Which would you choose? A very exciting edition!

**PORCELAIN CONTAINER UPDATE- It is in and being delivered to the warehouse on Monday. ALL orders will start shipping out immediately starting Monday (we ship in the order they were received and expect all orders to ship by weeks end). As there always is, there will be a one day arrival sale early next week.If you need to confirm your order please give us a call at 1-800-804-9565 (between 9:30-5:30 EST).

Happy Friday! Hold onto your hats, this is exciting for me, really exciting. I have had a few projects in the works which I have not told you about because I really wanted to be sure they were “a go” and with luck and LOTS of hard work, this one looks like a green light….haven’t been this over the moon about a project in a while!

I have been frustrated for years over the dismal selection of gift wrap, I look high and low but have not found what I really wanted. I take my present wrapping quite seriously.  It seems so easy, helloooo……blue and white, topiaries, fun prints, ginger jars, chinoiserie, is that too much to ask? Well when I can’t find it, I attempt to create it:)

So…..for about five months I have been working on creating my own life of giftwrap:)  It is a very involved process and I have gotten a crash course along the way in how this all gets done. I hired an artist to execute my vision and lined up a manufacturer and my first round of samples are being done as I post this. The glitch is that the minimum printing is 3000 rolls per design…..yes, that’s a whole lot of paper:)

I am going forward but will not be able to introduce all the patterns all at once. I first want to “test’ the market and see how it goes and will hopefully continue to add more patterns (these are the first eight).  So….here is where you come in.

I am showing you all my designs, get ready to swoon! You get to pick four as that is what I am going to start with. I also have a few questions about wrap in general that if you can participate I would really appreciate it. Ready to see some of the prettiest wrapping paper that I have seen in a long long time? Here we go….












OK your turn to vote for your FOUR favorites-

And not to confuse you evermore but i love every single one of these combinations….

I am so excited over this, I will be looking for excuses to wrap just about anything! I think the world needs more pretty giftwrap, what say you on the matter? I look forward to hearing your thoughts, so if you don’t mind answering a few questions on the subject of giftwrap, most grateful!

Thank you in advance for your participation and feedback, always so helpful. Wishing everyone a fabulous day and great end to your week. Until next time…..








Which would you choose and a major Horchow giveaway!

Hello friends. Hope this finds you doing well. No worries, if you aren’t having your best day, by the time you are done reading this, I promise you will feel at least a little better:) Today’s post was inspired by two things. One by a recent design client who just became an official empty nester and moved back to her native Boston.

They moved into a much smaller apartment than the large home they had lived in for about 20 years, so it was a huge adjustment. With the exception of a few pieces they were attached to, they almost started from scratch. This was/is such a fun project, they are a total pleasure to deal with and we are having such fun putting this place together. Horchow is really is coming through on a number of things..values that are hard to beat.  Here was one of the recent boards with what she loves so far, she wants it very tonal with subtle touches of blues or greens…..still working on this but love how it’s shaping up!

The second reason is this month is Horchow’s unofficial Decorating month....I love that, why make it a day, let’s make it a month. I may have to see I can try that argument with my birthday, lol.

Horchow has always been one of my “go to’s” and I have been incredibly lucky to have scored many wonderful finds both for myself and clients. This month a bunch of things are specially priced so between what I found for my Cali clients and things I have seen in my travels, thought this would make a wonderful Which would you choose. Plus you earn a gift card for whatever level of spending you get to, a sweet perk of finding a great deal.

PLUS….Horchow has generously donated a $250 giftcard to one lucky winner to spend on whatever you wish! So read on and at the end find out how you might be able to win the gift card. Here we go……

CHOICE 1 This i s my all time favorite style sofa, such classic styling. I love the English arm, turned feet, deep seating…and the price is honestly nothing short of phenomenal! Click here

CHOICE 2 Isnt’ this a great looking mirror? Always drawn to anything with a bamboo motif, and the silver leaf makes this a standout. I love it for a foyer console or bathroom, great price too. Click here

CHOICE 3 This might be one of the best lighting deals on the internet!! My client ordered this for their foyer and I think I might order it as well for my PB entrance, not only do I absolute love it but the price is INCREDIBLE. This cannot last, click here

CHOICE 4 This table for outdoors is really tempting me, LOVE it. I can actually see it indoors as well, could work so beautifully for my PB home! Click here

CHOICE 5 This gilcee is so beautiful, love the colors and the subject matter is so endearing. A beautiful piece, that could go literally anywhere. Click here

CHOICE 6  We chose these beautiful  linen panels for my clients living room. To have these made with this fabulous smock detailing would be a fortune, we chose a simple tape to turn along the leading edge and they will have the look of a fully custom window treatment, Horchow has some wonderful choices and all so reasonable. Click here

CHOICE 7 Absolutely beautiful blue/white lamp from John Richards, the gold detailing really elevates this to the next level, love the chunk body style too. click here

CHOICE 8 Fabulous Oushak rug, I have a few in my own home and Oushaks and their washed colors are my absolute favorite rug. This one is such a gorgeous rug with all those soft rich colors, click here

CHOICE 9 Always a great source for bedding, this beautiful 3 piece set is not only very reasonable but so very pretty. Love the colors and is perfect paired with white and/or ecru. Click here

CHOICE 10 These tufted cubes are fantastic! They are dressy enough in their velvet to work in any space, and perfect for a living room. We used two in navy to be able to have extra seating without having to take up a lot of space. Click here

CHOICE 11 I certainly don’t need to tell you how much I love these!!! What a fabulous duo, alone or together, gorgeous! And very well priced, always a nice perk. You won’t be surprised to read that I had to order this!  Click here

CHOICE 12 Would you believe me if I told this fabulous bar cart is under $700? I had to do a double take as well….pretty amazing. Every living/dining room can use a bar cart and this one is really pretty. Click here

CHOICE 13 If anyone is looking for an elegant traditional dining table, this is one deal that is really really hard to beat. You can’t even find a beautiful used dining table like this at this price. Just incredible value here! Click here

CHOICE 14 Isn’t this outdoor rug fabulous! I love it, pretty enough for indoors but since the season of being outdoors is almost here….this beauty would grace any outdoor space. Click here

CHOICE 15 Love this coffee table and the price is right! I definitely see this in my PB home, its casual but elegant. Great color wood, beautiful styling that will never go out of style. Click here

CHOICE 16 This is one good looking set of china, sold in sets of 4, the crisp blue and white pattern is such a pretty set to use every day, click here

CHOICE 17 My Cali clients wanted a simple tonal rug but something that looks elegant, we found it in this beauty. It has the texture and raised pattern that elevates it from being a boring tonal rug….very pretty. Click here

CHOICE 18 How pretty is this 2 drawer chest in the most divine color. Can be used as a nightstand or a chest for smaller spaces, price is right too:) Click here

CHOICE 19 Found this bamboo lamp and am brainstorming as to where I might use it, think this is so good looking and cannot believe its $330! Click here

CHOICE 20 This fabulous etagere is not only an amazing value but so good looking. I could see this in a few places, a living room or imagine in a master bath! Boy, that would surely elevate the room to a beautiful level. Pretty silver/gold leaf backwall detail, click here

Please do not blame me for suddenly having a case of wanting to do your whole house over! Doing this post got my brain into overdrive about so many spaces and how/where I could use many of these beautiful things. I coudl probably make a good valid excuse for just about any:)

So….your turn to choose your two faves! Know its not an easy decision. And just in case in your travels you see something you really love…you can take advantage of the extra incentive of earning a gift card that buying from Horchow brings, definitely the icing on an already sweet cake.

A little secret…you can also try using code “welcome” which just might get you an extra discount!


One super lucky winner will win a $250 gift card from Horchow to have a little fun with. All you need to do is visit Horchow by clicking here, take a look around and see what you would use to do a little sprucing up around your own home. That’s it… I will announce a winner on Sunday morning. You must be a U.S. resident.  Good luck and be sure to check back to see if you are the lucky winner.

Thanks for stopping by, wishing you a wonderful day. Until next time…..

This post is sponsored by Horchow but all opinions are my own:)






Which would you choose?

Hello and happy Friday everyone! Dreary, rainy and cold over here but I know spring and summer are just a matter of days away. Ever so slowly the warmer months are descending upon us and it feels great. I am starting to hear birds chirp early morning which is a sure sign to me. I am eager to put away all my tans, blacks and grays and bring out the soft summery/springy clothes that have been in hibernation.

Every season I treat  myself to a few staples ahead of time then fill in if necessary. I am pretty good about assessing what I need and filling in. Lately Bloomingdale’s has been a sure thing….found so many things I loved, almost too many. But there is a silver lining!! It’s the Friends and Family sale and this is no ordinary sale. It’s a whopping 25% off of most things and I am talking some serious discounts here.

So this is a great time to stock up, fill in, buy a gift or treat yourself to something that you love. If you can believe it I even was able to fill in on my favorite Mottahedeh china patterns and got a few extra places settings at the 25% off….don’t think I have ever seen that anywhere!! So here we go with my picks for chic spring/summer dressing.

Don’t forget if you buy something to use the code “Friends” for a big savings…always sweetens the deal! Here we go…..

ITEM 1 This is a great looking espadrille and finding one in white is not easy..these are fabulous and will be in my summer wardrobe. Also think the metallic gold are fun for evening, combining pretty with comfy,  click here

CHOICE 2 Great looking Ibiza tote has me dreaming of a Caribbean getaway! Click here

CHOICE 3 This is a great dress from Ralph Lauren, first its white and love the crochet and secondly it could be dressed up or down, could see it with wedges or Jack Rogers, click here

CHOICE 4 You won’t be surprised to hear I love this top and at a price that I did a double take on…perfect for summer days into nights, click here

CHOICE 5 These Kate Spades espadrilles are so chic, and the kind of shoe I wear daily in the summer-  plus they are on sale. Click here

CHOICE 6 Isn’t this so pretty! It says summer here I come….I can see it with a pair of white pants and cute sandals, love it. Click here

CHOICE 7 How fun are these!! And so reasonable, don’t have to think twice, in a wide range of beautiful colors. This and a summer tan..perfect combination. Click here

CHOICE 8 LOVE this beach/pool coverup….summer perfection! Click here

CHOICE 9 This shoe is so me, love everything about it, practical heel and of course anything with bows gets me every time! Click here


CHOICE 10 A pair of white capris is a major staple in my warm weather dressing, and as you know I am a huge fan of NYDJ brand. These darling white capris are on order, click here

CHOICE 11 Isn’t this top pretty? Pink reminds me of spring and summer, and I am always a fan of anything with a ruffle. Amazing price too! Click here.

CHOICE 12 OK I need this bag…and well, Mothers Day is coming up, boys are you listening! LOVE this!! Click here

CHOICE 13 Darling top that can go equally well with black, white and jeans, such a fresh easy breezy summer top, click here

CHOICE 14 Fun summer earrings, in the summer, I love to use fun pieces like these and these bon bon earrings are all the rage, great looking dressed up or down. In a bunch of great colors, click here

CHOICE 15 I have these in black, they are so stylish with the beautiful scalloped detailing…a perfect year round flat. Click here

CHOICE 16 This is such a fun springy/summer top. Add white capris and you are good to go! Click here

CHOICE 17 Another very well priced and chic summer coverup, cute enough to wear as a summer dress, click here

CHOICE 18 If there is one color other than white that I love during the warmer months its a touch of turquoise. Paired with a tan and gold jewelry, its hard to beat. This darling top is half off and loving the lace detail! Click here

OK your turn to choose your two faves…

I had a hard time narrowing it down but 12 was a definite…such a great piece!! Thanks for stopping in, click here to see all of the goodies over at Bloomingdale’s and don’t forget to use the code “Friends”.

Last day to take advantage of the silver arrival sale. Click here to view.

Wishing everyone a happy Friday and end to your week. Until next time……


Which would you choose and a giveaway!

Hello and happy Saturday! Hope this posts on time. I have been really busy with a number of edesign jobs, some small and a few much larger jobs. Must say I so enjoy doing this, it is enormously gratifying and I just love helping to transforms peoples homes.

I have a few resources I really like and they are my “go to” sources. One I seem to always do well with is Decor Market. They have an extensive selection and the prices simply cannot be beat. Period.

Plus as an Enchanted Home reader you get an extra discount! Use code “enchanted”. I just finished helping a young couple who just moved to Boston furnish a small apartment. It came just beautifully though we are not quite done. We were working on a relatively small budget but boy, you would never guess by how it all came out.

Included today are some of the things that they bought as well as some favorites of mine that I have used and continue to use for various projects, deals definitely worth knowing about!

CHOICE 1 How this chair is sold for $449 is beyond me, but what a beauty! Click here


CHOICE 2 I have my eye on a pair of these for PB, these would be perfect and are what I envision for my living room, just love the English styling..so timeless. Click here

CHOICE 3 I recently ordered a pair fo these for a clients foyer, one on each side of a foyer console, such a beautiful chair and at a price to be believed! Click here

CHOICE 4 This beauty only looks expensive, what a fabulous price point, my client used it for their dining room and said in person it looks like a million dollars, click here

CHOICE 5 How beautiful is this silver leaf pagoda etagere/bookcase…AMAZING! Click here

CHOICE 6 I simply cannot get over a  queen fully upholstered bed is UNDER $400! My client ordered this for their bedroom, love it. Click here

CHOICE 7 Very pretty mirrored coffee table in a great mid size, click here

CHOICE 8 These are wonderful nightstands, love the lighter color wood as it could go with so many different types of beds, click here

CHOICE 9 This fabulous Chippendale chair is a stunner for around $650! I love the brand Theodore Alexander and have used them a lot, click here

CHOICE 10 This is beyond clever and so reasonable, an ottoman that doubles as shoe storage. Love the idea, and this kind of piece can go anywhere, only $179, click here

CHOICE 11 I would love to have a place to use this one day, just adore it, always have. Click here

CHOICE 12 This will likely find its way to my PB house somewhere, its so pretty and serene and love the price even more:) Click here

CHOICE 13 Love this elegant Georgian console, so classic. Click here

CHOICE 14 A desk chair for under $150, I am not kidding. Click here

CHOICE 15 Another client just got this chair and we are reupholstering the seat in the most beautiful Scalamandre velvet, cannot wait to see! A new favorite, and the price is amazing! Click here

CHOICE 16  How stunning is this antique mirrored desk? I want it, I would use it for a desk or even a gorgeous make up table, adding it to my wish list, click here

Felt the need to scroll up and down more than once? You are not alone, there is not a bad choice in the bunch. Click here to see all of Decor Market’s amazing finds and be sure to input the code “enchanted” for an extra discount!

I must say their customer service, quick shipping and amazing return policy is the among the best I  have encountered. And their selection of just about everything is getting bigger and bigger, more great choices all the way around.

Time to choose your two faves, ready?


One lucky winner will receive this wonderful indoor/outdoor rug courtesy of Decor Market who has generously offered this rug to one very lucky person. Just visit Decor Market by clicking here, take a look around and come back and tell us your favorite item. We will announce a winner on Wednesday morning, be sure to check back!

Thank you for stopping by, wishing you a wonderful Saturday and weekend. Until tomorrow…


Which would you choose?

Good Friday morning! Excited as my chinoiserie tole container is due to the warehouse today (fingers crossed). Since there was no preale I will be holding a 2 days sale starting Monday so stay tuned.

I consider myself practically an expert on sniffing out amazing deals from many of my favorite online retailers, Last Call being one of my “top three”. I have found some truly incredible deals. To date, the best ones were a triple ply cashmere sweater for $53.00 and a St. John sheath knit dress for $218!! Unbelievable!

As spring slowly makes  it way towards us I am dreaming of shedding the layers and easing into a light, easy breezy wardrobe which is what this post centers around. Some truly fabulous pieces and every single one is a DEAL! But one winter thing was included as its a love and such a deal.

Plus there  is a code which you  might still be able to use today, so do it quick (was supposed to end yesterday) CODE35 for an extra 35% off the already amazing prices.

So your turn to take a look and choose your two faves. Here we go…..


CHOICE 1. This gives me a case of spring fever, love white and this pretty top could go from day to night easily, as always a deal to be believed! Click here

CHOICE 2  Aren’t these fun? I love Andre Assous and their shoes are very comfortable, love the fringe detailing and practical wedge height, click here

CHOICE 3 From one of my favorite pants makers, these ankle NYDJ pull on capris are easy dressing and such a practical warm weather staple, BEST fit! Click here

CHOICE 4 Big fan of Rebecca Taylor, love lace and can’t live without white, so had to order this pretty top. I can see getting a lot of use out of it. Click here

CHOICE 5 This is such a beautiful watch from Ferrragamo, that color is really a standout. Click here

CHOICE 6 I own a pair like this from a few years ago and must say they have saved my feet many a day. A wedge goes a long long way in comfort, but these have a dressy edge which makes them perfect for when you need a dressier shoe but don’t want to sacrifice comfort! Click here

CHOICE 7 With the warmer weather in sight, how cute is this beach/pool coverup. Looks so easy to wear, great color and styling. Click here

CHOICE 8 I love a zip around wallet as it keeps everything in, no chance of falling out. This navy NM wallet is a deal to be believed, under $40! Click here

CHOICE 9 The perfect little black dress, St. John is known not only for classic styling but I can also attest to their knits  fit like no other. They really flatter, I own a skirt and dress from St. John and they make me feel so good, they will stay in my closet always:) Click here

CHOICE 10 What a gorgeous pair of pave CZ earrings, perfect for a dressy evening out, so elegant! Click here

CHOICE 11 This little sweater jacket is fantastic! It could add so much to even the plainest of outfits, at a price you don’t need to think twice about either, click here

CHOICE 12  The ONLY winter thing in this post that I am including because I love it and it is such a deal!! Click here

CHOICE 13 How cute is this, it’s screaming for a pair of white pants and espadrilles! Love this, click here

CHOICE 14 Have the version from last year and wore these like mad last summer, super comfortable, the beige suede goes with almost everything, click here

CHOICE 15 What a perfect summer party dress, Calypso makes this beauty. It has a very Missoni vibe but I could see it dressed down with a pair of sandals, very chic Click here

CHOICE 16 Super chic sweater coat from St. John at the lowest price I have seen it and believe me I had my eye on it. Perfect spring coat, click here

CHOICE 17 Isn’t this delicate ruffle hem skirt from St. John pretty Super feminine, a great staple for spring/summer, click here

CHOICE 18  Beautiful feminine ruffled blouse from Theory that is truly seasonless. Work alone or as an underpinning with a jacket/blazer, this is classic dressing. Click here

OK so your turn to choose your two faves, so many to love and the best part is the deals! Nothing like a little retail therapy:) Don’t forget to try and use the code CODE35 for an EXTRA 35% off one item!

Thanks for stopping by, hope everyone has a fabulous Friday and end to your week.  Click here to see ALL the great finds at Last Call. Until next time…..

PS Don’t forget about the exciting Enchanted Home 2017 contest that I just announced yesterday. Accepting submissions until March 10th. Great prizes! Click here for all details-


Which would you choose?

Hello and happy Friday morning!  Such a busy busy week getting all the presale orders out the door, happy to say we are about 90% done and hopefully will be totally done by today, a major feat. Its been quite a whirlwind of a week. So getting to sit down and do a little virtual retail therapy was a much needed exercise as my form of relaxation:)

As I pointed out Sunday, Coach has completely reinvented themselves in a pretty dramatic way and they are no longer that safe conservative brand that many of us equate the name with. They have branched far out into fashion, accessories, menswear and more. So considering I treated myself to one of their darling bags I thought this would be a fun Which would you choose and I found an extra little something to order in the process. Ready to choose your two faves? Let’s go…..

CHOICE 1 Just love everything about this, classic yet updated bag, gorgeous color and will stand the test of time. Couldn’t you see this becoming a favorite  every day bag? Offered in a few colors that is priced right, click here

CHOICE 2 These are on my spring/summer wish list, I love a simple and comfortable  ballet flat and this one looks like a winner with such a soft leather, click here

CHOICE 3 This is one gorgeous saddle bag in a beautiful shade of gray, roomy, practical, classic styling with a long strap…a great and functinoal every day bag! Click here

CHOICE 4 And they do watches! This would be so pretty in the spring/summer months.  Click here

CHOICE 5  I must admit I wear heels only when absolutely necessary but when I do, I go for something interesting and detailed, this classic pump with the subtle chain detailing is really pretty. Click here

CHOICE 6 Funny I am not a burgundy person but this bag is a stunner! I love the styling and though it comes in black, to me in burgundy it’s a knockout. Click here

CHOICE 7 I bought this wonderful little bag, it is such a beautiful bag with the delicate little flowers, cannot wait to use it come summer!  Click here

CHOICE 8  My favorite style wallet, a zip around where nothing can fall out, also love this color. Click here

CHOICE 9 Had to order these, so my cup of tea…spring and summer here I come! Click here

CHOICE 10  Love a good crossbody bag, and use one every time I go into the city …it’s so convenient to be hands free. This is a good looking crossbody in a favorite color, click here

CHOICE 11 They even do glasses! This tortoise pair are gorgeous, click here

CHOICE 12 A good looking tote in ivory, a beautifully styled bag indeed. Click here

CHOICE 13 Can you believe these gorgeous driving moccasins are $84, if they have your size this is a heck of a deal. Click here

CHOICE 14 How sweet is this wristlet done in the dinky styling? Very “Chanel-ish” a great little bag for an evening out, click here

CHOICE 15 Nice looking chocolate brown suede pair of over the knee boots, gorgeous! Plus they are on sale, click here

CHOICE 16 I love a charm bracelet and own a few, this more delicate version is an update on the classic charm bracelet, pretty! Click here

CHOICE 17 This is one good looking tote in a taupe pebbled leather, love a textured leather and they wear so well, click here

CHOICE 18 When I think of Coach I think of classic and this icon trench is a perfect example, a good looking classic trench coat. Click here

This sure isn’t your mama’s Coach🙂 They certainly have come a long way and stepped up their fashion game. Some of the  clothing fashions I feel are oriented towards a younger more urban/hip consumer, but the bag, shoes and leather goods are just updated while still classic. So which are your two faves?

 What do you think of their new look? Own anything Coach? Sometimes its fun to rediscover a brand we thought was in our past. Thank you for stopping in, wishing everyone a wonderful day. Until next time……











Which would you choose?

Hi friends, so far the week is going a bit smoother than last, don’t think I could have handled two back to back weeks like last week! Working on the new site and the shop updates will start today, so by weeks end, the shop should be fully updated (plus all the other odds and ends).

Speaking of projects…one of my many projects within my house has been trying to organize my closet. Easier said than done:)

Not sure if you can relate, but if I was really truly practical I would discard probably about 70% of whats in there because I tend to wear only about 30% of what I own. I wear sweaters, blouses, cardigans and pants almost every single day, and tend to stick to certain colors and styles. So I am trying to streamline things a bit and it feels good to be purging.

I have a hard time letting go especially if its an expensive item, anyone else?

Despite not being great at parting with things, I  have been on a roll, needed a few ‘fills in”s and of course Last Call from Neiman’s is always a great place to start. There are limited sizes in each item but boy, can you ever get amazing deals if you strike it right. When I see this kind of sale….you better believe I act on it!


Today’s post features some of the amazing bargains I am finding for their unbelievable sale where things are an extra 60-75% off. I am talking cashmere sweaters for under $50!!! I often will buy things and put them away for the next season, at prices like that, why not!

Your time to choose your two faves…..



CHOICE 1 This is the lowest I have seen this favorite cashmere blazer, which I own and love. Click here


CHOICE 2 Gorgeous bell sleeve pleated blouse at a price I had to look at twice, click here


CHOICE 3 This wonderful little down jacket is under $70….amazing!! Click here


CHOICE 4 How pretty are these crystal adorned suede evening flats? Love that they have a slight heel, very chic. Click here


CHOICE 5 Adore this jacket with the 3/4 length sleeve from Nanette Lepore,  it is seasonless and is one of those great little staples everyone should have in their closet, click here


CHOICE 6 Fantastic deal on these over the knee soft leather Cole Haan riding boots, such a classic! Click here


CHOICE 7 Everything about this screams me, the color, the cableknit, the fact that it’s cashmere, cozy elegance! Click here


CHOICE 8  Anyone who knows me knows I am a big fan of vests, they are a staple in my wardrobe. This went right to cart at $41.00! Click here


CHOICE 9 Love these Fendi glasses, always loved anything tortoise. Click here


CHOICE 10 Was bummed this super cute jacket was not available in my size, but what a fabulous piece at such a deal, and if it’s your size you should go for it,  click here


CHOICE 11 How fabulous is this lace wrap dress from DVF? I love the color!! Click here


CHOICE 12 I am a sucker for anything with bows and these over the knee boots with bows are just too great looking to pass up! Click here


CHOICE 13 I actually own this very skirt and can tell you it has been a lifesaver. An easy pull on knit, it is flattering, goes with everything and I have worn it with boots and a chunky sweater as well as dressy shoes and a beautiful evening top, a great investment piece. Click here


CHOICE 14 This cashmere duster is the kind of thing I  live in, I  have several of these and they are perfect for days that are not super cold or for layering….I also wear mine around the house:) Click here


CHOICE 15 Ordered these wool/cashmere pom pom slippers because they are so cute and I take my lounging clothes very seriously:) Click here


CHOICE 16 OK I am switching seasons here but these Kenneth Jay Lane opaline necklaces are so beautiful in the summer with an all white outfit, super chic and a fraction of their original cost. Click here

LCY351S_mu LCY351K_mu

CHOICE 17 There are some incredible buys on exquisite gowns, not the least of which is this Monique Lhullier beauty at almost 70% off it’s original price, so beautiful. What a beautiful mother of the bride/groom dress this would make. Extra points for it being navy:)  Click here


CHOICE 18 Great deal on the worlds best fitting pair of pants, these NYDJ are perfect for “boot tucking”, click here


CHOICE 19 I am a definite fan of ruffles and bows and this beautiful feminine blouse by Vince is a classic, click here


CHOICE 20 Think this is a great looking rolling weekender bag, perfect size for a quick getaway, click here



So friends your turn to vote for your two favorite bargains….I could close my eyes and vote, because I love and want everything above! It’s a good thing my size was not available in a few of these:) Don’t forget if you make a purchase to use the code LCSHIP for free shipping (over $99). Click here to see it all.

Thank you for stopping by, and making me a part of your day. Hope you have a fabulous day.

Don’t forget the promo on the Provence planters, chargers and signature candles ends tomorrow (plus a great giveaway).  Click here for the details.









Which would you choose?

Hello! As we all decompress from the craziness and fun chaos of the holidays, things start to get back to a  more normal/sane routine. Sometimes we experience that anti climatic mood after the holiday rush but nothing like a little retail therapy to make it a bit better:)

I know I can only speak for myself when I say that I spent all of Dec. thinking about everyone else so now I feel like I have earned a little “me time”….and all of the after holiday sales are coming at a great time!

Being a long time Neiman Marcus shopper I wait all year long for their phenomenal Last Call sales…they are epic and things are  always rock bottom. Only downside is things go fast so you have to snatch them when you see them. Today I compiled a list of my most favorite finds from the Last Call sale which just started and its a blockbuster!


Ready to choose your two faves? Here we go…..


CHOICE  1. This elegant peplum top by Theory is a beauty and so versatile. Classically elegant, that could go with everything from jeans to a dressy pair of pants. Click here


CHOICE  2. In love with these pave Oscar de la Renta earrings, so dramatically elegant and almost half off, click here


CHOICE  3. Loving this spring jacket and could not get over the price!! I love white, it goes with everything:) Click here


CHOICE 4 Fabulous  pair of squared cat eye sunglasses and at half price it’s a hard deal to pass up, click here

CHOICE 5 Isn’t this such a fun jacket, and it’s faux fur so everyone can wear it….. love the chevron design and colors. The price is the best price! Click here

CHOICE 6 Love and could live in yummy oversized sweaters like this rolled collar beauty, click here


CHOICE 7 This color is so beautiful and love the lace lace detail, a fantastic value on a classic dress, click here

CHOICE 8  Stunning suede boots, can you believe these are under $100??? Amazing deal, click here

CHOICE 9 Own this reverse braid cashmere cardigan and LOVE it…wear it all the time in lieu of a jacket with a nice heavy scarf…very chic! Click here

CHOICE 10  Stunning gray bootie from Joie, very stylish looking and the charcoal is so beautiful. Click here


CHOICE 11 Such a gorgeous dress, love this color and the style is fabulous, almost 70% off, click here

CHOICE 12 Great looking zebra party jacket, a very smart piece to add to any wardrobe. Click here

CHOICE 13 Just love this pointelle sweater and had to get one for myself…a classic! Click here


CHOICE 14 Adore this ribbed sweater with peplum, available in red and black click here


CHOICE 15 This is a beauty, all you need is a standout pair of chandelier earrings and you are good to go, nearly 70% off….amazing deal. Click here

CHOICE 16 Love this piece, such a versatile piece that can go from spring to winter, cashmere pocketed shawl. You will simply not get over the price! Click here

CHOICE 17 This Alexander Wang mini leopard crossbody bag is fantastic, would look so great with all black, about 60% off! Click here

CHOICE 18 These are a steal if they happen to have your size (I was not so lucky), love these Donald Pliner boots, great every day boot, click here

CHOICE 19 How wonderful is this Eileen Fisher chunky cashmere sweater, I could live in this and it’s half off! Click here

CHOICE 20 How cozy does this look! A cashmere caftan for lounging about, can imagine longing inside on a cold winter day in this. Was $450 and now its $90! Click here

CHOICE 21 This elegant Michael Kors sweater with lace sleeves is a stunner, classic dressing at its best. Click here

CHOICE 22 This is such a beautiful top, and  the price is just as pretty:) Click here

So….which ones are your favorite? Hard to choose!! I was able to narrow it down and even treated myself to a few- at these prices, didn’t  have to think twice:) Click here to see all of the amazing buys over at Last Call.  OK your turn……

Also don’t forget that the official presale for 2017’s first container sale has started, there are so many amazing pieces. You will not want to miss it, something for everyone. Click here to see the goodies.


Thank you for stopping by, hoping your first week of 2017 is off to a fabulous start. Until next time…..


Which would you choose and a giveaway!

We are aware of the site being sluggish, the server lately can com not handle the traffic coming to the site at certain times of the day so we are in the process of upgrading to a new server which will greatly speed things up and allow much faster functioning site wide (should be done within a few days).

Thank you for your patience, to anyone having issues placing an ornament order feel free to call in your order 1-800-804-9565.

Hello!!! Hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful and very merry Christmas! Here it couldn’t have been better…..still reeling from all the fun, great food and loved begin together as a family. We watched movies, ate to our hearts content and engaged in hours of story telling and reminiscing, a perfect Christmas by all accounts.

One big perk of after the holidays is of course the sales. And Enchanted Home is no exception. A whopping 50% off all holiday ornaments just started, and it is an amazing time to stock up for next year on the best chinoiserie ornaments around!! Click here to see.  (use code ornament)

Today I am featuring a bunch of phenomenal deals from one of my favorite shopping sources, Neiman Marcus. Today for one day only, things are up to 70% off. And let me tell you there are some seriously great deals, ones hard to pass up with some only on until noon today.  This is a sale worth visiting, click here to see all the goodies.

So I rounded up my very faves and now it’s your turn to choose your two favorites. Plus a fun giveaway (details at the bottom). Ready? Let’s go……


CHOICE 1 Isn’t this a beauty!! I just love everything about this wonderful dress, click here

CHOICE 2 Just got these Havana glasses from Gucci and love them and believe it or not they are almost half off, click here

CHOICE 3 This cashmere sweater/coat with fox trim is so chic, click here

CHOICE 4 Big fan of Rebecca Taylor and this black/navy beauty is a deal! Click here

CHOICE 5 I love this top, Tahari can be counted on for such gorgeous feminine tops and this beauty will soon be on it’s way to my closet, click here

CHOICE 6 One of the best deals I found, these gorgeous Frye riding boots are more than half off! Click here

CHOICE 7 A fabulous red dress at a price that had me do a doubletake, now this is  a dress to make an entrance in! Click here

CHIOCE 8 This bag is great from Longchamps, it is reversible with one side shearling and another side a beautiful print, click here

CHOICE 9 This gorgeous laser cut swing leather jacket is a deal and what a stunning and practical piece, click here

CHOICE 10 This beautiful lace detailed sheath is under $200…incredible deal on a beautiful classic click here

CHOICE 11  This is such a “me” bootie, love the shape, heel, suede and tie detail…very chic. Click here

CHOICE 12  Isn’t this so pretty,  a 3/4 length leopard coat from Isabel Marant and best part is its half off! Click here

CHOICE 13 Leave it up to Oscar de la Renta for another pair of stunning earrings, some of my favorite costume pieces that I own are him, click here

CHOICE 14  Think this not only so chic but super practical, double faced cashmere 3/4 sleeve jacket/topper, click here

CHOICE 15  I own this beautiful top and cannot believe its half off, what a  steal!! Click here

CHOICE 16  Way to end with a bang, this exquisite Oscar de la Renta is the ultimate vision in lace and beadwork, love it! Click here

Lots of beautiful things can always be found at Neiman Marcus but finding them at extra special prices is always the icing on the cake. And I don’t know about you but after a month of thinking and doing for everyone else, I have decided I deserve a special little something:) Now time to vote and about the giveaway…..


One very lucky winner is going to win this fantastic cookbook, Neiman Marcus Cooks which includes many of their best selling all time favorite iconic recipes I own this and love it (especially those chocolate chip cookies and chicken salad recipes)! Just visit the sale by clicking here, come back and tell us a favorite item you would love to own. I will announce a winner on Thursday.

Thank you to everyone for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful day as we are still reveling in the holiday magic. Until next time……

Click here to see all chinoiserie ornaments that are 50% off…going fast!

(Thanks to Neiman Marcus for partnering with me on this post)






Which would you choose?

Good morning! We got a tiny dusting of snow last night, I was so excited I was already choosing which pair of snow boots to wear this morning but sadly woke up to a dreary rain, ugh! But I am not worried, I  know my snow day will come soon:) Prepping for one of the busiest weeks I will have all year this week leading into next week, so had a power sleep to recharge and be ready! Hosted a small luncheon yesterday which was so nice and really enjoyed the 2 hours of “fun” before it was back to work….

Today is s a good one, and one you just might thank me for alerting you to this. Not only is today a great day to check a few gifts off of your list with plenty of time for Christmas delivery  but if you have been very good, then maybe you have earned a little something for yourself too.

Today just about everything over at Neiman Marcus Last Call is a whopping 50% off all apparel and gifts…wow!! Now if that’s not a reason to go shopping , don’t know what is.  I surely plan on taking advantage of this exceptional time to save, so many good finds that I have already scoped out and added to my cart and yes, that includes a goodie for myself:) The one thing all these goodies have in common are their prices……all about  half off of their original, now that’s my kind of shopping.

So your turn to choose your two faves.  Lets get going….

CHOICE 1 Adore this chic little jacket, this is the lowest price I have seen it for yet, this is classic elegance at its prettiest, click here


CHOICE 2 Great looking boots at more than half off, looks so cozy for those cold winter days ahead of us.  Click here

CHOICE 3 Love this beautiful blush colored blouse with lace insets, and the price you will simply not believe, click here


CHOICE 4 These are so pretty and elegant especially for the holiday season, amazingly low price tooClick here

CHOICE 5 Just love this coat, the color, the cut….it’s timeless! An amazing deal for a cashmere blend coat, click here

CHOICE 6 I love this cashmere and fox pompom hat and cannot believe its less than $35, great gift! Click here

CHOICE 7 I actually own this very top from St. John in white and love it, can be dressed up or down, very elegant, love it in black too. Think I need to add this to my list for Santa, click here

CHOICE 8  Incredible Monique Llulier gown at more than half off of the original, stunning gown that would surely make you feel like a princess! Click here

CHOICE 9 Great price on these beautiful gloves, love the leather bow detail, click here

CHOICE 10 Own this beauty and have featured it before but this cashmere blazer is at a price worth repeating myself about, love this piece! Click here

CHOICE 11 This might be one of the prettiest stocking stuffers I have ever seen, can you believe they are under $20! Click here

CHOICE 12 Aren’t these quilted leather riding boots fabulous? So good that I couldn’t resist, love them, click here

CHOICE 13 I have never even seen a gown from J Mendel which is normally several thousand for about $1000, AMAZING! Click here

CHOICE 14 This is a “me” sweater, love the cable knit, the fact that it’s cashmere and of course the color, but the price is the sweetest part of this! Click here

CHOICE 15 How beautiful is this vintage inspired piece by Kenneth Jay Lane? I think it’s so pretty and elegant, more than half off of it’s original price, click here

CHOICE 16 Beautiful classic Valentino black satchel at the lowest price I have seen it so far, would make a beautiful gift, click here


CHOICE 17 This jacket is so chic from Gorski, and best part it’s reversible! I also love navy and black together, very pretty. Click here

CHOICE 18 I own these boots and wear them all the time, not only are they comfortable thanks to the wedge heel but they are weatherproof, AquaItalia makes a great product and now they are almost half off! Click here

Your turn to choose your two faves!


Wow, don’t know about you but I could close my eyes and point to any of these and be thrilled with any one of them…..all at such great deals too! Click here to see the entire site and all that is on sale today.

Thanks for stopping in, I am sure like me you are uber busy this week too. Tis the season, deep breaths and remember to take little “mini me breaks” here and there- even 15 min to just do a little something for yourself or do nothing at all just to recharge, it’s very important. Wishing you a terrific start to your week.

Until next time…..

PS A very very exciting silver promo will be happening later today along with the newly arrived mint juleps, so  many beautiful silver serving pieces just perfect for the holiday table all at lowest prices yet:)

Thank you to Neiman Marcus Last Call for partnering with my on this post