The making of a sunroom……

Hello and hope you are doing well on this fine spring day. So excited to bring you this post! I feel a definite pep in my step now that I can walk out of the house without a jacket and scarf. Forgot just how good it feels! Plus waking up the birds chirping is a sure and welcome sign:)

I recently finished a sunroom that came out so beautiful, I could have moved right in. It was something that was done for a concept house and there was a really short window in which to complete it, what can I say….I work well under pressure! Of course I brought my signature blue and white to the mix as the room just called for it.

I wanted it to be light, airy and welcoming. The beautiful painted brick walls were a wonderful compliment and added a nice touch of texture. Got the beautiful and so affordable furniture from Decor Market which included the elegant sofas, gorgeous pale blue console and one of my favorite coffee tables of all time.

Everything else is from me, it was a great opportunity for me to showoff  some of my favorite things. I loved it so much I even had an ad made, which will be used down the road. So here it is!!  First a look at “behind the scenes” and then at the end is the big reveal of the professional pictures (and my ad).

Here is a “behind the scenes” as this room came together-

This is the space, a pretty painted brick wall and the big windows with the trellis mullions were a naturally pretty starting point

The lighting had to go!

First step was bringing in this fabulous indoor/outdoor rug from Decor Market,  so love it and think I may use this very rug in PB

Many have emailed me about his rug here is the link-

Added one of my favorite coffee tables (can you believe only around $800), also from Decor Market, so chic and stylish

Comfortable classic looking English arm sofas being delivered ( from Decor Market) and we are starting to have a room!

It was the perfect place to add my blue/white bamboo lantern

The very first thing I chose was this beautiful blue. painted French looking chest (Decor Market). It was a beautiful starting point, and from here everything else came together quite effortlessly….

The “ingredients” in a holding pattern

A trusty helper hanging the brackets

And the brackets are up with my mid sized pagodas

How beautiful are these pillows! From Studio Tullia (except the middle one is part of my own collection)

Hard to believe this planter is from my faux stone line and the orchids are too! This arrangement came out so pretty, I am going to add it to my own home very soon:)

I swear my backseat needs its own reality show…you never know what you will find there!

Console looking good because let’s face it blue and white makes everything look pretty:)

LOVE the Provence planters filled with fresh palms, the picture of elegance!

THE BEST PART! So are you  ready to see the beautiful professional pictures, and let’s face it, nothing can hold a candle next to those. Rest your eyes on these gorgeous pictures…….

And here is my ad-


Sofa, rug, coffee table and blue painted console are all from Decor Market

All porcelain accessories, mirror and bamboo lantern are from my shop, Enchanted Home Shop

All pillows (except green velvet) is from Studio Tullia

Provence planters are from my shop, Enchanted Home Shop but today is the final day of the presale which includes these Provence planters at special pricing CLICK HERE to see

PSSST…….Don’t forget to check out the awesome flash sale going on for outdoor rugs, so many beautiful rugs all at amazing prices. Click here to view

Thanks for stopping in, hope you enjoyed this post as I sure enjoyed putting this beautiful space together. Wishing you a wonderful day, until next time……





Which would you choose and a major Horchow giveaway!

Hello friends. Hope this finds you doing well. No worries, if you aren’t having your best day, by the time you are done reading this, I promise you will feel at least a little better:) Today’s post was inspired by two things. One by a recent design client who just became an official empty nester and moved back to her native Boston.

They moved into a much smaller apartment than the large home they had lived in for about 20 years, so it was a huge adjustment. With the exception of a few pieces they were attached to, they almost started from scratch. This was/is such a fun project, they are a total pleasure to deal with and we are having such fun putting this place together. Horchow is really is coming through on a number of things..values that are hard to beat.  Here was one of the recent boards with what she loves so far, she wants it very tonal with subtle touches of blues or greens…..still working on this but love how it’s shaping up!

The second reason is this month is Horchow’s unofficial Decorating month....I love that, why make it a day, let’s make it a month. I may have to see I can try that argument with my birthday, lol.

Horchow has always been one of my “go to’s” and I have been incredibly lucky to have scored many wonderful finds both for myself and clients. This month a bunch of things are specially priced so between what I found for my Cali clients and things I have seen in my travels, thought this would make a wonderful Which would you choose. Plus you earn a gift card for whatever level of spending you get to, a sweet perk of finding a great deal.

PLUS….Horchow has generously donated a $250 giftcard to one lucky winner to spend on whatever you wish! So read on and at the end find out how you might be able to win the gift card. Here we go……

CHOICE 1 This i s my all time favorite style sofa, such classic styling. I love the English arm, turned feet, deep seating…and the price is honestly nothing short of phenomenal! Click here

CHOICE 2 Isnt’ this a great looking mirror? Always drawn to anything with a bamboo motif, and the silver leaf makes this a standout. I love it for a foyer console or bathroom, great price too. Click here

CHOICE 3 This might be one of the best lighting deals on the internet!! My client ordered this for their foyer and I think I might order it as well for my PB entrance, not only do I absolute love it but the price is INCREDIBLE. This cannot last, click here

CHOICE 4 This table for outdoors is really tempting me, LOVE it. I can actually see it indoors as well, could work so beautifully for my PB home! Click here

CHOICE 5 This gilcee is so beautiful, love the colors and the subject matter is so endearing. A beautiful piece, that could go literally anywhere. Click here

CHOICE 6  We chose these beautiful  linen panels for my clients living room. To have these made with this fabulous smock detailing would be a fortune, we chose a simple tape to turn along the leading edge and they will have the look of a fully custom window treatment, Horchow has some wonderful choices and all so reasonable. Click here

CHOICE 7 Absolutely beautiful blue/white lamp from John Richards, the gold detailing really elevates this to the next level, love the chunk body style too. click here

CHOICE 8 Fabulous Oushak rug, I have a few in my own home and Oushaks and their washed colors are my absolute favorite rug. This one is such a gorgeous rug with all those soft rich colors, click here

CHOICE 9 Always a great source for bedding, this beautiful 3 piece set is not only very reasonable but so very pretty. Love the colors and is perfect paired with white and/or ecru. Click here

CHOICE 10 These tufted cubes are fantastic! They are dressy enough in their velvet to work in any space, and perfect for a living room. We used two in navy to be able to have extra seating without having to take up a lot of space. Click here

CHOICE 11 I certainly don’t need to tell you how much I love these!!! What a fabulous duo, alone or together, gorgeous! And very well priced, always a nice perk. You won’t be surprised to read that I had to order this!  Click here

CHOICE 12 Would you believe me if I told this fabulous bar cart is under $700? I had to do a double take as well….pretty amazing. Every living/dining room can use a bar cart and this one is really pretty. Click here

CHOICE 13 If anyone is looking for an elegant traditional dining table, this is one deal that is really really hard to beat. You can’t even find a beautiful used dining table like this at this price. Just incredible value here! Click here

CHOICE 14 Isn’t this outdoor rug fabulous! I love it, pretty enough for indoors but since the season of being outdoors is almost here….this beauty would grace any outdoor space. Click here

CHOICE 15 Love this coffee table and the price is right! I definitely see this in my PB home, its casual but elegant. Great color wood, beautiful styling that will never go out of style. Click here

CHOICE 16 This is one good looking set of china, sold in sets of 4, the crisp blue and white pattern is such a pretty set to use every day, click here

CHOICE 17 My Cali clients wanted a simple tonal rug but something that looks elegant, we found it in this beauty. It has the texture and raised pattern that elevates it from being a boring tonal rug….very pretty. Click here

CHOICE 18 How pretty is this 2 drawer chest in the most divine color. Can be used as a nightstand or a chest for smaller spaces, price is right too:) Click here

CHOICE 19 Found this bamboo lamp and am brainstorming as to where I might use it, think this is so good looking and cannot believe its $330! Click here

CHOICE 20 This fabulous etagere is not only an amazing value but so good looking. I could see this in a few places, a living room or imagine in a master bath! Boy, that would surely elevate the room to a beautiful level. Pretty silver/gold leaf backwall detail, click here

Please do not blame me for suddenly having a case of wanting to do your whole house over! Doing this post got my brain into overdrive about so many spaces and how/where I could use many of these beautiful things. I coudl probably make a good valid excuse for just about any:)

So….your turn to choose your two faves! Know its not an easy decision. And just in case in your travels you see something you really love…you can take advantage of the extra incentive of earning a gift card that buying from Horchow brings, definitely the icing on an already sweet cake.

A little secret…you can also try using code “welcome” which just might get you an extra discount!


One super lucky winner will win a $250 gift card from Horchow to have a little fun with. All you need to do is visit Horchow by clicking here, take a look around and see what you would use to do a little sprucing up around your own home. That’s it… I will announce a winner on Sunday morning. You must be a U.S. resident.  Good luck and be sure to check back to see if you are the lucky winner.

Thanks for stopping by, wishing you a wonderful day. Until next time…..

This post is sponsored by Horchow but all opinions are my own:)






Which would you choose and a giveaway!

Hello and happy Saturday! Hope this posts on time. I have been really busy with a number of edesign jobs, some small and a few much larger jobs. Must say I so enjoy doing this, it is enormously gratifying and I just love helping to transforms peoples homes.

I have a few resources I really like and they are my “go to” sources. One I seem to always do well with is Decor Market. They have an extensive selection and the prices simply cannot be beat. Period.

Plus as an Enchanted Home reader you get an extra discount! Use code “enchanted”. I just finished helping a young couple who just moved to Boston furnish a small apartment. It came just beautifully though we are not quite done. We were working on a relatively small budget but boy, you would never guess by how it all came out.

Included today are some of the things that they bought as well as some favorites of mine that I have used and continue to use for various projects, deals definitely worth knowing about!

CHOICE 1 How this chair is sold for $449 is beyond me, but what a beauty! Click here


CHOICE 2 I have my eye on a pair of these for PB, these would be perfect and are what I envision for my living room, just love the English timeless. Click here

CHOICE 3 I recently ordered a pair fo these for a clients foyer, one on each side of a foyer console, such a beautiful chair and at a price to be believed! Click here

CHOICE 4 This beauty only looks expensive, what a fabulous price point, my client used it for their dining room and said in person it looks like a million dollars, click here

CHOICE 5 How beautiful is this silver leaf pagoda etagere/bookcase…AMAZING! Click here

CHOICE 6 I simply cannot get over a  queen fully upholstered bed is UNDER $400! My client ordered this for their bedroom, love it. Click here

CHOICE 7 Very pretty mirrored coffee table in a great mid size, click here

CHOICE 8 These are wonderful nightstands, love the lighter color wood as it could go with so many different types of beds, click here

CHOICE 9 This fabulous Chippendale chair is a stunner for around $650! I love the brand Theodore Alexander and have used them a lot, click here

CHOICE 10 This is beyond clever and so reasonable, an ottoman that doubles as shoe storage. Love the idea, and this kind of piece can go anywhere, only $179, click here

CHOICE 11 I would love to have a place to use this one day, just adore it, always have. Click here

CHOICE 12 This will likely find its way to my PB house somewhere, its so pretty and serene and love the price even more:) Click here

CHOICE 13 Love this elegant Georgian console, so classic. Click here

CHOICE 14 A desk chair for under $150, I am not kidding. Click here

CHOICE 15 Another client just got this chair and we are reupholstering the seat in the most beautiful Scalamandre velvet, cannot wait to see! A new favorite, and the price is amazing! Click here

CHOICE 16  How stunning is this antique mirrored desk? I want it, I would use it for a desk or even a gorgeous make up table, adding it to my wish list, click here

Felt the need to scroll up and down more than once? You are not alone, there is not a bad choice in the bunch. Click here to see all of Decor Market’s amazing finds and be sure to input the code “enchanted” for an extra discount!

I must say their customer service, quick shipping and amazing return policy is the among the best I  have encountered. And their selection of just about everything is getting bigger and bigger, more great choices all the way around.

Time to choose your two faves, ready?


One lucky winner will receive this wonderful indoor/outdoor rug courtesy of Decor Market who has generously offered this rug to one very lucky person. Just visit Decor Market by clicking here, take a look around and come back and tell us your favorite item. We will announce a winner on Wednesday morning, be sure to check back!

Thank you for stopping by, wishing you a wonderful Saturday and weekend. Until tomorrow…


Seven on Sunday

Hello….first thing I want to do is announce the two lucky winners of the giveaways! Congratulations goes to-


Winner #1- Sandra (#132)   who won the box of 4 ornaments


Winner #2- Michelle (#158)  who won the beautiful silver bowl


Please contact me at to claim your prize and provide your shipping addressees so your goodies can be on their way!


I hope you are having a wonderful weekend! Here the foliage is starting to peak and it is spectacular…I hope to get out today and take some pictures with my “good camera” before the rain moves in. Really looking forward to a total day of relaxation today. I have earned it:) Had a nice dinner out with friends, a city day and today is all about a whole lot of nothing, fast becoming my favorite kind of days.

Hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend. Here we go with my Seven on Sunday….


1.WEDDING CAKES LIKE YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN. This is like “honey I blew up the wedding cake”…..beyond the SIZE of these mammoth cakes, large enough to feed a decent sized village, the detail is literally mind blowing.

Have I been living under a rock where wedding cakes the size of small Manhattan skyscrapers are de rigeour with a certain set in Jakarta, Bali and that region!! So much so that it looks like they actually require a big knife but a SWORD to cut them:)

I love all that you can discover on Instagram and this Jakarta based wedding cake extraordinaire, Lenovelle Cake really takes the cake, pun intended!!


u423nnamed unncdamed unnamvbed 2sunnamed

3433unnamed unnamvccced

I mean seriously….can you BELIEVE this is a cake!


And come on now, shouldn’t this be ME standing next to this cake and not her:)


Thanks to my buddy Meg for sending me this picture (how I discovered them and now I can’t get enough)


2. HILARIOUS AD FOR SOMEONE RUNNING FOR OFFICE. These days funny, lighthearted and politics do NOT belong in the same sentence but this “gone viral” ad for a local Texas based  county commissioner running for office is hysterical and um….well, possibly to a degree something we can all relate to (wink).

3.  INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. This is always the highlight of these posts for me, getting to share all that I found on Instagram and this weekend does not disappoint!



udsdsnnamed unname232d

This one below really made me laugh-

233unnamed unnamevc3d

sfdunnamed uddnnamed undfnamed unfdsfdsnamed unnadfdmed unnamdded unnamedf unnamefddd unnamfd3ed unnamfdddced unssfnamed


3 AWESOME NEW APPS! There are so many apps out there, it is overwhelming to even know which to use. However all three of these are REALLY worth looking into, it is amazing what these apps can churn out, the information they can provide! I am not the most app savvy but was recommended to these by someone who very much is-

1.IFTTT– This site is INCREDIBLE, almost magic!  I cannot believe all that it can help you do, really worth checking out!


SKIPLAGGED– Friend told me about it, apparently a super user friendly app for really reasonable last minute flights.



SKYSCANNER– A similar site, which he said he found a last minute flight internationally on.




4. EVER WANTED TO OWN YOUR OWN ISLAND?  Well, now you can! Forewarning- you will fall in love and this may have you contemplating a move to the Scottish Isles! Talk about fantasy island….this is simply amazing, located less than 2 miles from mainland Scotland.

Comes with your own water views and a battalion of charming old stone cottages all along the beautiful rugged Scottish coastline!  What an amazing family retreat this would make!

If you have  a spare few million and looking to recreate “The Holiday” here is your chance! And since you found it by way of my blog, I get to be your first houseguest. Click here for more info.

1477319509-syn-toc-1476978686-tanera-mor-summer-isles-4 1477319507-syn-toc-1476978066-tanera-mor-summer-isles-5 1477319506-syn-toc-1476978470-tanera-mor-summer-isles-12 gallery-1477319663-landscape-1476977194-tanera-mor-summer-isles-3

And perhaps the icing on  a very sweet cake, the post office/cafe!



5. LOOKING FOR GREAT FURNITURE DEALS? Decor Market, a wonderful resource for rugs, furniture and lighting is having a site wide whopping 31% for Halloween. The sale is on for ONE DAY TODAY for Halloween, can’t believe 31% off of EVERYTHING!

I am working with a few edesign clients and we have made our lists in time to take advantage of the extra steep discount. Make sure you check it out and use the code SPOOKY31 on their site today only (click here) if you decide you just can’t live without something. Here are a few things on the list-

This gorgeous chair and ottoman, so beautiful! Click here


In love with this Lucite/brass end table, click here


One lucky client is getting this rug for her dining room…love the colors and the price of $700 even more. Click here


Doing a pair of these on either side of her sofa, gorgeous! Click here


How neat are these? I just ordered two for the two desks in my new offices,thought for sure the $119 price was a typo! click here




7.  SUNDAY’S SURVEY So this week, is all about balance of time. Everyone’s formula is different, some need an equal balance of time between work and play, others more. These last weeks have been 95% work and 5% free time and I am really not complaining because its been a labor of love. But I was talking to a friend who recently went back to work and we were on the subject and we both acknowledged it’s a process to find that perfect balance.

Today’s world is akin to being on the autobahn 24/7. Everything happens fast and there is no rest for the weary! So in reflecting on your life, do you think you have achieved a perfect balance or is there improvement to be had?


So friends, this is what’s been on my radar, anything  excite or delight you here? Hope you are having a wonderful weekend, enjoy your Sunday and be back soon. Until next time…….

PS As of Monday morning a brand new promo started, amazing selection of Annabel Ingall totes, last A.Ingall promo of 2016!  Click here














Which would you choose and a giveaway!

Good morning…this week has flown by so fast and we are getting a tiny snippet of pre-fall weather which I am so loving. So happy I did not end up getting sick, it is allergies and it’s thankfully under control for the most part. I am finishing up a few projects and just started one large local project and am knee-deep in work, but am having fun in the process.

The neat part about helping others with their homes is that I get to live out some of my own decorating fantasies…only caveat is in the process I always see or discover things I would love to apply to my own home:) So restraint is key here.

A newer favorite resource that I have come to rely on is Decor Market. There are so many well priced beautiful items and many we have been able to get very quickly, a big perk. Never has it been so easy and attainable to decorate on a budget, they really do have something for every budget!

We recently ordered a bunch of things and so far, everything has been a home run. Prices are super competitive, delivery fast plus a huge selection. What more could you ask for! So today is a Which would you choose, imagine the furniture fairy decided to pay you a little visit. Plus Decor Market has generously offered a wonderful rug giveaway. Details on the bottom. Ready?  Let’s go……




CHOICE 1 A client got this beautiful console  and loves it, it is a lot of look for the money. Click here


CHOICE 2. A leather wing chair for $1300, sign me up! This one is a beauty…click here


CHOICE 3. Isn’t this rug stunning? Love the colors and design, Oushaks have always been one of my favorite rugs,  click here


CHOICE 4. Adore this sleek bench in a rich taupe velvet, can think of so many places where this would work, click here


CHOICE 5. This is a favorite of mine, I have used this twice on projects. Love the antiqued mirror detailing…fabulous! Click  here


CHOICE 6. How gorgeous  is this chandelier, and for a crystal chandelier of this size..this is a steal! Click here


CHOICE 7. Is there anything richer than navy velvet!! A favorite of mine and this set is priced so well. Click here


CHOICE 8. Own this beautiful chest and can attest to how beautiful it is, great color. Click here


CHOICE 9. There natural fiber rugs are so inexpensive, and they are great looking. Click here


CHOICE 10. Big fan of upholstered beds and in fact, am in the process of ordering one for myself (more traditional) however this modern beauty is one good looking bed, click here


CHOICE 11. Lucite has never been so red-hot as it is right now, isn’t this Lucite cocktail table stunning! Click here


CHOICE 12. Never met an Oushak rug I didn’t love, this one is a winner, click here


CHOICE 13. One of my favorite chairs, this bergere and ottoman are the epitome of timeless elegance, love the brushed Belgian linen. Click here


CHOICE 14. I used this rug for a design project show house last year and it was a huge hit, the price is even more amazing! Click here


CHOICE 15. How about this fabulous more modern sleek navy lacquered nightstand for $450. The brass makes it so rich. Click here


CHOICE 16. The Lucite trend is very big and I love seeing the juxtaposition of more modern pieces sprinkled into a traditional setting, this one would fit the bill beautifully. Click here


CHOICE 17.  An antique gold leaf and glass coffee table for $397……incredible deal! This could work with so many different styles, click here


CHOICE 18.  This bench is a beauty and at $269 hardly requires having to think about it! Click here


CHOICE 19.  One of my all time favorite light fixtures, have this in my own breakfast room and have used it for a few design jobs, it is stunning. Click here


CHOICE 20. I really like the Tibetan rug collection for their super soft rugs that are quietly elegant in their designs. Have used them often in my own design work, plus they feel so good on the feet:) Click here



One very lucky winner will win a 6 x9 rug of their choice from the beautiful Evoke collection. Simply visit Decor Market by clicking here, take a look around and come back and tell us your absolute favorite item and how you might use it.  Winner to be chosen next Tuesday 9/20.

4 ways to win-

1 Leave a comment on this post (mandatory to enter)

2. Follow them on Instagram provides a second chance, click here

3. Follow them on Pinterest provides a third chance, click here

4. And finally like them on Facebook and your chances are even better (fourth chance)! Click here


Don’t forget when you visit Decor Marketall rugs are FREE SHIPPING and all purchases for The Enchanted Home readers get an extra 20% off!! Use the code “enchanted”. That is a huge savings:)


Wow, so much to love here! Gets me excited for eventually getting to decorate my PB home, as I will definitely  be going with a more transitional style. Let the fun begin. Thank you as always for stopping by, wishing you a wonderful Friday and end to your week. Until next time…

PS A wonderful flower promo just started Saturday afternoon…seeing is believing! Click here for info

asdfaunnamed unnamdfdfed







Seven on Sunday

Hi friends! How is your weekend going ? Over here, busy, worked on photography yesterday for my site, I am getting so excited about it….with luck we will make it live in about four weeks. Just went into development…woo hoo! It is going to be a much improved site, in so many ways, think it will be worth it.

Today we have 2 graduation parties, so my usual lazy Sunday will have to reconvene next weekend. As I do every Sunday I share with you seven things on my mind, ready? Let’s go…..



1 JOHN ROBSHAW I am a big fan of his products, and overall design aesthetic. I especially love a number of his fabrics for summer and a fabric I waited a long time on is finally here and arriving to me in a few days. I am going to  have a few toppers made and possibly napkins or placemats. Don’t these all scream summer?

Click here to see all the fabrics (click on the books) if you want to order contact me about special pricing.


This first one is the one I am having done into a few table toppers and napkins, it is even prettier in person


And love all of these below as well….

de42506-5-repeat de42507-5-repeat



This one below will be my next purchase, absolutely love it! This one fabric could inspire me to host a party:)




Then I got to see some of his fabulous upholstered pieces and fell madly in love with this banquette. Since I really think I want to add one to the PB house…this beauty could work very nicely. Love the shape of the back!

jr17-09pos2hi jr17-09pos1hi

And while I was looking rather fell in love with this elegant chaise lounge, perfect for a bedroom!


2. A NEWLY RENOVATED HOTEL IN WINE COUNTRY! How fast can I get there? This is so up my alley, I am all about Napa and Sonoma Valley:) I especially love smaller boutique like hotels like this one. This looks really good.

I can so see retiring there one day and having my own  little boutique winery with a small farm to table restaurant…I would love that! This place looks fabulous, this place just got a huge renovation, Farmhouse Inn, complete with it’s Michelin starred restaurant, extensive wine events and spa…. I want to go!!! Click here for more info


"The interior of the Farmhouse Inn and Restaurant in Forestville, Calif., is seen on March 27th, 2015."

sw9 photographer-cesar Spa-banner-5 900x600The Farmhouse Inn Spa-banner-1 banner2-farmhouse2015

3. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. This week is full of so much beauty it brings a smile to my face……consider this the Oscars of Instagram on a weekly basis, lol.  Lots to love…..

IMG_6594 IMG_6596 IMG_6595

IMG_6727 IMG_6713 IMG_6712 IMG_6711

IMG_6597 IMG_6598

4. A FEW MUST HAVE BEAUTY PRODUCTS. I love trying new things and a few things are worth sharing, I cannot recommend these items enough!

I went to Sephora, needed new mascara, less than happy with one I have been using, the girl says their own mascara is really good. My suspicious side assumes she is getting some kind of bonus for plugging the Sephora brand but she is convincing, so I buy it, what I have I to lose?

Well……people I LOVE this mascara. A few coats and my lashes look long (not clumpy) and thick…this is good stuff. VERY good stuff as is in I might be hooked for life and this just might be the best mascara I have used. Period.

Click here to find out more.


Then this, Amope for your feet which I bought not being sure it would work as it claims was a wonderful surprise…this little machine rocks!! It softens your feet to the point where they feel like babies feet, I kid you not. AMAZING!

I am seriously now obsessed with my feet, no kidding! You can search around as to where you can get the best deal, I got mine off of Amazon, a product I recommend 100% (only if you like really soft smooth feet:)


5. MY TALENTED CUSTOMERS. I love when I get pictures from my talented customers/readers. Just look at some of these recent additions- they are so talented, its amazing.  Keep them coming…

inAA34dex indexFDFDA inA3Adex inddssex

And loving how this beautiful silver tray is being used and of course all the blue white is always perfect:)

inde1211x indefdfzzx

And loved seeing my blue and whites grace this most elegant space by super talented Gerald Pomery (phoots taken by Eric Roth)

gdap gp indeGPx

6. A GREAT NEW RECIPE…You know I love to share my recipes when I find a really good one. Our eating habits/lifestyle has changed dramatically, we are eating low fat with a heavy concentration on salads, grains, vegetables and fruit. I feel so much better not to mention my main objective of losing weight is being accomplished. It is a lifestyle change and though I occasionally admit to craving a huge bowl of pasta or a pizza slice, for the most part I feel quite satisfied.

The key is LOTS of water (I add lemon to mine) and staying full and satisfied never letting it reach the point of being famished….that is where willpower generally loses the fight! So this is good, satisfying and healthy!

This salad from Cafe Delites is amazingly good and surprisingly healthy.This is a great dinner salad as it is filling and hearty without the guilt (yogurt based dressing).  Only thing I did not use is the bread because there simply is no stopping me once I get started:) Click here for full recipe

Chicken-and-Avocado-Caeser-Salad-181 Chicken-and-Avocado-Caeser-Salad-492

7. EXCITING NEW PRODUCTS IN THE WORKS. I am so excited about a number of things that will debut on the new site, not the least of which is my Christmas tree ornaments, (balls, ginger jars and pagodas).

I am just getting my first round of samples back now and they are looking good. Very good. I am waiting on the ginger jar samples but here are some of the balls and pagodas (first round still tweaking some of these). With luck I will have these to me in September…..

Balls will be 4″ pagodas 4″ and 5″ and ginger jars 3″ 4″ and 5″…so excited to decorate my first blue and white tree!!


And going to debut a whole new monogrammed napkin/linen line…..same great napkins, but a whole new batch of incredible monograms plus will offer monogrammed bedding and bath linens! Here is a sneak peek……

FullSizeRender(20) IMG_6044 IMG_6046

Speaking of my shop, have a few questions about upcoming porcelain containers, this is for anyone who has bought, or is considering buying any of my porcelains in the future.


So there you have what’s on my mind, all great things (and pretty too). What about you? Anything new that you discovered that you want to talk about? Thank you as always for stopping by, wishing you a wonderful day and end to your weekend.

Don’t forget to enter the Tory Burch tote bag giveaway. Click here for all details. Until next time…..

And last day for the last call promo, it has been updated, some things still remain, all bargains! Click here


get-attachment.aspx_21-1024x3811-1024x381-1024x381-1024x381-1024x381-1024x3811-1024x3811-1024x3811-1024x381-1024x381-1024x3811-1024x381-1024x381-1024x3811-1024x381-1024x3811-1-1-1-1Coming up this week-

Another Palmetto Bluff Diary chapter

You’re All Set (the new series on table setting)

One day chinoiserie tole arrival sale

Say hello to Decor Market and a major giveaway!

Hi friends, hope you are having a wonderful week. Mine is zipping by fast and I am feeling the very subtle whispers of the Christmas crunch..scary as it might sound. I have even started making a list of who I have to buy for this year..a first for me to plan so early. I refuse to allow myself to get to the crazed stage I was at last year, no way!

Anyway, this brings me to why I am here today, to introduce my newest and greatest sponsor, a new kid on the block in the home furnishings department….Decor Market. I love so many things about this site from the vast and? varied selection of furniture, rugs and home accents that range from modern to very traditional, truly something for everyone!


The best thing however might just be the prices. They are to be believed and I already bought two of their ottomans for gifts because I haven’t found such a pretty ottoman anywhere for under $300.? SO many amazing ideas here, from small fill ins to filling an entire room, Decor Market has you covered. Be sure to bookmark them because this is one resource you need to know about…and truly the prices cannot be beat!

Plus how about their promise to ship ONE business day after order is placed? That in itself is pretty darn amazing!

And as if sharing this great new resource isn’t enough, Decor Market has offered up an incredibly generous giveaway AND a fantastic discount code!! All details on the bottom of this post. In the meantime check out some of the fabulous finds from their site


Click on item title in each description to be taken to the site for more info




This stunning rug that I featured at the showhouse (click here if you? missed it) and that so many of you inquired about is here!! And you will not get over the price, I assure you it’s worth the click.


LOVE this end table and simply cannot believe its $379! I have not seen a greater selection of end tables anywhere….


How gorgeous is this sconce? Just recommended it to one of my clients, it’s a beauty!


This is sooo pretty!!! I am recommending it a current e design client for end tables for her bedroom redo at $899 plus the 20% off it’s under budget!


Love this beautiful silver leaf Regency light wood mirrored frame and at $799, you hardly need to think about it.


Love this chair, a beauty and of course tonal velvet is always sublime.


Isn’t? this a beauty...and the price is AMAZING!


Great looking neutral ottoman for any room


Love this chic ikat bench and a lucky someone is getting it as a housewarming gift:)


Can you believe this gorgeous chair is $419!!!!


Lusting after this mirror, it is so beautiful!


Isn’t this sconce just incredible? I could see this in a living or dining room….even great flanking a mantle.


Love these for a closet or dressing area and bathroom


Such a great print and the yellow is so cheery!


Bought this bench above, how gorgeous is it!? Can you believe its $299!


This is such a beautiful classic, and love the colors!


Isn’t this a fabulous chair!


How gorgeous is this mirror!! I am sucker for antique mirror and the filigree etch work is gorgeous.


Another beauty, love the design and medley of colors, sent this to my e design customer for her daughters room


This is one good looking chair and in fact could be perfect for my sons bedroom redo!


Rather in love with this updated look on a wing chair….so chic!


Isn’t this so regal looking? I know just where I would put this in my own home:)


Really smitten with this rug, another possibility for a space I have in mind, imagine an 8 x 10 for $660!


How to pick a favorite? I see so many wonderful finds and the prices are unreal! I know we all love sharing great new resources and when they offer prices that you really cannot beat anywhere, it’s an absolute win/win. I love the selection, so many beautiful pieces all in one place. I just cannot imagine a better time to buy whether its a few fill in pieces or starting a whole new room…especially given this generous discount!

Decor Market is offering all Enchanted Home readers a 20% discount off of anything on the site, simply use the code #save20%

The Giveaway-

So onto that giveaway, one super lucky winner is going to win a choice of either two of these chairs OR this fabulous rug!! How’s that for a giveaway!


Or this rug-



The details-

To enter simply visit Decor Market by clicking here. Take a look around and come back here and tell us a favorite item or two that you would love to have.

By leaving a comment here will put in the running. You cannot email me your comments (this happens often)! Please only leave a comment on this post,? go to top of this page where you see title ” Say hello to Decor Market” and where it says leave a comment underneath click on that to leave your comment.

A winner will be announced on Sunday morning so be sure to check back and see if you are the lucky winner.


Thank you for stopping by, wishing you a wonderful evening and welcome aboard Decor Market, you and I are going to become very good friends:)


Autumn decorating for your home and a sale you cannot miss!

Hello, hope you are having a great week…..we have had a few afternoons/evenings lately where you can feel fall ever so slowly making its entrance, and you will hear no complaints from me! I LOVE fall.

Along with a new season comes little “spruce ups” that I enjoy doing around the house. Normally starts with my planters changing from hydrangeas and inpatients to pretty fall plants, mums and eventually pumpkins!? Then inside the home I always find it’s a time to do “inventory” to see if I want to change things up a bit, kind of like spring cleaning.

Between my own home, a show house project I am working on (more on that later this week) and a few bigger e design projects…I am always on the prowl for great items but at great prices! So Horchow’s autumn sale (4 days) which just started this morning with literally everything at 25% off? has come at a most opportune time as it aligns well with various projects on my plate.

I went on a bit of a shopping spree this morning, nothing like getting something new for your home with a new season and getting a deal is the proverbial cherry on top!

Thought I might share with some of the exceptional deals that are available starting today (this sale is on for 4 days). How about you? How do you like to welcome a new season into your home?




Love this square pagoda inspired lantern, just fabulous and at this price, $393.00… really don’t need to think twice! Click here for info…


This is such a beautiful chandelier, would you believe me if I told its $440! I love it for a bedroom….click here for infoHCH5R6C_mz

Just this morning ordered this for a client’s breakfast room, absolutely adore this and at under $1000 this is a deal! Click here for info


This is a favorite….just adore this lantern and I have not seen it priced this well anywhere. Click here to get more information


If I had a bathroom left to do, I would seriously have ordered this..what a steal, with the marble top and sink! Click here for info…


Love a broken in soft leather chair and this one looks like it will do just fine….click here for info


This chest is so beautiful, a serious love for me. Just recommend them to an e design customer, the color is to die for and so is the price! Click here for info


These are so beautiful…and the deal is astounding, though it was? a misprint:) Leather stools for under $500? Click here for info


Every cocktail table is also on sale…and this one by Candace Olsen fits perfectly into what I helping a e design client achieve….click here for the 411


What lady would not love primping at this incredible ant.mirrored vanity! Such a beauty and what a deal…click here to get more info


Isn’t this nightstand a beauty? Chose a pair for my e design customer…fabulous! Click here to get more information


This is officially on order for an e design customer for her bedroom makeover, a fantastic deal too. No better time to make a bedroom feel cozy and elegant than in the fall! Click here for information



Think this autumn inspired garland is so beautiful to drape over a mantle or over a console/chest….fabulous! Click here for info


Little touches like a beautiful delicate guest towel in the bathrooms is such a pretty touch and these fall themed towels are so pretty! Click here for the 411


Gorgeous antler and fall themed pillows, love these! Click here



There is no time better than now to think about the fireplace and prettying it up!

This beautiful black and ant. brass “button” fireplace screen is so elegant and at $440 a fantastic deal. Click here for info


And how about this one, a gorgeous handcrafted iron for under $500! Click here to get the details…….


Need new tools? How about this beautiful set with the acorn tops from McKenzie elegant! Click here for the 411


Not too soon to start thinking about fall entertaining….and at these prices these napkins offered in two colors are a must have (12 for $40)! Click here for info



How about these fabulous velvet pillows for $60! Amazing value and gorgeous fall colors, click here for info…


And speaking of holidays and holiday dinners, wouldn’t these chargers be exquisite on a holiday dinner? Handpainted antique white wood, these would go with almost anything!? I love the way a charger elevates any tables cape, click here to see more


With the holidays fast approaching, these linen like disposable guest towels and cocktail napkins look up to the job! Click here for info


Few things say elegant fall enterertaining like Spodes iconic dinnerware, and this is positively stunning! I can see a table done up in this now! Exceptional deal on these fabulous pieces, might have to treat myself:) Click here for more info


Always a sucker for anything scalloped, these tablecloths and place mats are so classically beautiful! Click here for details


Really in love with these napkins, sold in sets of 4….these are beautiful and scream fall entertaining.? Click here for info


Doesn’t get cozier than bundling? up with this incredible faux sable throw! I own this very one and use it in the family room all the time, in fact there is often a struggle to see who “gets” it, click here….


Love these towels, and gave a set to a friend few newly acquired coastal apartment, and best thing is they are now on sale, click here


Don’t neglect sprucing up in the bathroom too….what bathroom would not look positively gorgeous with these beautiful pieces in cut crystal. Amazing prices…click here for the 411


And finally first impressions are everything…love the idea of adding beautiful planters to flank a front door, a must have! I can see these with big mums and a few pumpkins for some Halloween cheer. Click here for info


On top of these already incredible prices, here’s one more perk, use the code “welcome” on most items and you will receive an additional 20% off! (Neiman Marcus)


Well that sure was fun:) I love sharing the great deals when I find them and hope maybe you saw something too that might have caught your eye…whatever you may be looking for for the home, it is safe to say Horchow has it and during this 4 day sale between the discounted sale prices, free or discounted shipping and gift card promos….there are so many reasons to take part in the fun!

Thank you for stopping in….wishing you a fabulous day. Until next time….


A fabulous living room sale you REALLY need to know about!

Hi there, hope you had a wonderful weekend. I am out of town for a few days as of Sunday but will be checking in:) I still can’t quite wrap my brain around the fact that summer is just about over.

Normally I instantly equate summers end with revamping the house a bit and of course the “H” word…..the holidays. Yes people, ?they are only 4 months away! As I continue to work on my own home and a few e design prjoects I was excited to find out about this sale because we all love a great sale, right? And an extra 20% just about everything is pretty major:) (Neiman Marcus)


If you are starting from scratch or need a few fill ins, this post is for you. I have been a long time fan of Horchow, and when they have deals…let me tell you, they have D E A L S! So their much anticipated 4 day Living room sale is one worth knowing about. I have been working with a few clients and have found this sale to have come at the right time.? I put together my very favorites to share with you. There is special pricing and on top of that you earn money back-

I am working on a few projects myself and was fortunate to find some great scores for my clients from this sale.I have included some items that I think are exceptional deals but you can see everything by visiting Horchow by clicking here.

So here are my top picks-




Isn’t this a beauty! I love the shape, the nailheads and the fact that it includes all of these wonderful pillows which makes it a great starting point for a room, stunning! Click here for info


I LOVE this sofa, a Horchow exclusive and have a client considering a pair of these for her living room, absolutely stunning and the price is so right, click here for the 411


Gorgeous navy velvet sofa, great price!! Click here for 411



Isn’t this such a stunning chair! I love the color, the monogram, everything about it….click here for details


Rather in love with this tufted leather ottoman, great colors beautiful styling and a right price:) Click here for the 411


You don’t need to guess how I feel about this little beauty! So very pretty….click here for info


This is a fabulous new take on a classic, LOVE the lucite legs, neutral fabric, what room wouldn’t look splendid with this! Click here for the 411


This is that kind of chair you can find a space for virtually in any room, a pair for a foyer, in the living room an extra chair for a family room, great for a master bedroom and at $749 you don’t have to think too hard:)? click here for info


Sent these to a friend who I knew would love them, and at 359 it’s a no brainer! Click here for info


A gorgeous carved bench for $999? Yes it’s true and this one is a beauty, click here for information


How great is this settee? Adore it and think it belongs in my house!? Click here for the 411



This is one of my all time favorites and a style that works in so many different style homes plus I can tell you the price is the best I have seen! Click here for info


I absolutely love this table, its a bit more transitional than what I normally love but really like how it combines old world chinoisiere feel with the antiqued mirror, fabulous! And SO well priced, click here for details


At $699 we didn’t need to think, just act! Such a beautiful table on it’s way to a lucky e design customer! Click here for information


Another favorite styles, timeless classic but still feels very current. A well priced Horchow exclusive, this is a top pick for me, click here for info



Isn’t this a beauty! Can you believe only $749…..a steal if you ask me. Click here for info


This is so much look for the money, a client just ordered this for her new dining room and we are both excited about it! Click here for the 411




This lamp is a beauty with it’s elegant crystal balls and how about if I tell you it’s $154! Click here


And you know I love birds so could easily this in so many spaces, click here for information


This is such a sophisticated and elegant lamp for a traditional home, click here for the info


Talk about a lot of lamp for the money,? at $149 this the king of steals, click here for the 411


A perfect mid sized mirror in beautiful antique mirror and what a deal! Click here for info


This gorgeous pink and gold mirror is such a beauty, if I had a pink room I would snag this! Click here


ADORE this bird mirror and at $350 its extra sweet, such a beauty that could go anywhere!! Click here for info


A very good looking mirror and a wonderful way to add a current feeling to any interior space and at $395 it’s a sure thing, click here for info


Every room needs a gorgeous rug and this one is simply spectacular! Click here for more details


And how about this beauty I love Oushaks, they are my personal favorite as they instantly make a room feel so peaceful and tranquil. Click here for the 411


Isn’t this such a beauty! I adore the soft silvery gray tonal feeling…spectacular! Click here to view


This beautiful rug was $829 we thought there was a misprint so hurry up and ordered it (for a local friends office) click here for info


My e design client just ordered? this for her living room it was part of the quick ship program….we cannot wait to start decorating around it! Click here for info


I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me…a 40″ square ORIGINAL PAINTING for $349 that is this pretty? Yes!! Bought one, love the colors! Click here for the 411


This giclee is just stunning and so charming, well priced too. Click here for info


These are fabulous looking and can create an instant gallery, can you believe 4 for $294! Click here to find out more


This very large giclee? on canvas is so incredibly pretty, looks like an old treasured painting. Click here for info


And you don’t need to even ask how I feel about this….spectacular beyond words! What a statement piece and at $755 for four very large panels, this is a major deal. Click here to see


I think I could decorate an entire house just from this post! So many things to love and? getting a great deal is the icing on the cake.?Click here to see it all…(don’t say I didn’t forewarn you about extreme temptation). Thank you for stopping by, until next time…..


P.S.If you missed my Seven on Sunday post….click here



Midweek random musings….

Hi just a pop in to say hello….I will be out of town for the next few days but do have an exciting? post scheduled for tomorrow as well as a wonderful giveaway you will not want to miss. Hope your week is going well…..

For all who asked, no my Pet Love Contest has not happened, but it will in a few weeks.? I more than reached my maximum of pictures so unfortunately cannot take any more submissions, stay tuned, you will LOVE the “contestants’!

Ready to get started with my randomness? Let’s go……….



MY NEW SOFA!? After a looooong wait, I got the gorgeous new EJ Victor sofa for my living room. Love it, its done in a cream raw silk (but upholstery weight) and we did tonal pillows as I will have pillows made eventually from the fabric I choose for the eventual chairs but in the meantime the blue pillows look gorgeous on it. Love the detailing on the bouillon fringe/tape and this is such a comfortable sofa..its down filled and fabulous, worth the wait.


IMG_1069 IMG_1073

IMG_1076 IMG_1079 IMG_1074


GORGEOUS CUSTOM ARTWORK. I always talk about how awestruck I am by anyone who has been given the amazing gift of being a naturally gifted artist. Jeanne from I Dream Of is one such talent. Her work just bowls me over every time! I have worked with her a few times and each time was just mesmerized by the result. I love the beautiful gingers jars I commissioned her to draw and she took it one step further and sent me the most wonderful surprise!!

Imagine how excited I was to open this pretty package! She had the art matted and ready to be framed and included some wonderful ginger jar gift tags….LOVE IT ALL! These are now a focal point of inspiration as I work on a new office for myself this summer.? Thanks Jeanne….if you have a project in your future, you must consider uber talented Jeanne. Click here to visit her at her blog, I Dream Of where you can also find her contact information.

IMG_1879 IMG_1881 IMG_1882 IMG_1883 IMG_1884 IMG_1886

I had to share two earlier commissions from Jeanne, can you get over how talented she is!!


Tina TEH Monogram no roses 2


?AN AMAZING TIME LAPSE VIDEO. I found this on Pinterest and must say I was immediately intrigued, what a phenomenal idea. I sure wish I had the foresight to do this with my own kids… what an amazing keepsake of your child growing up!

Here is an excerpt about this video-

An?incredible 14 years in the making, this viral video?shows?Lotte Hofmeester grow from a baby to a beautiful teen in a mere 4 minutes and five seconds.

Lotte’s father,?Frans?Hofmeester, started taking video of his daughter as soon as she was born on?October 28, 1999. “She was changing at such a rapid pace, that I felt the need to document the way she looked, to keep my memories intact,” he writes on his website.?

The result of his perseverence is this?gorgeous tribute to the first 14 years of his daughter’s life, and a heartbreaking?expression of the common experience of all parents who watch their children grow from infants into adults right before their eyes.


?SPRING IS HERE. Finally despite getting a dusting of snow last night (no I am not kidding) I have for the first time seen buds!! Woo hoo this is indeed big news, it means spring is really here and it never felt so good!! Ever so slowly things are starting to bloom and the grass and trees are just starting to turn their beautiful bright green…….


DSC_0096 DSC_0097 DSC_0098 DSC_0099 DSC_0100


A? MOVING VIDEO. This was sent to me and brought me to tears (happy tears). This is something every single person should see and really think will want to share it, I promise!


SHOP NEWS. It might seem quiet on the shop front, because I haven’t spoken a lot about it lately but rest assured there is lots going on behind the scenes. The production of the tole line is in full swing and its incredibly exciting! I am looking for a mid June delivery as of right now and will be sure to keep you posted!

I am excited to be getting the newest spring/summer bags from Annabell Ingall within the month and have a long list of people waiting on them, such a perfect every day tote, they are dubbed “the perfect summer bag”. If you are one who was interested, there are a few bags left to reserve email me at These will no doubt be sold out right away.


I also am getting in all of these goodies early? next week? after a long wait that many have been waiting on as well and I will offer them all up in a really exceptional Steals and Deals next week so be sure to stay tuned, you will not want to miss it as they will be super well priced!

19961 13882 13881 12524 CW991 CW990 21209 21274 21494 21270 21271

And that my friends is about it for here. Hard to believe this weekend is Easter, then it will be Memorial Day, July all goes by so fast! Hope your weeks end is a good one, thanks as always for stopping in, wishing everyone a fabulous day… back over the weekend. Be sure to check back tomorrow for an amazing giveaway and sponsor introduction:) Until next time…….