Month: December 2014

A winner and Christmas at my house so far…..

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Hi there and happy Friday morning,? today I am here to announce the first place winner of the Tabletop Love contest. Thank you again to all who voted in my Tabletop Love contest and to the many who sent in their beautiful pictures…..what fun this was! You narrowed it down to two after 1252 votes […]

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Let the Tabletop Love showdown begin…..

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Hi, with over 3000 votes over the span of two days of voting we have a winner from each round……today is the final showdown so we really need your vote! A very warm thank you to each and every reader who sent in their beautiful pictures of their incredible tabletops. It was such fun putting […]

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Tabletop Love round 2….

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Hello there, just when you thought it couldn’t get any better? from? yesterday’s post, here is round 2! Another round of winners, I am telling you…the inspiration is off the charts! As with round 1 I am allowing you to vote for your two favorites. Just pick the two that best says “tabletop love” to […]

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