Month: September 2014

My party hydrangeas on day seven and some insiders tips…

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Hi there…this is somewhat a followup to my massive party post.THANK YOU for all of your incredibly kind comments, talk about knowing how to make a girl feel good!!! If you missed my post on my soiree this past Saturday click here to see it. The hydrangeas were definitely one of the stars of the […]

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Some enchanted evening…..

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FOREWARNING- This is by far my longest post ever with the most pictures I have ever posted. Many will seem repetitious. Don’t say I didn’t? warn you. Definitely take a seat, grab a drink and a snack for this one…heck maybe a whole meal while you are at it:) And you might need to take […]

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Seven on Sunday….but on Monday!

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Hello!! This was supposed to appear yesterday but I spent the day recuperating from my party and have to admit I forgot to post this? (it was prepared last week)? and was utterly? exhausted.? Too exhausted to even get on the computer. So here it is…..on Monday:) I cannot wait to come back and share […]

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