


I could not resist and had to order this sheet set, so beautiful! Click here

See something you love? Yes me too, just about everything. Here is a little secret- Use the code “welcome” and you must might get an even better discount…an additional 20%!!


The giveaway-

So about that giveaway, one lucky winner will receive this wonderful set of personalized notepads in assorted sizes (choice of two styles below)…..and we all know you can never have too many notepads! Simply visit Horchow by clicking here and come back and tell us a favorite item or two, you will be in the running and a winner will be announced on Sunday!




Lots to love here…..and when Horchow has a big sale, they mean business! Thank you for stopping by, hope you found something that might make your holiday shopping a little easier (and that includes to yourself…..of course)! Wishing you a wonderful day, until next time…..


My showhouse space…..

Good morning, I have so missed being on my blog, definitely my happy place. We are still as a family in mourning over the tragedy of one of my closest friends son’s death which I spoke of here. It is still quite surreal and having to attend the private wake and burial yesterday was heart wrenching and the saddest funeral I have ever had to attend.

I needed to take off a few days to pay respect to the family and take time to process this tragedy. Thank you so much for your kind words and condolences and many private emails.? When my friend is up to it I am going to share that post with her, I know it will warm her heart to see the outpouring of love. So please visit by clicking here if you want to add a message.

The Ronald McDonald showhouse was a wonderful success and I am so honored to have been a part of it. It sure humbles you to hear the stories that make the Ronald McDonald house thrive and go on. I cannot imagine working for a greater or more noble cause. I couldn’t have been happier with my space. Remember the rendering of my vision done by Patricia of PVE? She did a brilliant job of bringing my idea to “life”….and it definitely validated my vision.

2unnamed u1nnamed

There were so many wonderful rooms, and it was such fun getting to see all of the different interpretations of design. I must say my space came out exactly as I had hoped it would and in fact even surpassed my expectations. The reaction to it was so wonderful, flattering and validating! I am now dying to recreate that space in my own home but have run out of places:) So here is a little bit on the room in progress and then the final result.


Left my house with a car loaded to the gills for day one of installation-


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Arriving to the enormous tent almost 200 x 100! It had 22 vignette spaces around the entire perimeter of the tent where each designer spent two days working their magic!


unaa2named 22aaunnamed

In progress- at first brushstroke, I was in love with the color I chose Guacamole by Benjamin Moore, now I want this exact room in my own home!


And then I started to bring out all of the elements that would make my space once the room was painted and dry-


If you missed my tutorial on how I finished these brackets click here



Also had these adorable cookies made using my logo and put them out on a tray for the evening of the gala (wish I had a better pic)

u22sannamed unname6ygd

First brackets getting put up


Exactly as I had hoped they might look:)


The beautiful lantern getting hung


Adding a big spray of blossoms to the blue and white vase was a beautiful finishing touch surrounded by elegant decor books


The stunning raised velvet fabric by Tilton Fenwick made the most spectacular table cloth, I trimmed it with navy blue bullion fringe and a decorative tape…it was just fabulous!


YES! Just how I had envisioned it would turn out…..


O unnam3443ed

Then we added the beautiful paintings donated by Frances of NYC Painter to the left wall- (click here to contact and see her beautiful work)


Then I realized I needed a balance on the right wall so added these two beautiful blue linen benches found the night before!


And as the last finishing touches were put on,? I got my heart set on adding another pair of brackets with blue vases and literally the morning, waited outside a friends antique shop until she opened and as the stars were aligned she had a perfect pair and gave them to me at a price that could not be beat, and we all know I had the blue and white vases ready, willing and able! This was the final and perfect touch…..

ucxxcnnamed unnqwqqqamed


These pictures below? were taken with my Nikon camera so are slightly clearer and larger however did not have it for the final room shot (with added brackets and jars) however a professional photographer was on hand to shoot the space so I will share them with you when I have them-

The blossoms and vase from my shop were the perfect centerpiece for the 36″ round center table


Used my foo dogs and small planter with orchid for one of the small consoles


The beautiful paintings on the left wall are from Frances of NYC Painter….exquisite original oils added so much to the space!

unnam354235ed uadsfannamed unnam56456ed


And finally a huge thank you to each of my wonderful sponsors without whom this space simply would not have happened-

Benjamin Moore for the paint (click here)
Safavieh for the fabulous furniture,lantern and rug (click here)
Vendome Press or the beautiful coffee table books (click here)
Duralee/Tilton Fenwick for the magnificent table fabric (click here)
PVE for my beautiful room rendering (click here)
Frances (NYC painter) for the magnificent artwork (click here)
Kravet for the trim ( click here)

(All porcelains from my shop, The Enchanted Home Shop)


And that,? my friends is a recap of my show house space soup to nuts. I so loved my space and was really proud of it, would LOVE to have that exact room in my own home, now I need to brainstorm:) Loads of fun,? and anytime I can combine “giving back” to a phenomenal cause like The Ronald McDonald House and my passion for design…..I am fully on board!

I was so honored to have been asked to do this and by all accounts the evening and fundraiser were an immense success. For more info on how you too can support The Ronald McDonald House click here.….thank you as always for stopping by and wishing everyone a wonderful evening.







A fabulous living room sale you REALLY need to know about!

Hi there, hope you had a wonderful weekend. I am out of town for a few days as of Sunday but will be checking in:) I still can’t quite wrap my brain around the fact that summer is just about over.

Normally I instantly equate summers end with revamping the house a bit and of course the “H” word…..the holidays. Yes people, ?they are only 4 months away! As I continue to work on my own home and a few e design prjoects I was excited to find out about this sale because we all love a great sale, right? And an extra 20% just about everything is pretty major:) (Neiman Marcus)


If you are starting from scratch or need a few fill ins, this post is for you. I have been a long time fan of Horchow, and when they have deals…let me tell you, they have D E A L S! So their much anticipated 4 day Living room sale is one worth knowing about. I have been working with a few clients and have found this sale to have come at the right time.? I put together my very favorites to share with you. There is special pricing and on top of that you earn money back-

I am working on a few projects myself and was fortunate to find some great scores for my clients from this sale.I have included some items that I think are exceptional deals but you can see everything by visiting Horchow by clicking here.

So here are my top picks-




Isn’t this a beauty! I love the shape, the nailheads and the fact that it includes all of these wonderful pillows which makes it a great starting point for a room, stunning! Click here for info


I LOVE this sofa, a Horchow exclusive and have a client considering a pair of these for her living room, absolutely stunning and the price is so right, click here for the 411


Gorgeous navy velvet sofa, great price!! Click here for 411



Isn’t this such a stunning chair! I love the color, the monogram, everything about it….click here for details


Rather in love with this tufted leather ottoman, great colors beautiful styling and a right price:) Click here for the 411


You don’t need to guess how I feel about this little beauty! So very pretty….click here for info


This is a fabulous new take on a classic, LOVE the lucite legs, neutral fabric, what room wouldn’t look splendid with this! Click here for the 411


This is that kind of chair you can find a space for virtually in any room, a pair for a foyer, in the living room an extra chair for a family room, great for a master bedroom and at $749 you don’t have to think too hard:)? click here for info


Sent these to a friend who I knew would love them, and at 359 it’s a no brainer! Click here for info


A gorgeous carved bench for $999? Yes it’s true and this one is a beauty, click here for information


How great is this settee? Adore it and think it belongs in my house!? Click here for the 411



This is one of my all time favorites and a style that works in so many different style homes plus I can tell you the price is the best I have seen! Click here for info


I absolutely love this table, its a bit more transitional than what I normally love but really like how it combines old world chinoisiere feel with the antiqued mirror, fabulous! And SO well priced, click here for details


At $699 we didn’t need to think, just act! Such a beautiful table on it’s way to a lucky e design customer! Click here for information


Another favorite styles, timeless classic but still feels very current. A well priced Horchow exclusive, this is a top pick for me, click here for info



Isn’t this a beauty! Can you believe only $749…..a steal if you ask me. Click here for info


This is so much look for the money, a client just ordered this for her new dining room and we are both excited about it! Click here for the 411




This lamp is a beauty with it’s elegant crystal balls and how about if I tell you it’s $154! Click here


And you know I love birds so could easily this in so many spaces, click here for information


This is such a sophisticated and elegant lamp for a traditional home, click here for the info


Talk about a lot of lamp for the money,? at $149 this the king of steals, click here for the 411


A perfect mid sized mirror in beautiful antique mirror and what a deal! Click here for info


This gorgeous pink and gold mirror is such a beauty, if I had a pink room I would snag this! Click here


ADORE this bird mirror and at $350 its extra sweet, such a beauty that could go anywhere!! Click here for info


A very good looking mirror and a wonderful way to add a current feeling to any interior space and at $395 it’s a sure thing, click here for info


Every room needs a gorgeous rug and this one is simply spectacular! Click here for more details


And how about this beauty I love Oushaks, they are my personal favorite as they instantly make a room feel so peaceful and tranquil. Click here for the 411


Isn’t this such a beauty! I adore the soft silvery gray tonal feeling…spectacular! Click here to view


This beautiful rug was $829 we thought there was a misprint so hurry up and ordered it (for a local friends office) click here for info


My e design client just ordered? this for her living room it was part of the quick ship program….we cannot wait to start decorating around it! Click here for info


I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me…a 40″ square ORIGINAL PAINTING for $349 that is this pretty? Yes!! Bought one, love the colors! Click here for the 411


This giclee is just stunning and so charming, well priced too. Click here for info


These are fabulous looking and can create an instant gallery, can you believe 4 for $294! Click here to find out more


This very large giclee? on canvas is so incredibly pretty, looks like an old treasured painting. Click here for info


And you don’t need to even ask how I feel about this….spectacular beyond words! What a statement piece and at $755 for four very large panels, this is a major deal. Click here to see


I think I could decorate an entire house just from this post! So many things to love and? getting a great deal is the icing on the cake.?Click here to see it all…(don’t say I didn’t forewarn you about extreme temptation). Thank you for stopping by, until next time…..


P.S.If you missed my Seven on Sunday post….click here