Seven on Sunday

Happy Easter to all of my fellow Easter celebrating friends and readers. To  my Jewish friends and readers, hope you enjoyed a wonderful Passover. Beautiful day here, with a high getting to a whopping 76 degrees, practically summer!  I want to announce the winner of the chinoiserie tole tray. Congrats goes to-


Please email to provide your shipping address and color choice so this tray can be on it’s way!

Wishing everyone a wonderful and blessed day with your family and. loved ones. My parents are in town so it’s going to be a day of family and togetherness (less two sons who are at Coachella, they CLAIM they did not realize it was Easter when they booked the trip…uh huh:)  Here we go with my Seven on Sunday-

1 FABRICS AND TRIMS…OH MY! I so love playing with fabrics and a current job that has been ongoing is starting to get the finishing touches.

This job is one I have been working on for the last several months and it is shaping up so beautifully. I shared some pics here (the NJ project) and will surely show a final reveal when the room is totally done. The final element will be the fabulous Ralph Lauren rug being made (to be delivered in May. We just firmed up all the pillows to be made, here is the rug-

The beautiful rug from Ralph Lauren is being made for them and due here within the month and feast your eyes on all the fabulous trims-


2 FOLLOWUP REPORTS ON A FEW THINGS I recommend things that I like and share my ideas often. Sometimes its fun to follow up when I really really like something. So here are a few recent “reviews”

Get these shoes! Love them, they are so comfortable now have them in two colors. Very chic, super comfy and a great everyday espadrille. Click here for info

These also are too cute, love the color and great scalloped shape plus the color screams ‘warm weather dressing,  here I come”! Click here for info

And finally have been using Glopro for about 10 days,  using it 3 times a week. I just recently learned what microstiumlation/mircroneedling is…and it makes perfect sense to now be able to do it at home, as traditionally this was done in a dermatologists office. It’s easy peasy but I swear its not my imagination, I think my skin is looking better and better.

I have good skin but as this sheds that first sloughy layer off of skin, so allows the skin to breath and open up the pores.  My favorite moisturizer, La Prairie really penetrates the skin. I will say this was well worth the investment and I am going to continue to do this 2-3 times a week as recommended.

I bought mine at Nordstrom as they stand behind their products no questions asked, just in case I didn’t like it. So far though, it is an absolute keeper and I think the buzz Glopro is getting is well deserved. For what a dermatologist charges, this thing pays for itself in one visit. Click here for info

Great article in the NY Times, “How to reduce wrinkles without lasers or chemicals” click here to read


3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. Very “Easter heavy” and why not, it only comes once a year with a healthy dose of spring and all around pretty thrown in!


4.GORGEOUS NEEDLEPOINT PILLOWS. I so love this exquisite line of very fine needlepoint/aubusson pillows. Got in a handful and will be offering them in a flash sale soon, to “test” the market before I commit to a large order. Thoughts welcome! Please participate in this short poll-


5. PRETTIEST SCONCES! I am excited to soon start carrying this most beautiful line and went with a client to the company headquarters to see them in person. So spectacular!! I have used them for years and often use them in jobs as well, made of the highest quality.

I am using a number of them for my PB home and have their more traditional ones in my current home. Here are some of what I saw….not one I don’t just love.

And this lamp I have used so many times and for good reason,  it is positively gorgeous-

6. MR TEDDY BUNNY. Always save the best for last, say hello to our resident Easter bunny…never seen one cuter! He wishes all of you a very happy happy Easter Sunday but demanded these darn ears get taken off right after his pic was taken, he said they made him look like a donkey. What can I say, he is one smart dog:)


7. SUNDAY’S SURVEY. So today, this is about summer and your plans or lack of plans: Never have I appreciated and enjoyed the blessing of no agenda as I do now that am working full time.

For me summer signifies the loosening up of a strict regimented non stop schedule. Its time to sit back and indulge in cocktails (sometimes before 5), lobster rolls and beach days. Of course mixed in with work as life doesn’t stop but taking more time to chill. Summer almost feels like a “temporary free pass” to take extra time off and relax a bit more than we might other seasons. How about you? What does summer mean to you?

And that my friends is a wrap. Hope you enjoyed this post. Wishing everyone a Happy Easter and a happy Sunday.

Always love to hear from you and happy you make me a part of your Sunday every weekend morning. Until next time…….

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The latest on my design projects….

Hello and happy Tuesday! This post has been a long time in the making. Every now and then I do a post on edesign and/or design in general as a lot of people have questions about how edesign works and are both curious and intrigued by how this operates. I have done extensive posts on edesign here, here and here. Nearly many if not all your questions can be answered in going through these past posts, as they cover just about everything related to his increasingly popular design alternative.

Today is a recap on some very exciting and some “still on going” projects that I am particularly thrilled with. A little background on each project so you know what the objectives were. This is a long post with a lot to read and see…so grab an extra cup of coffee:)

UTAH. This client is a repeat client and a dream to work with, it helps that she has great taste and loves blue and white! They bought a very impressive home/horse farm that they knew they were going to give an overhaul to almost right away and recognized it was  in sore need of some TLC.

They did do some construction right off the bat but a lot of the project involved redecorating. After we worked on the kitchen, breakfast area, foyer and upstairs master/study, the master bath was next on the list! The master bath before I think we can all agree, was pretty dismal.

She wanted a light and airy, spa like luxurious master bath and boy, is that what she got! So first a look at the “before” and then get ready for the after


AFTER (still was waiting on new chair and window treatments)-

TEXAS. Another dream client, whom I have worked with before. An absolute delight!  This person wanted to reinvent furniture she already owned (that her kids deemed out of date and old fashioned) and give this living room new life, with a few updated accessories to bring it up to date.

So we chose a gorgeous soft cream velvet for the sofa, redid the two pairs of chairs in a fabulous toile and a beautiful pale blue/cream leopard on the smaller chairs. Replaced the coffee table, had new drapes made, added lamps, brackets and some blue and white… touch was the rug and it was a beautiful transformation indeed. Just love this space.



The old floral heavy chairs were reupholstered in a beautiful soft toile linen and the heavy blue drapes replaced with ivory panels with a classic Greek Key trim, really lightened things up!

The cream velvet sofa looks fabulous accented with beautiful blue pillows and a gorgeous antique mirrored coffee table from Decor Market, which I just LOVE!

Theses antique chairs were given new life with a pale blue leopard  from Kravet

Blue and white lamps, a new rug, brackets with vases…voila!

NEW YORK. This is an “in progress” project and a very exciting one. We have a ways to go. Love that my client and and I are completely on the same page, she is such a pleasure to deal with. So she had made a mistake and bought an expensive secitonal that let’s say did not come out quite as she had hoped. Since it was basically brand new,  she could not justify getting rid of it. So she had it split into two sofas and we began our work!

Fabric redo to the rescue. We chose a gorgeous light tan tweedy fabric and redid the sofas. What an astounding difference!

We changed the floorplan to create two separate sitting areas, one facing the TV and the other the fireplace. Chairs have been ordered along with cocktail tables. We are working on pillows now and added a beautiful side table/console for between the back to back sofas, and added a pair of my signature blue and white jars. Looking so much better already!! Here is the new floorplan-


These are the sofas before-

AFTER (we are now starting to work on pillows)-

Next project, reupholstering these pretty chairs from Decor Market-

Some contenders and this is how we play with fabrics looking at them on a board with other elements of the room as well as the floorplan we decided on-

NEW JERSEY. Another really fun project with a wonderful couple who own a magnificent very old and stately Dutch Colonial that endured a major floor. Over a year was spent restoring the home and nearly everything was lost.

A few pieces of furniture remained but they were outdated and they felt this was a great chance to start anew. The husband, a talented artist and sculptor wanted a showplace to display his beautiful works, so this is going to be a wonderful juxtaposition of modern with classic traditional.This was a concept board from early on which shows the magnificent rug from Ralph Lauren that is on order and due in April-


A stunning Ralph Lauren rug is on order and due in April. The color scheme is tans, gold and blues. It is going to be so spectacular…when you have a room like this almost anything looks good.



We have accessorizing to do in the dining room but added these beautiful cream silk drapes with the most beautiful trim

And in the kitchen which lacked color/pattern we added this stunning window treatment (fabric from Schumacher) and are now going to do the same in the breakfast area

She also had a beautiful window seat off the foyer where there is a small sitting area with a piano she had a vision of using greens and pinks, so first I did a mock up on a board then it became a reality!

AFTER- (waiting on one more pillow)

There is a very small powder room off the library which has a window open to the front, they needed privacy but still wanted light filtering through as this a very small and dark room, we did a beautiful tonal semi sheer relaxed balloon.

There is a dark gold pin stripe that matches the wallpaper (a dark gold damask) beautifully, the pictures a bit dark but you get the idea!

I plugged in a few accessories and concepts as we approach the next step…just to give some ideas-

As we now being to accessorize the room while we wait for the rug and other pieces to come in, I showed  options of a center table with benches tucked in or a long wide bench

PERKS OF EDESIGN. One of the neat things about edesign is with the 24/7 access, there are no time restraints and there are so many great resources to utilize that make easier than one might think. I love being able to show clients things on a board, and can even “plug” things in to show them what they might look like. Something you cannot do in person!

As an example this is a current project which I will share in the future as we are at the beginning stages,  she has a dining room that needs some tweaking. I suggested moving the art to the side walls and adding a mirror above her sideboard. I was able to add these virtually as a concept-



On another wall the plate arrangement felt too high so I was able to show her adding two more plates will change the effect plus I suggested adding chandelier shades for a soft, Frenchy feel…



So yes you could say I have been a busy lady and now you can see why I cherish those “lazy Sundays” so much, but this was the perfect retort to my empty nest syndrome!

I so love what I do and getting to help transform other peoples home is so fulfilling. Nothing makes me happier than to hear how excited they are about getting to enjoy their homes in a whole new way. So thank you to all of my wonderful clients, with whom this adventure would not be possible.

I am working on two new projects that I am really enjoying, and cannot wait to share those with you when the time comes…it really is such a fulfilling process to be able to help transform someones home. Because as I have always said and truly believe, the ultimate luxury is having a beautiful home to come home to at the end of the day.

If you have questions or want to know more, feel free to email us at OR call 1-800-804-9565

Thanks to my readers for stopping by, wishing you a wonderful day and and good start to your week. Until next time…….

PS Just this morning a VERY exciting flash sale has stared on the most gorgeous pillows. Click here to view-








Seven on Sunday

Hello and happy Sunday. I want to first announce the winner of the darling travel case from Last Call, congratulations goes to


Please email me your contact info at so this can be on it’s way!

Hope you are having a nice weekend. Mine has largely centered around my container coming in on Friday, sooo many gorgeous things!! I had a car load to bring home, lol. Tomorrow will be the one day porcelain arrival sale, so do check back. Many beautiful items will be up for grabs.

So the weekend was a busy one,  worked all day at the warehouse getting orders out,  but then got to do a little shopping, had a lovely dinner with good friends, and some always much needed downtime is on the calendar for today! I cherish my Sundays more and more with each and every day. So here we go with my Seven on Sunday…….

MY AMAZING CUSTOMERS. I love getting in pictures from my customers and am soon going to do a post on some recent edesign projects, some astounding before and afters to share!!

Love the pair of lamps and my pillow  in this pretty setting sent in by a customer-

And how pretty does my chunky ginger jar look in this beautiful bathroom!

This is an amazing before and after that you will not believe…this is the almost the after (window treatments and new chair was not in yet)

I will do a more in depth look into this fun project when I do my post but we took furniture that she wanted to keep and her kids deemed old fashioned and gave it new life. I will share much more on this when I do my post-



This is a current project. The customer had bought this new sofa and didn’t like it but couldn’t see getting rid of it. So reupholstery to the rescue. We are revamping this room and it is coming out beautifully…chose a beautiful pale tan tweedy fabric and will do a bunch of blue and cream pillows


AFTER-  Reupholstered the sofa in a beautiful pale tan/beige tweedy fabric and it’s night and day! The chairs are next on the menu, recognize the jars? We put  a sofa table between the sofas and are creating two separate seating areas


2 MY BATHROOM ON WAYFAIR! I was very flattered that the peeps over at Wayfair wanted to feature my bathroom….who says no to Wayfair! Not me:)  Click here to read about what was behind the look I created for my master bath….and thanks Wayfair!


3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST So much to share, heavily accented with homes and interiors this week along with a few mouth watering foodie pics!

And my fave this week is this one because it is so picture perfect (a baby shower place setting) love it!

4 THE SWEETEST VIDEO My dad sent this and it just warmed my heart. Not only does the Dad have a fantastic voice but watching his daughter do a duet with him with her adorable inflections is just too sweet for words. Not to mention this song is just a heart warmer, really really cute and a beautiful reminder that the best things in life really are free:)

You really have to watch it until she starts belting her part of the song…such a sweet moment.


5 AMAZING LAURIE! I have been a long time fan of Laurie of LB Originals and have an amazing little collection of her beautiful items Not only is she a doll and gem of a person to deal with but she is incredibly thoughtful. I got this most amazing robe from her the other day and am living in it:) I mean seriously…a blue and white pagoda robe, does it get better??? I wake up counting down the hours until I get to come home and slip into it….love it!  Click here to see all of her incredible goodies.

If you want one of your very own, click here.

I also love that she is selling these complete sets of china services combined with her gorgeous stationery items, here are a few.

6.COACH! I remember being in school and Coach being “the” bag to have, it was a huge deal to get one and then as I became an adult I kind of lost interest. It all stared when I was at a luncheon and saw someone with the gorgeous dinky bag…it was love at first sight.

Well, with a new designer at the helm, Coach has reinvented themselves in the most amazing way. I am LOVING so many of their beautiful new items…and gave in to order one of their bags. Here are some faves….click here to see their entire amazing collection.

I was so excited to see these boots on sale….check out all their sales by clicking here


7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY. OK this week is all about etiquette. I was in line a few days ago at Starbucks, and in front of me was a very “busy’ youngish lady. She couldn’t stop moving or fidgeting (like she had too much coffee and to think she was in line to buy more) and was on her phone either texting or talking LOUDLY. So loud that literally the entire Starbucks could hear every word and many were starting at her hoping that the stare down might get her to turn the volume down. But nope did not happen.

It was to me, rude, impolite and disrespectful to all those around her who might just have needed a little downtime and quiet, me being one of them! Let me also add she was not talking about anything life changing, she spoke of her car repair, her daughters birthday party and her manicure appt…..yep! Finally one elderly man does what all of us really wanted to and turns around and politely asks if she can keep it down. She gave him a look that could melt the ice off a snowman and went on with her fast and furious conversation.

Now……..what do you think? Was he right? Wrong? Are you on the fence? I think with social media and our incessant 24/7 connection to our gadgets, there needs to be a whole new set of rules in place. A revised etiquette book if you will……paging Emily Post!

So……anything here get your attention? This was a busy busy week with the container having arrived and this coming week will continue to be busy…but fun! The one day porcelain presale will start tomorrow morning so be sure to check back plus there will be a giveaway.

I am looking forward to having a chill day at home….I need it, plus I love to catch a bit of the Grammy’s as I love music (and all the wacky fashion that will inevitably be on display)!  Thank you for stopping in, until next time…..