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Hello and Happy Sunday to you. Adjusting to my new normal and incredibly quiet home. I thank you for your continued support and kindness,  it is so touching and I have read, often teary eyed every single email and comment. I am trying to keep busy and find the hardest times are when I am home.

There is a new emptiness and loneliness that I am trying to adjust to. Thankful for my business and blog, as it keeps me really busy and there is lots coming in the next month so it will be good to focus on something positive and that keeps my brain moving. Plus the holiday prep season is around the corner and this is gearing up to be one super busy holiday. Got in some VERY exciting things this week, the giftwrap and the melamine..two really anticipated new arrivals, so that was a big highlight. Onward to my Seven on Sunday…..



1 BLUE AND WHITE TABLE SETTING Since I got a few samples of my melamine plates and my new blue and white pagoda flatware is here, had fun setting up a small alfresco dinner table about a week or so ago.

I just love the way it looks, so clean, crisp and fresh….all in my favorite color combination! The dinnerware is due in within a week (be on the lookout for a one day arrival sale) and the flatware is here and just got added to the shop site (click here)

UPDATE-Melamine came in Friday:) A one day arrival sale will happen this week.

And made my super yummy pesto pasta one day for a light simple dinner…sooo good and extra brownie points for being pretty too:)


2. ONE AMAZING MASK. I LOVE La Prairie, they are my all time favorite skin care products. I have tried many but these are superior and I get compliments on my skin often so it  must be working:) I tried a newer product, a sleep on mask and I swear I woke up with my skin feeling like a little baby.

This leave on mask is fantastic and I then applied the cellular hydrant serum over it. My skin looks as good as it ever has. I am also taking better care of it, and am a huge believe in these products. Click here to find out more


3 TAKE A TOUR OF HOMES ON LAKE COMO Still being in a Lake Como state of mind, I decided to “appease” my husband after he said he could live there quite  easily, so I looked at real estate just for fun:) Maybe we could become buds with George and Amal.  Just for kicks, found these, this could work quite nicely…...

And then in my “investigative research” found this spectacular rental-

4 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Well, you know it was coming, the fall inspired Instagrams are mixed in with my usual random grouping. I am so not there yet but definitely enjoying seeing what people are starting to do for fall…scary if you ask me, but beautiful nonetheless:)

My absolute favorite this week is this absolutely precious picture, what’s not to love…it brings me back to simpler less stressful times:)


5 FARMGIRL FLOWERS! So I have been the lucky recipient lately of so many beautiful flowers, gifts, cards,etc…. in honor of Teddy’s passing. I have been so touched and I can’t tell you what it means to feel such love and support. One amazing customer/reader sent me this wonderful boxed set of flowers, giftbox and vase.

What a great presentation and company! I am so happy to know about Farmhouse Girl flowers (even like the name) and wanted to introduce you to them as well. They are most certainly worth knowing about!! I cannot wait to use them, a wonderful company supporting local farmers all across our great country… it. Click here to learn more about Farmgirl Flowers.


6 INTRODUCING THE TEDDY BOWL AND OTHER EXCITING SHOP NEWS! So excited that the long anticipated dog bowls (yes its a big process) are finally just out of production. They will be offered in two sizes and other colors may be offered in the future but for now its my signature blue and white.

Fondly named the “Teddy bowl” there will be a presale on these in a few weeks and hope to have them by around Oct. 20th. Teddy said he wanted all pets to have the opportunity to dine on fine blue and white porcelain just like he had the opportunity to do:)

The pagoda looks off center but it’s the angel, it is in the center of the bowl

And a sneak peek at the gorgeous new style Provence planters that just came out of production (the finials have not been added) I already have four set aside for the PB house may not have furniture but at least I will have Provence planters:)

The far left and far right are  custom colors for customers…gorgeous!!

And finally the GORGEOUS giftwrap a was a major hit and will be online in the shop within the week. For all who have asked about the holiday wrap, it is a go! It is now officially in production and we hope to have it around end of Oct. I will hold a presale on it in about 2 weeks, very very excited for these!  Here is a sneak peek of the fabulous designs-

The blue chinoiserie above will be a reverse of the ginger jar paper

These  chinoiserie patterns below will be reversible and will be gold foil…cannot wait!

And on the subject of my beloved tulipieres the new extra large size just completed production and is officially on it’s way! To left is the small, the middle is the new extra large and the right is the medium.  All sizes are coming in on the next container (mid Oct). You can still preorder the extra large by clicking here…..cannot wait to set a Christmas table!


7  SEVENS SURVEY This might be more of an etiquette question. Here it goes- you are invited to a wedding of a friends kid (not a super close friend but a good enough friend). Unfortunately you cannot attend, do you send a card only, send a check and card or send a gift and card? I love to give gifts personally and in this case I sent a gift with a card.

A fellow friend said unless its family or a very close friend, a card is sufficient and a gift is not expected, but I felt sending a gift was the right thing to do. Not sure I agree but would love to know what you think?



Thank you for stopping by and making The Enchanted Home part of your Sunday morning. Wishing you a wonderful day….


Melamine one day arrival sale

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Which would you choose

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As time passes, your heart will not be so heavy at the loss of your precious Teddy. Time does help lessen the pain. I loved the tours of the two properties on Lake Como, what a beautiful lake! That rental house looked so cozy and had everything one could ever want. You would never have to leave the property except for a lovely boat ride! Blessings and prayers are being sent your way.

Saw your ad in house beautiful for Chinoiserie melamine and decided to view your website! You are amazing! Your gifts and offers exceptional!

Hi Tina, I know you are adjusting to your newly quiet home without Teddy. Trust me, it really does get better with time and though this does not work for everyone- I both times, I have gone through this found it helpful to get another dog. We got two rescues Charlie and Chloe and they really did help to fill that hole in our heart. Just something to thing about.
Moving to your post, where to start! I love the melamine and can hardly wait to get my giftwrap and already know what I want to order for the holidays so can’t wait. The tuliperes are magnificent as is the planters, everything you do is so classic and elegant, it must be thrilling to see your visions come to life.
Everything I have ever gotten from you has been even better in person, high quality and I really appreciate that! Hope you take care of yourself today and go do something that will make you happy. Hang in there, hugs from Lisa in Philadelphia

What a sweet way to remember and honor your precious Teddy. I can’t wait for the Teddy bowls, I know they will be beautiful.

It is always such a treat the read through you blogs and see the beautiful photos and read the nice comments others who love your blog as well. It takes me away from all of the stress of the weekly workload and I can just remove myself from it all. I wish you peace from the loss of your dear Teddy, I believe he was most loved and glad he had you and your family in his life.
God bless.

Anyone who is a true animal lover has been through this unbearable pain. Time does heal but that doesn’t help you at the time. I’ve been thorough this two times in my life, and it still hurts. I always had to wait a year or more, because didn’t want any dog to take their place. And then one day you wake up and say I’m ready to have a precious baby back in my empty life. God bless you, your family, and precious teddybear.

Hello Tina, I am truly so sorry about the loss of your dear Teddy. I have been through the same thing and it is a heart-wrenching experience and will affect you for some time. What a blessing it was that you had a wonderful companion for so long. My family has just gone through Hurricane Irma..we are fine and just a lot of minor damage…but I am concerned about so many displaced pets from both Irma and Harvey. Perhaps you could encourage some of your readers to rescue a pet in honor of Teddy. There are hundreds…thousands …of dogs and cats in shelters that need a home. Just a thought….

Just heard… heart goes out to you and your family. If someone is not a pet owner, it is difficult for them to understand the immense loss and sadness we feel. My husband and I couldn’t talk for a month after losing our Phoebe. Please know it does gets better, and it did when wonderful little Lily arrived on our doorstep. She somehow knew we had a huge void in our hearts to be filled…and fill it she did. Not a replacement, but another wonderful little being for us to love. I think it is an honor to the pet we lost to want so desperately to love another. Thinking of you,
Linda Floyd

So excited to receive the melamine pieces I ordered! I continue to hope for your heart to heal from your loss of Teddy. Can’t wait to see the Teddy bowls!

Your eloquent post about Teddy’s life was very touching. I started to cry at the rotisserie chicken. He was a beautiful dog, I enjoyed all of his pictures over time. You were blessed to have him.

Further to this weeks question,
I sent announcements to people in the less familiar category of guest as that did not require a gift per etiquette at the time. Any wedding invitation required a gift per etiquette at the time. It made things easy and considerate.

Good morning Tina,

It does ease the pain a tiny bit to talk about Teddy and to read that people loved him.

Love the links! The Lake houses are fabulous! I am sure that you could quite easily life there!

Have a beautiful week.

Tina, thank you for sharing Teddy with us. When I read that you opened the door and put him on a rug in front of it so he could enjoy the outdoors my eyes welled up with tears. You were such a good Mom. Praying for you. xo

Those flowers! Great new resource for certain. And, Tina, I’m thinking what great gifts you have with your new blue & white utensils. Just love them. And of course, Italy. My husband told me we could find a house on the Amalfi Coast BUT THAT WE WOULD HAVE TO COME HOME FOR FOOTBALL SEASON :)’S Sending love, as always…

Those Lake Como estates are divine. I was drooling over them. Wouldn’t it be divine to rent one for a season!
I adore the Teddy bowls, what a fitting tribute to him.
I am at a stage in life when the children have left home and all of the family pets have departed and I have promised my husband that I would not get another pet though I am often aching to get another. He, in turn, has promised that we will do some of the long holidays that would have been difficult with pets such as walking the whole Camino de Santiago.
I am getting used to the quiet now and lack of a little friend to chat to through the day but if I didn’t have to, I would have been off to the local shelter the next day to rescue a fur baby and give it a life of love and comfort and happiness, and start the healing of my shattered heart. I think this is the ultimate tribute that we can give our beloved animals, to Pass it On and give more of our Love. We never replace a beloved companion by doing this, we merely expand our hearts to embrace another. There is room in there for a lifetime of beloved furbabies.

It’s my experience that one of the better ways to help pull ourselves out of a painful period is to help someone else. Maybe consider volunteering at a soup kitchen, or help resettle a refugee family, or help with a community project—-find some need that you care about and go for it. It will be life-giving and help your “Teddy funk.” 🙂 You will be the richer and you will offer something important—–everybody wins.

Hi Tina,
It’s so awful when you loose your beloved fur baby. In the past few years I’ve lost my precious Welsh Terrier and the sweetest gray cat who was so close to becoming 20 years old. My children tried to convince me that I was too old for any more pets but coming home to an empty house was not the way I wanted to live. It took a year but I went on our Welsh Terrier rescue site and here this 10 year old boy who’s family was giving him up due to life changes. I could never do this! It does have seizures and a major problem with bolting.
I fell in love immediately, got him home and the first this he did. Was run wild! After some time I got him home and then he proceeded to pee all over my house. Needless to say that I was in shock! After a few days of this guy I wanted him to leave my home. The rescue people could come for another week. I worked with him but at 10 he had his own schedule that I had to learn! Happy to say his wish is my command. Angus is a sweetheart and enjoyed his friends at the dog park. He looks forward.
His 14 birthday is in October and we will have a big party for him.
All the dogs got Dixie cup and popcorn, parents has processo.
This party is going to be big dues to it may be his last harrah!
Love this guy so much but I don’t believe he feels the same was.
Being with one family for ten years and then giving him up is a mortal sin for me. Fast forward, he rules our home, bosses me around and his favorite food is rotisserie chicken from Costco.
People that aren’t dog or pet people just don’t get it. I feel badly for them. My boy is very special to me. I will probably be I. Your shoes and I dread it.
Peace to you and your family.
ps Saw you add in House Beautiful!
Very good placement! Anxious awaiting my order. It really is beautiful..

Good morning Tina. First of all having been through waht you are going through with Teddy, I can say it does get better evey day. Soon your tears of sadness will be replaced by tears of joy in remembering your sweet Teddy. Maybe eventually you might even decide to get another dog and as others have said, it;s not to replace Teddy but really shows the gift he gave you and that you want to keep that gift alive in his honor by welcoming another fur baby into your home to love and care for. Teddy would approve :). When you love that much, you grieve as much, but yes there are sunny days ahead, I promise. Great that you have your business to put your energies into.
Love the farmgirl flowers, thank you for the introduction and of course all the instagram pictures are great.
Congratulations on all of your beautiful new items, wow. I want one of everything! The holiday paper, tulipieres and melamine dinnerware is not only so beautiful but so unique too. You really have an eye for gorgeous design. Congratulations on having a dream and daring to create it- that is how wonderful things happen! You are a great role model to all women out there, to not be afraid but just to “go for it” because you will never know unless you try. Thank you for sharing your lives with us- there are many of us thinking of you. Hope you have a better week this week than last.

Dear Tina, You continue to have my deepest condolences on the passing of your precious Teddy. I have a friend who is a dog lover…a former breeder and now founder/president of a very successful therapy dog non-profit. She once said that outliving our pets is the price we pay for unconditional love. You will feel better…eventually…but Teddy will always have a special place in your heart.
On to happier things…my gift wrap order arrived last week and it is gorgeous! Thank you so much for creating and offering such a beautiful product. I can’t wait to place my Christmas order! Thank you, too, for the joy you bring to your readers and customers.

Hope your son had a wonderful birthday . He is beyond gorgeous !!!! Thank you for sharing your family pictures with us. There is nothing quite like a boy and is dog.

Farm Girl looks like a great company, Tina. Your planters are so pretty. Love the colors. Speaking of which, that wrapping paper is so pretty that you should come out with a line of wallpaper!!! Love the Teddy bowls. Have a good week.

I am delighted to learn about Farmgirl Flowers. What a terrific resource! I love their beautiful packaging and will definitely be using them in the future. Thanks for another great tip Tina!

Tina, I understand how hard it is to get back to doing everyday things after such a heavy loss. Time will help, but it won’t let you forget the pain, it will just become less and less–and one day it won’t be the first thing you think of when you wake up. Thank you for sharing Teddy with us. I think the Teddy Bowl is a fantastic tribute to a handsome well-loved friend. I love the blue and white melamine dishes you just got in!! I think I may need to pick some of those up for upcoming dinners!

Dear Tina,
I’m just now catching up on so many emails due to the hurricane down here in Florida. I am so sorry to hear about the passing of your precious Teddy. My thoughts and prayers are with you at this time. Our pets become part of our families for sure. I love the picture you have of him in your Blogs. 🙂

Erin Nantais

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