Month: July 2014

A winner, a bloggers luncheon, lunch for two and a magazine you need to buy!

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Hi, and happy Saturday to you. Sorry for the slight delay,? was having some technical difficulties this morning. First off time to announce the lucky winner of my Enchanted home contest. With nearly 1200 votes (thank you)! I am delighted to announce the winner of the $100 prize is….. Jeanne who submitted this gorgeous picture […]

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Enchanted Home customer contest is on!

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Hello! Well here we are with my Customer contest and what fun I have had collecting these pictures. I hesitated on doing this during the summer months as the blogging world slows down during the summer but my faithful readers/customers came though with so many wonderful pictures. I want to first thank everyone for sending […]

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Early week random musings…..

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Hello there! How are you? Hope you had a fabulous weekend. Over here, chugging along. Still want to be on vacation though I cannot lie:)? Sometimes its hard for me to settle in and get back to routine after being on a leisurely roll for a while, but I feel back in the saddle once […]

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