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Hello everyone and happy Sunday to you. We were able to get to PB last week for about a week and it was really nice  be back there. Now it’s back in NY and back to business on a very part time basis. It’s such a strange time as I am trying to keep everything we have on order on track (daunting task) while all aspects of the shipping world have almost come to a halt.

Thankfully, more than half of our scheduled shipments have arrived/are arriving within 2 weeks so I am thanking my lucky stars! The only other one that is delayed is our big tabletop shipment (we got half of it) and the other half will be here mid June. I am praying as summer starts, things will slowly back to somewhat normal. Today, it’s all about a continuation of operation closet clean out. I am purging and it feels so good. I have even attempted to tackle the attic, as I would go up there and not come out for weeks, lol.

That is for another time, but in the meantime with all our staying at home, there is no excuse to not get things a little more organized. Of course this sounds easy then as I am ready to begin, I often get distracted with other things:) Will do my best, onto this Sunday’s post-


1 A BEAUTIFUL HOME I love the vibe of this pretty home. So nicely done and beautifully curated. Not too big, looks cozy yet sophisticated.  Just a beautiful, elegant but still intimate ambiance in each and every room, click here for more information over at Atlanta Homes Magazine.


2  A FEW RECENT CUSTOMER PHOTOS You know how much I love getting your pictures featuring  items that you have purchased from me. It gives me such a thrill to see how you style various items in your beautiful homes. Suffice to say, my customers are incredibly talented!! Here are some recent pictures I received, all so beautiful! Have one to send in? You can send it to [email protected].


3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Always such a bevy of beautiful Instagrams to share with you. One well that will never run dry:) Love the beauty and inspiration particularly now…during an uncertain time, it is a very welcome sight. Realized these are  very heavy on the flowers, afterall it is the season for them!

4 NANCY MEYER’S GREAT MOVIE KITCHENS. I am a huge fan of Nancy Meyers. Some of my favorite feel good movies are all from uber talented Nancy Meyers. She has a true gift for creating movie sets that are equal parts beautiful and welcoming homey vibes.

Every kitchen in every movie she has done has me saying “I could imagine living there”.  Funny enough in the last two weeks I have seen three of these films (probably for the 20th time) Baby Boom, It’s Complicated and Somethings’s Gotta Give, all favorites. Here are seven as seen over at Town and Country (click her for full article)


5 A DRIVE BY ART SHOW?  Leave it up the ingenuity of an artist to think outside the box when having to shelter in place. I love this story…52 artists located on the “east end” of Long Island got together to create a “drive by” art show to share with the public. Warren Niedich the brains behind this idea, said it was a way to show solidarity. People went in cars, bikes and on foot to see various expressions of art exhibited by both well known artists and complete novices. I love this idea! Click here to read the entire article at the New York Times.


6 and 7  GREEN TULIPIERES AND SUNDAY’S SURVEY!! I combined my #6 and Sunday’s Survey as I have a few mini polls I really need your help with. Well many of you have asked for green/white porcelains and tulipieres,  and this is a very pretty start if I say so myself.

Say hello to the green/white village scene tulipiere! I would love your opinion on this…I happen to love it and can so see this on both a beautiful summer alfresco table but can also imagine it filled with red flowers for Christmas! These pictures were taken at the warehouse so they are not great, but it certainly gives you an idea.

Would love your thoughts. I had samples made with both patterns- the village scene (first one shown) and the original style (last one). Greens are still being debated.

So here is the village scene shown in a green then below it, shown in a darker green-


The medium green-

The same tulipiere in a  darker green-

And then had the original style done in another green, liking the style but think the actual green needs some tweaking-

Please provide your input by answering the two polls underneath as well as decisions are being made as we speak!





That’s a wrap for this Sunday. Hope you enjoyed the post. And hope you are staying safe. I know different parts of our country are experience different levels of “openness”. Here in NY, things will be pretty much closed down until mid June so the quarantine life continues. Only difference is the weather has been very nice so it is giving people reasons to get outdoors, which makes a big difference.

Went to a nursery yesterday which was such a treat but seeing everyone in their masks, bandannas, etc…is a sight I will never ever get used to. Seeing signs like “no mask , no service” are commonplace here and it’s just still surreal in that regard though I understand, necessary. Keep trying to find those “silver linings” and I guess seeing my trunk filled with flowers was one of them.

Thanks for stopping in, wishing everyone a wonderful day! Stay safe, until next time…….

Last few hours to take advantage of our tulipiere sale., click here if you missed it!


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Great post. I agree, I hate seeing everyone in masks, I’m usually the only one without a mask and refuse to go anywhere that require one. I think we’re are all going to die from lack of oxygen before we die from corona!!! Definitely getting out of hand and obvious it’s not about corona anymore….it’s about control! Anyways politics aside, can’t wait to start planting!

Hi, beautiful post to start my Sunday morning,. I agree I love that house because it looks really well done but it also looks very livable- some interiors though beautiful do not invite you in.

Love the green tulipieres, I actually like both styles and think they have different feelings and would probably lend them selves to different seasons so if possible I would do both they are really spectacular!

I have some pictures that I am going to send in of some floral arrangements we purchased from you that we love no one can believe they’re not real! Take care of yourself.

Everything looks beautiful and I love the new green tulipiere being a lover of green!
I agree with you about the masks, I was in Whole Foods yesterday and I remember thinking everyone looked like an alien but as you said it is a necessity to keep us safe and keep Covid at bay.
I have no patience for people who cannot abide by something so simple and refuse to wear a mask, in my area they will not allow you in most stores unless you’re wearing one which I greatly applaud! Love seeing Teddy at the end of your post.

Love you everything.

I don’t like wearing a mask, but I’m
Never without it. In Lowe’s a man in his 20’s had what appeared to be a terrible cold or allergies—IDK, but he sneezed repeatedly, not in sleeve, not covering his mouth. Reason enough to get out of his way & thankful I had some sort of protection.

Your pictures are always so lovely. I copy a lot of them and post them in my “ideas” folder. Your posts are a great way to escape for a few moments. I agree with the post about wearing masks. I don’t wear one either. It’s totally about control. To me, it is just un-American. Patrick Henry said it best.

I do so enjoy your pics of Teddy at the end of your columns.

The green tulipieres (either shade of green )would be very versatile in all four seasons I can see these for the winter holiday and spring with pastels

Our salons opened here this past week, and I managed to get in for a cut on Monday. I am so excited about this. Whoever thought this would be a highlight (speaking of, yes, I need that too, and am getingt them done next week) of my life? This pandemic will never be forgotten, and I hope you get to have some stores and salons open too. I know the virus is out there, but even if we all just get to go outside and eat dinner out just once this year, I think that is a good thing. A blessing. Hang in there!

Love Nancy Meyers films and kitchens! On the topic of masks- many people don’t like them but if you don’t like masks you sure as heck won’t like the ventilator! Fact of life now and it will help until there are better beds and a vaccine. In the meantime I’m living vicariously through your beautiful blog posts.

I’ve been trying not to comment since this morning but I simply must before I sleep. Amy, how can protecting your life, my life and the lives in our community be about control? Is the donning of a mask in a global pandemic such a hardship on your freedoms? Just one Canadian’s opinion. One who won’t go anywhere where they DON’T insist on masks!

Amy, wearing a mask isn’t about YOU, it is to protect others from you and the possibility that you might infect them. The selfishness and disregard for others shown in your post is disheartening to say the least.

I know this isn’t a political column, but I would like to add another comment about face masks. The control I was referring to wasn’t just about the masks. It’s about all the shutdowns, arrests for having church services, deciding which businesses are essential and those that are not, Besides, there is no scientific or medical proof that the face masks help. In some cases, they can actually harm healthy people. Thank you.

Hi just love your green tulipieres! So excited that they will be coming in I have been waiting for them!
Thank you for bringing such beautiful products that are not available everywhere.
The house you featured is really beautiful just love the details.
I hear you Tina on wearing facemasks, it is necessary but I don’t think anything any of us will ever get used to. As a wife of an ER doctor and a member of several doctors in my family (both parents) I can promise anyone who reads my comment that they most absolutely serve a purpose in spreading germs. I hope no one is so ignorant to believe that that is not the case! There is a reason many businesses insist upon it.

Thank you for your blog!

The thing that makes me proud of our people is how they are making the masks individual to suit their personality. It makes me lol. I’ve seen camo, black, stripes, flowers, college pride, one had a skeleton on black, either a H’s Angel or early Halloween? I’m sure Barney and Big Bird are in the works for kids. Leave it to the people under any conditions to make it tolerable and a lot more fun. I can’t wait to get my hot pink stripes that I ordered from the shops featured on this site a few days ago. If I go somewhere and I forget my mask I feel like I’m being stared at for being so inconsiderate to others. I’m trying to be better about it now.

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