Seven on Sunday

Happy Easter to all of my fellow Easter celebrating friends and readers. To  my Jewish friends and readers, hope you enjoyed a wonderful Passover. Beautiful day here, with a high getting to a whopping 76 degrees, practically summer!  I want to announce the winner of the chinoiserie tole tray. Congrats goes to-


Please email to provide your shipping address and color choice so this tray can be on it’s way!

Wishing everyone a wonderful and blessed day with your family and. loved ones. My parents are in town so it’s going to be a day of family and togetherness (less two sons who are at Coachella, they CLAIM they did not realize it was Easter when they booked the trip…uh huh:)  Here we go with my Seven on Sunday-

1 FABRICS AND TRIMS…OH MY! I so love playing with fabrics and a current job that has been ongoing is starting to get the finishing touches.

This job is one I have been working on for the last several months and it is shaping up so beautifully. I shared some pics here (the NJ project) and will surely show a final reveal when the room is totally done. The final element will be the fabulous Ralph Lauren rug being made (to be delivered in May. We just firmed up all the pillows to be made, here is the rug-

The beautiful rug from Ralph Lauren is being made for them and due here within the month and feast your eyes on all the fabulous trims-


2 FOLLOWUP REPORTS ON A FEW THINGS I recommend things that I like and share my ideas often. Sometimes its fun to follow up when I really really like something. So here are a few recent “reviews”

Get these shoes! Love them, they are so comfortable now have them in two colors. Very chic, super comfy and a great everyday espadrille. Click here for info

These also are too cute, love the color and great scalloped shape plus the color screams ‘warm weather dressing,  here I come”! Click here for info

And finally have been using Glopro for about 10 days,  using it 3 times a week. I just recently learned what microstiumlation/mircroneedling is…and it makes perfect sense to now be able to do it at home, as traditionally this was done in a dermatologists office. It’s easy peasy but I swear its not my imagination, I think my skin is looking better and better.

I have good skin but as this sheds that first sloughy layer off of skin, so allows the skin to breath and open up the pores.  My favorite moisturizer, La Prairie really penetrates the skin. I will say this was well worth the investment and I am going to continue to do this 2-3 times a week as recommended.

I bought mine at Nordstrom as they stand behind their products no questions asked, just in case I didn’t like it. So far though, it is an absolute keeper and I think the buzz Glopro is getting is well deserved. For what a dermatologist charges, this thing pays for itself in one visit. Click here for info

Great article in the NY Times, “How to reduce wrinkles without lasers or chemicals” click here to read


3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. Very “Easter heavy” and why not, it only comes once a year with a healthy dose of spring and all around pretty thrown in!


4.GORGEOUS NEEDLEPOINT PILLOWS. I so love this exquisite line of very fine needlepoint/aubusson pillows. Got in a handful and will be offering them in a flash sale soon, to “test” the market before I commit to a large order. Thoughts welcome! Please participate in this short poll-


5. PRETTIEST SCONCES! I am excited to soon start carrying this most beautiful line and went with a client to the company headquarters to see them in person. So spectacular!! I have used them for years and often use them in jobs as well, made of the highest quality.

I am using a number of them for my PB home and have their more traditional ones in my current home. Here are some of what I saw….not one I don’t just love.

And this lamp I have used so many times and for good reason,  it is positively gorgeous-

6. MR TEDDY BUNNY. Always save the best for last, say hello to our resident Easter bunny…never seen one cuter! He wishes all of you a very happy happy Easter Sunday but demanded these darn ears get taken off right after his pic was taken, he said they made him look like a donkey. What can I say, he is one smart dog:)


7. SUNDAY’S SURVEY. So today, this is about summer and your plans or lack of plans: Never have I appreciated and enjoyed the blessing of no agenda as I do now that am working full time.

For me summer signifies the loosening up of a strict regimented non stop schedule. Its time to sit back and indulge in cocktails (sometimes before 5), lobster rolls and beach days. Of course mixed in with work as life doesn’t stop but taking more time to chill. Summer almost feels like a “temporary free pass” to take extra time off and relax a bit more than we might other seasons. How about you? What does summer mean to you?

And that my friends is a wrap. Hope you enjoyed this post. Wishing everyone a Happy Easter and a happy Sunday.

Always love to hear from you and happy you make me a part of your Sunday every weekend morning. Until next time…….

AS OF MONDAY MORNING- Brand new flash sale on the most exquisite line of brass/crystal lamps. You will not find  more beautiful lamps! Click here to view










Seven on Sunday

Hello and happy Sunday….finally starting to feel like spring after a dreary, cold rainy few days here in NY.  FINALLY! Hope you are having a great weekend, things are good here especially now that the sun is shining.

Heading into the city today and have a full schedule, but a fun one:)  After busy chock full work weeks, I love my Sundays, to pretty much do as I please. Here we go with my Seven on Sunday…..

1 WONDERFUL VALIDATION FOR MY BLOG/SHOP. Two things happened lately with regard to my blog/shop that really validate what I do and why I love it, and boy, did it make me feel good.

My blog was nominated for best blog in the interior design category for the JDR Industry Awards!! So exciting, if you haven’t voted and like me, really really like me, perhaps you will want to vote for me? It only takes two seconds (literally). Click here to vote

Then I was given a heads up by many readers/customers that in the April issue of House Beautiful, I was mentioned as being a “go to” source for blue and whites by renowned designer Gerald Pomeroy. What a validation!! Thank you:)


2.THE ULTIMATE RIVER CRUISE. River cruises have become a big deal. Well, a new boat is in town and it is most definitely going to be the grande dame of river cruises! Say hello to the S.S. Joie de Vivre which will soon set sail the Seine.

It almost looks like something out of a James Bond movie, and is undeniably very luxurious. Though I have never personally had any interest in going on one, this amazing vessel could well change my mind.  Click here to find out more. Luxury overload….

3. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. So much beauty this week, it was hard to narrow it down. I love the daily inspiration I find on Instagram, here are this weeks picks-

My favorite this week is this beautiful picture, this is Sharon Santoni’s house in France, looks right out of a storybook!

4 A NEW ESPADRILLE I AM IN LOVE WITH. Found these and love them, so much so that I just ordered them in another color.

They are leather so really comfy and allow your feet to breath. In fact I will be wearing them on my jaunt to the city today. They are the perfect daytime shoe with a slight wedge, love these!! Click here to see

5 PILLOW FEVER. So I have had a bunch of pillows made for a variety of reasons, clients, a concept house and then of course a few for me:)  The reaction when I shared them was tremendous so I am excited to announce that we are going to be offering them up for sale within a few weeks time. I love them all but think this first one might just be my most fave…I mean come on, a ginger jar trim, does it get better?

This is a striae rich soft velvet with a thick ginger jar trim, will be offered in five velvet colors


The famed Bali Hai from Quadrille is a classic and gorgeous in both green and blue. Excited to be offering both.

6.GLOPRO. I have been hearing a lot about this and I feel like every time I open a magazine,  it’s being talked about. Read an interesting article in Vogue not long about  the newest rage in skincare,  Micro-needling is a new concept to me, but I am intrigued. Anything that triggers the natural exfoliation/rejuvenation process gets my attention!

So I took the plunge and this much buzzed about gadget is on its way,  would love to know if anyone has used  it? A friend of mine got hers a week ago and said she can, after only a few uses see her skin looking better…sounds like a good testament to me. Anyone else? Click here to learn more....

7 SUNDAY’S SEVEN. OK, this week is about reading. I used to be a pretty voracious reader. I used to also have the luxury of a lot more time, and I am going back to before technology and gadgets took over our lives. I also belonged to a book club which i loved and anticipated every month. Then all kinds of things happened and I feel like I hardly read anymore. Yet, when I do finally settle into a good book, Iam reminded of the power of getting lost in a really great novel.

Vacations always meant loading up on books and often I would read 2 or 3,but now I have my iPad and instagram and Words with Friends and all kinds of other outside interference invade. Or maybe it’s a late stage of ADD or maybe just maybe this is a trend in which I am not alone. I think I need to allot a certain amount/period of time a week to devote to reading and try and stick to it as I would any other appointment. So tell me which best describes you and reading…..

Anything here get your attention? Thank you as always for stopping in, wishing everyone a wonderful, beautiful springy day and hope the birds are chirping wherever you might be. Until next time….









Seven on Sunday


****For anyone who placed a porcelain presale order, the first part of the container arrived so some orders are shipping Monday, the rest of the container is due in by end of week (going through customs right now) and we will get ALL orders shipped out upon receipt right away, everything looks gorgeous so far. Be on the lookout for a one day celebration sale as I always do once the entire container is here****


Hello friends! Hope this finds you having a wonderful weekend. I first want to announce the winner of the Neiman Marcus tote bag, congrats goes to-


Its neat your son wants a blue and white dorm room ….how cute !! I love the # 1 blue and white rug and the #9 tote bag its beautiful
Thx Tina

Please contact me at to claim your prize


Supposed to go to a party today in the city (rooftop party and just found out this little detail  so now yours truly is considering trudging up almost 20 flights)! On the other hand I may not,  given my slightly torn ACL and in that case,  would spend time outside and tend to my little garden which is showing the first batch of tomatoes and teeny tiny cucumbers, very exciting!

This post has a real summer vibe to it, if not in late July then when? This is also a chock full post as you will not hear from me again until Wed.  There is so much to love and savor about summer….and with the way time is flying, we better enjoy every single minute while we can.  As I do every Sunday I share with you seven things that are on my mind:) Ready? Here we go……



1 MONTAUK HIGHLIGHTS. Having such fun even though I am doing a lot of back and forth to the Montauk beach house. I miss those carefree days where I could go and really unpack and stay for weeks, now I go for a few days come back catch up on work and head back out.  I will say it sure makes me appreciate the simple pleasure of being at the beach at sunset, with a great book in hand, the waves crashing and a huge iced coffee to keeping me hydrated.

I love having friends come out, trying new restaurants and hitting farm stands. I am in a totally different frame of mind when I am there, it’s so relaxing. Of course (enter Jaws music) that is until the weekend arrives, then all bets are off as the “hipster brigade” marches into town, fedoras, cut off jeans, and quench for a $38 lobster roll LOL. That’s when I hightail it out of there back to my little slice of civility, aka home:) Here are some highlights from this past week or so-

IMG_7887 IMG_7882 IMG_7881

IMG_7879 FullSizeRender(165)

IMG_7886 IMG_7163 IMG_7154 IMG_7161

2. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. Never at a loss of amazing images to share with you and love my weekly discoveries of new accounts. This week, its all about summer, flowers, great food and happy living.


IMG_8006 IMG_7997 IMG_7995

IMG_7918 IMG_7921 IMG_7922 IMG_7923 IMG_7924

IMG_7919 IMG_7955 IMG_7957



3. A NEW SALAD WORTH SHOUTING FROM THE ROOFTOPS ABOUT.  St. Ambroeus in Southampton is a favorite lunch spot when I am out that way, one of my favorite salads is very simple and oh so good. I came home vowing to replicate it and that I did, in a way-

IMG_7883 IMG_7882(1)

Unfortunately I missed the memo about artichokes now being an endangered species ( kidding but went to FIVE markets and none were to be found)! So I instead replaced them with Brussel sprouts and it actually came out great and added grilled chicken for protein  to make it a “meal”. Suffice to say this was good…..very good. And best part? Super healthy!

So easy- all you need is a big bowl of mixed greens of your choosing, chickpeas, artichokes thinly sliced and sauteed (Brussels sprouts for a back up plan), 3-4 thinly sliced marinate chicken breasts that are grilled and razor thin pieces of Parmesan. For dressing I used 1/2 light virgin olive oil, juice of 2 lemons and a dash of white wine vinegar and a pinch sea salt, shake it up and serve. Add pepper if desired.



Anything that starts with a gorgeous x large platter/shallow bowl like this beauty, you just know it’s gotta be good:)

IMG_7904 IMG_7906

Got the grilled chicken off the grill and sliced it thin


Sauteed brussel sprouts ready to go


In a skillet I browned and sauteed the halved brussel sprouts, added them to a huge serving of mixed green, threw a can of chickpeas in there, added some radish=


I had this Hamptons book/cookbook nearby to channel my beachy vibes while home:) and yes the Rose was nearby too!


And voila a guilty free dinner is served and let’s face the blue and white adds an extra dose of deliciousness:)

IMG_7912 IMG_7913

Had an impromptu dinner guest and it was a perfect amount for the three of us:)



4. HAVE A YEARNING TO HIT THE SOUTHERN COAST OF ITALY? OK how about settling for a virtual one instead:) Two places I have not been that I am dying to go to are Capri and Postiano, was hoping for this summer but alas it did not happen. These well done videos about a day spent in each place are probably the next best thing to going since it looks like this summer it isn’t happening. Think you might enjoy these….

Welcome to Positano-

Come visit Capri-



5. BEACH READS ! I have been on a little mini reading kick lately and a few I read I really enjoyed, even one was a great surprise. Plus a great blog/site for anyone who wants to get a taste of the Hamptons lifestyle-

Shucked is so entertaining and well written it just draws you right in, even if you don’t like oysters:) I can almost guarantee you will enjoy this book immensely!



And Sweet Salt Air, really enjoyed this. It was a perfect beach read with a slightly predictable twist but nonetheless one I would recommend:)


If you love to read on your iPad and want a Hamptons Fix but don’t live anywhere near this red hot beach destination, then get your Hamptons fix over at KD Hamptons, where all things Hamptons are dished about from the best restaurants to the lively social scene to all that’s trending… here

Parrish-960x540 EHP_dock-960x540


6. A FAVORITE SUMMER SHOE ON SALE. I love espadrilles, to me they add a casual summer stylish vibe to anything they are paired with. I have a few favorite pair and this first one is one I have worn more than any other, why? Because they are navy and sooo comfortable. Was excited to see them on sale, getting a back up pair for next year:) Click here



And this second pair because white is hard to find and these are really cute and again super comfy. These have quickly become one of my summer faves and love that it has a little platform, so cute! Now I am also tempted to get them in navy.  Click here



7. A NEW ROSE IN TOWN. Move over Whispering Angel and Domaine Ott, this wonderful Rose is giving you a run for your money:) We had stopped over at a wine store in the Hmaptons and was recommended to try this, its got more body than Whispering Angel but  like all Roses from France, this is light and has summer written all over it.

Two of my four ‘fellow wine tasters” (yes that’s what we call ourselves) said they actually liked this better than Whispering Angel. Me? I love both, never met a Rose I didn’t love:) Just call me Switzerland. Plus I do love the bottle and being an unstoppable seeker of beauty….this bears some merit too:) Click here to visit Maison Belle Claire. Cheers!



And that my dear friends is what is on my mind this week…it’s all about summer, easy carefree days (well only maybe a few days a week but I will take what I can get), and enjoying life to it’s fullest because as recent events have sadly reminded us, you just never know when life can change and it can be fleeting.

Wishing you a wonderful and relaxing summer day, and hope your weekend was fantastic! Thanks for stopping in, until next time……









Seven on Sunday

Hi friends…beautiful day here, in fact I would say weather wise it’s been a “10” FINALLY ! Things are starting to turn green and bloom and the birds are chirping loud and clear….the sure signs of spring.  I first want to announce the winner of the beautiful silver bowl, congratulations goes to-


Please email me at to provide your shipping address so the beautiful bowl can be on it’s way!


Saturday was a great and very productive work day. We have been busy elves, getting orders out the door for the newly arrived container and will continue through  next week. 2 containers in one week is an undertaking but a fun one:)

Today will be a day of rest and relaxation, as well as some long anticipated planting. I am starting my garden today and putting in raised beds….from all accounts of professional gardeners this is the way to go.

So I loaded up my car with everything I need and have someone coming to help me today. Bought my tomatoes, herbs and various lettuce’s to start and will add on what I have room for. Hope whatever you are up to is wonderful and relaxing. Here we go….



1 SPRING!!! So excited that spring is here which means flowers, green grass and gardening. I bought my first batch of impatients, I always buy white. Against the green they are always so beautiful.

This particular breed takes all day sun and as long as you water them daily..they will continue to provide an entire summer of blooms. Here is how things are starting to shape up around here, just took out the cushions yesterday and will soon add my pillows and various blue and white accents…




Fresh basil…a must!

idd3ndex isdfsndex

My wonderful “raised bed” kits…great idea!

indxcvxex indcvcex xcxvindex indxcvvcxex

Got this pair of gorgeous very large myrtle topiary and put them in my new fishbowls on my island, love the effect-pardon the mess in the background I was cooking:)


indebvx ind3433ex


2 LADYLIKE KATE. I love her, she is so adorable and likable…and love her ladylike style. I also almost always love her fashion choices, current looking yet classically elegant. Take a look at some recent looks from the last month that Kate wore during her very busy globetrotting schedule…..

gallery-1460382793-hbz-kate-middleton-india-0410 hbz-kate-middleton-india-0411 gettyimages-520437726 gettyimages-520576776 gettyimages-520596916 gettyimages-520859978 gettyimages-521072654 gettyimages-521156456 gettyimages-521342730 gettyimages-521552366You know I am loooving this look:)


3. NEW WALLPAPERS TO LUST AFTER. The first one is what started this obsession with Stromheim papers…been a fan of their classically beautiful papers for a long time but am brainstorming as to how/where I can use at least one of these!! Click here to see all of Stronheim’s papers.

0693601 6333801 4788101 0692801 0697201

And how fabulous is that amazing ginger jar paper in these colorways too……so fun!!

4788104 4788102

4.INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Never at a loss of beauty to share, and this weeks bounty is quite beautiful, hope you enjoy!


indffex inddwdex

indfd33ex ix23ndex

indexdfd i232ndex sd22index indesdsx indssdex i2wndex

indsdssex indefddsx

indereex indfccex


5. MY NEW BFF. I must say I LOVE this stuff. Less than $3.00 and worth its weight in gold. It is amazing for so many things, copper, any kind of metal, when you have glue stains on things, ceramic, porcelain. In fact for my own porcelains, most love the antique glaze but if you don’t you can remove it with this magic in a can.

Removes soap stains, rust and a million things. If you want to see some astounding before and afters as if you need any more convincing, click here. Everyone should have this on hand and never be without!!




6. A FASCINATING DOCUMENTARY. I had seen this maybe four years ago and was completely captivated and obsessed. It was such a compelling story and tragic in many ways too. Frankly one I am surprised many history/art classes do not discuss in school.

If you have an hour or so to spare, love art, are fascinated by intrigue, then trust me, you WILL love this documentary as much as I did, loved it so much I bought it and watched it again yesterday.


7. KATE SPADE.  I must say I have not really paid much attention to her line, but I have fallen in love with a number of items, including this perfect cognac every day tote below which is en route to me as we speak! I LOVE anything with a basketweave/woven/rattan effect so really loving this chic tote. Click here to see-


You know how white bags are always tricky, only a few look great and most look well….cheap. And a dressier white bag is even more challenging. Kind of like white shoes. Well…..I was so excited to find this fabulous little bag.

I snatched it right up and its at a price I didn’t’ have to justify to myself, always a perk!! This has the elegance of a Kelly bag without the price tag:) I know I am going to get a lot of use out of this smart looking bag,  and best part my white bag of the season quandary is solved! Click here

NMV2VB2_az NMV2VB2_mz

And then look at all these shoes….loving every one of them and always a sucker for anything with a bow! Click here to view

NMX32HT_ak NMX32GG_ak NMX2ZTS_ak NMX32GM_ak NMX32KG_akNMX32KS_ak

Click here to view all shoes from Kate Spade


Well that about sums things up over here, going to be another spectacular day so I am excited to spend it gardening. Hope whatever you are up to is relaxing and exactly what you want to be doing:) Until next time…..

PS The response to the porcelain sale was so fantastic, that we fell behind in acknowledging your orders so I have decided to extend it until today at 5pm. Click here to view...



Seven on Sunday

Happy Easter and happy Sunday to you!  Beautiful day here,  spring has officially arrived even though its a bit cool, I am not complaining.  I am just about ready to start planning and plodding for my planters and garden:)

This Easter is a little different,  I am not hosting family, as this year we are all over the place,  so  we are meeting our 2 older sons in the city for an afternoon together and an early dinner at a favorite restaurant. It will above all be quite relaxing for me to take a break from hosting duties though I look forward to doing it next year:)

Hope whatever you are up to is wonderful and enjoyable, today is a family day….and those are always my favorite! Here we go with my Seven on Sunday……




1 THIS IS HOW YOU DO “ONE”!  Be prepared for cuteness overload! This adorable littler cherub who I discovered on good ol Instagram stole my heart. Reminds me so much of my “baby” who now towers over me, but he was a blonde, pudgy, cherubic happy baby just like this little princess who just celebrated her first birthday. How cute….too cute to not share:) You too can follow this darling account at Tiffanyraina by clicking here



in5445dex inde5454x i333ndex iasdfandex ind4445ex inde555x ina3dex


2. ENCHANTED HOME NEWS. So many good things happening…..waiting for my porcelain and silver containers to arrive, then by end of April will get in the most exquisite chinsoierie tole pieces that I have gotten to date, SO excited about this batch!  Getting in lots of planters, bathroom accessories (wastepaper basket and tissue holders), gorgeous trays, sconces and lamps. There are not enough rooms for how/where I would want to use all these beauties:) Click here to visit my shop and see my current items…..


Also many had asked about this gorgeous pillows months ago when I featured them in my own home, happy to say they are finally back in stock! Will be added on to the shop site as soon as my IT guy is back in town but they are 18 x 18 and are $175.00 with down inserts and beautiful tassel trim details. Contact me directly if you want to purchase at

index inddaaex


3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST This week my favorites are decidedly heavy on spring, lots of flowers, blue and white, with beautiful food and a cherubic baby thrown in for good measure. Ahhh, the inspiration just keeps on coming…..

inde211x q1index i1qndex

indc2wesex inasxxdex in1qadex indeeewx

indeFDF2x inSDS3dex iDFDDndex inFFFdex inde433x inde44x in1Qdex inQ1dex inde3Wx


4. A RECIPE WORTH SHARING. I like to periodically share recipes that are proven and worthy of talking about. This one is quite easy and oh so delicious. You can serve it with a side of vegetables or zucchini spaghetti and keep it light or of course go a bit more decadent and offer up a side of pasta or potato. Either way this is really really good! Click here to visit Menu Musings for the recipe and a very detailed “how to”

untitled (34 of 35)


5. LUNCH TABLE FOR TWO. Had one of my closest friends come over last week and got to enjoy my flower’s last day in bloom:) It was nice to take a break from a hectic week for what I call a “Downton Abby” moment:)  Set up this pretty little table for two. In the spring, I  love the combination of fresh springy green with blue and white…it’s so crisp and clean plus we know flowers make everything prettier:)

inde6yyx in1qqdex in1qdex

indxaex indikex indvbex



6. CUTE SHOE ALERT. I bought a pair which  I shared with you a few week so of Dune London sandals which I love and are actually really comfortable, best part they are so affordable. So upon further looking couldn’t resist a few more pair to add to my spring/summer wardrobe. Got the first pair in and they fit like a glove and actually are really light and comfortable, looks great too!

These wedges are adorable, its hard to find a good looking pair of white shoes and love the blush too, adore  the cutout detailing… so affordable click here

_12135108 _12135125

These are so pretty, love the heel, not too tall but just enough, could see these dressed up or down,can’t wait to get them.  click here



OK this is not a shoe but how chic is this navy and white striped gown/dress…so perfect for a summer wedding or soiree. We were invited to a wedding at a yacht club about 5 years ago and this would have been so perfect……click here


And this one is so elegant… it and the price was fair, thought it would have been much more……oh if only one of my boys would allow me to host them a blue and white wedding:) Click here




7.EASTER INSPIRATION.  It is only fitting that I close this post with a bevy of beautiful inspiring Easter table and flower inspiration…….surely makes me wish I was hosting this year!


creaster2 EGGS-AND-BLOOMS-EASTER-TABLESCAPE-concrete-table-stonegableblog-3-2

Stone Gable

36d576ea560bac2b6979cc9b19ad06bf EGGS-AND-BLOOMS-EASTER-TABLESCAPE-concrete-table-stonegableblog-3-2

And Williams Sonoma knows how to celebrate Easter in style, just look at all of these wonderful ideas….


I can see these dishes on a table filled with pink cherry blossoms…….gorgeous!

nordic-ware-mini-easter-bunny-cakelet-pan-c williams-sonoma-giant-easter-bunny-egg-cookie-cutter-o

And you cannot find cuter muffin pans or cookie cutters…..kind of makes me wish my kids were little again, they would have LOVED this (well maybe they still will)?


And I bet they will all be on sale later or tomorrow once Easter is over so it will be a great time to stock up for next year!


So there you have what’s new in my little world, how about you? Hope you have a wonderful and joyous Easter for those who celebrate. Thank you as always for stopping in, love to hear from you and feel so lucky this Easter Sunday for so many things, not the least of which is your friendship and support! Until next time…..

Also today is the last day for the amazing presale on the incoming silver container (ends tonight), also holding a giveaway so be sure to add your name to the hat! Winner to be announced on Monday. Click here



Seven on Sunday

Hello and a happy Sunday to you. I want to first announce the winners of the two porcelain items from my recent post. Congratulations goes to-

#187 TRACY wins the planter

#96 ANDEE wins the foo dogs

Please contact me at to claim your prize and get these goodies on their way



Well a few firsts this week….I was able to fling open my windows to a rush of pre spring fresh air and our landscapers showed up to cut the grass yesterday! This means spring is really here:) The grass is not green nor are there any flowers but in my mind, spring is alive and well!

Had a busy but productive week, a bit of fun, some entertaining for an out of town relative and lots of work….but I love it so it doesn’t feel like work (well at least most of the time:) The porcelain presale had a tremendous response and though some items are sold out there are still some up for grabs (it ends tonight) so click here if you missed it.

For any Broadway enthusiast, if you haven’t seen Matilda you must. It was one of the best musicals I have seen in a long time, the talent was ridiculous and the stage sets beautiful and captivating. Been a little disappointed with a few other shows I saw so this one was a happy surprise. Relaxing weekend, went to a goodbye party for a friend moving to the west coast, had dinner with friends last night and looking forward to a relaxing day today!



1 FLOWER RUSH Caution- DO NOT read this if you are a floral fanatic:)? I always say I think I was a florist extraordinaire in my former life and I am not writing off being one in this life quite so fast either:) I LOVE flowers, they literally make my heart beat faster.

One look inside my home and it is clear, I have great faux but always have real flowers around the house as well especially spring and summer. They just? make me happy, and my husband better not complain because it could be jewelry:) Though I would be the poorest florist because I would work for free and take jobs just as an excuse to go buy more flowers, that’s how much I love them:)

So I am super excited to be going to the famous NYC wholesale flower district the week of March 21st with “an insider”.? I was there? years ago and remember even then being giddy over the abundance of beauty but my love and obsessions with beautiful flowers has grown tenfold since then.

The market starts early (5:30 am and normally wraps up by 10:30). I just don’t know however how I will be able to control myself and kind of feel like I should have been more strategic and planned something around what I know will be a flower binge, maybe they will last till Easter?? I mean don’t these pictures from the wholesale flower market get your heart racing……



IMG_0067 IMG_6045


2. SHERLE WAGNER. Been a long time fan of their exquisite and elegant offerings (with exquisite prices to match:) Their sinks are unmatched and their lines of wallpapers is pretty darn gorgeous too. Feast your eyes on these beauties….click here to learn more about the wonderful world of Sherle Wagner


0211PED-HNOX UE15-107A-WH OE3-66DL-WH UE15-60BL-WH UE15-18BL-WH

WL-107A WL-66DL WLCH-60BK WL-109W

3. Instagrams of Interest. More beauty to share and this batch is heavy on a spring-y vibe. To me, it just can’t come soon enough so bring on the flowers, fresh cut grass and all that goes along with the delightful season of spring!

indecdsx incdedex

indemnnnx inp;;dex indemnnx i1qaandex isdfsssndex indedfdx inde3efx inde22sx i1qandex i2wsndex

indefdx ind3edex

4.A TABLESCAPE KICK. Yes with a new season comes a renewed enthusiasm to beautify things and kick them up a notch:) I have been on a tablesetting kick which has me in the mood to plan a spring themed luncheon, which just may happen. here are my latest looks-

innbvdex inddfdaex 1qa indebnbx

Monogrammed napkins from my shop, Green chargers from Juliska, Plates are my own, tablecloth from Ralph Lauren, blossoms,foo dogs and vase from my shop


Then experimented with a creamy white theme and loved it

5. MY NEW FAVORITE SHOES! Comfortable shoe alert….got these two below? which I had posted about last week and let me tell you, these are my new staples. They are so comfortable and look great. The flexible wedge is easy on the feet and they really work with everything. One thing for the first pair- buy a size up. I am a 8.5-9? and ended up needing a 9.5 which was a first, they run small.? Got them in the navy and camel,? best part they are so affordable! Click here to find out more….

3542163-p-MULTIVIEW 3542164-p-MULTIVIEW

And these below in fact wore them last night, very comfortable and looks great….click here


6. MONOGRAM BEAUTY. You know my feeling on monograms, they are a part of my every day life. I just love them and cannot get enough. This artist is sooo talented….Arabella is based in Australia.

I have admired and followed her exquisite work for a while. I am about to commission her to do a personal monogram which I will turn into stationery and cannot wait. Just look at how talented she is…way too good to not share! Click here to follow her on Instagram or here to visit a site to see more of her work and here on Etsy

ind77ex inde654x

ina23zzdex indess22x indijnex index7u idf33andex indeffx

7. GARDEN SEASON.? The garden season is upon us..yay! We have a small garden and though we reaped a decent share of veges last year, let’s just say there was a reason I wasn’t showing it off on my blog:)

There is plenty of room for improvement this year however.? I am already plodding and planning and these charts really help give me a head start. I also included some really great ideas for garden markers that are so easy, anyone can do them. Happy gardening!

e96a4365f1a5dfd67b827e8371654221 c44a9aa5126c8fdd6a4d45e06d2ca130

8e089804d2eb074cb5b8eacfc735b620 fa48db0a3b1014d4d79b263a3fe7e2da


Well that’s whats on my mind this week…….looking forward to a much anticipated low key day today, I have needed one of these for a long time. Will do some work from home, take a nice long walk, catch up on the news aka the new reality TV and early dinner with my older sons. Wishing you all a wonderful Sunday, thanks so much for stopping by. Until next time….

PS The container porcelain presale ends tonight , if you missed it click here. A number of things are sold out but some remain and be sure to throw your name in the hat for the two fabulous porcelain giveaways!


PPS A very spontaneous promo started as of Sat. morning on a a small assortment of the most beautiful evening bags (got extra) and there are about 12 pieces left. You must see beautiful and prices are amazing:) Click here to see



Which would you choose?

Hi friends! So one day it felt like spring had arrived now we hear we are getting snow showers tonight into tomorrow.? So not fair! However next week is supposed to be another warm up, another sign that spring is near.

Inside it already feels like spring, as I have been buying lots of flowers and cannot wait until the day I can fling open my windows and hear the birds doing what they do best. With a new season comes new clothes,? I always treat myself to a few key pieces as we transition from winter to the uplifting season of spring.

Today’s post is all about my favorite spring picks for every day smart spring dressing, If the clothing fairy stopped into your closet, what would you hope is being delivered? Ready, lets go!



CHOICE 1 Just adore this top, own a few from Joie, they make great comfortable beautiful everyday tops, had to get this being blue and white of course:) Click here


CHOICE 2 Just ordered these (and yes they are NYDJ) because they fit so darn well,? in two colors, they fit great and look good with honestly everything! Click here


CHOICE 3 How cute and no doubt comfortable are these Rag and Bone neutral espadrilles? I wear lots of espadrilles and these would go with everything! Click here


CHOICE 4? This is a great top, I love lace and this is offered in black and white, such a great easy top to wear day or night. Click here



CHOICE 5. We all know spring means showers, so why not look stylish in the process! I think this is one smart looking raincoat, love white and great styling. On sale! Click here


CHOICE 6. Have these from last year and they are sooo comfortable! They look great with capris and sundresses, great price too:)? Click here


CHOICE 7. Snatched this one up, its almost half off! Plus I love orange and white in the spring/summer, paired with white slacks it looks so fresh. Click here


CHOICE 8. This is a beautiful top, I? like that it can be worn up or down, with a skirt or pants, very practical and best part..its on sale Click here


CHOICE 9. My other favorite brand of pants, Theory, they last forever and fit really really well. To? me finding a great fitting pair of pants is priceless! Click here


CHOICE 10. This ruffled top from Theory is a perfect example of a classic staple, it can be dressed down with a pair of jeans and sandals but dressed up? quite easily too. Great top Click here


CHOICE 11. These neutral colored woven flats from Delman are mighty pretty….so “Audrey” click here


CHOICE 12. This is such a great piece, love the styling and really adore this color, looks great with a tan! Click here


CHOICE 13. Another stylish neutral top that would see a lot of mileage in my closet, click here


CHOICE 14. This is a fun and perfect summer top..great for going out to dinner with a pair of white slacks, very chic! Click here


CHOICE 15. Isn’t this stunning Missoni sweater/cardigan gorgeous? I could see it paired with many colors including an all white or all cream outfit, very pretty! Click here


CHOICE 16. Big fan of wedges and these neutral beauties from Jimmy Choo? could see a? lot of mileage! Click here


CHOICE 17. This is so chic, love the happy bright color and peacoat style, almost 70% off of original price! Click here


CHOICE 18. Own these rainboots and they are darling, almost makes me wish for a rainy day:) Click here


CHOICE 19. Thought these NYDJ (since I am very loyal) were so cute, with a solid white or navy top….throw on some cute sandals and you are good to go! Click here


CHOICE 20. Another great Joie top….so easy and breezy and I do love white! Click here


CHOICE 21 Already bought these and they arrived last week! LOVE them-? they will be a spring/summer staple, now I think I need the black, also SUPER COMFY!! Click here


CHOICE 22. This sweater is a staple for me own it in a few colors. The TB sweater is very good looking, like the fit, the length,? the brass buttons, the ivory is perfect for spring and? I will be adding it to my collection! Click here



This so makes me want to go on a shopping spree but more than that just cannot wait to usher in true spring weather! I am more than happy to put away my heavy jackets, gloves, scarves and other winter paraphernalia.

Spring cannot come soon enough, bring on the flowers, beautiful clothes, fresh air, green grass, ahhhhh….cannot wait! Thank you for stopping in. Wishing you a wonderful evening:)

Your turn to choose…choose your two faves!


Seven on Sunday

Hi there, and welcome to Superbowl Sunday first things first,? time to announce the winner of the rug from Decor Market, congrats goes to-


Please contact me at to provide your shipping details

Also several of you asked where to purchase the new Southern Home magazine, for anyone who who wants to subscribe (and trust me it is so worth it)? click here


So it’s the Superbowl…….you would think I am a huge fan but truth is I really am not but do love any excuse to indulge in great food:) Kidding side it is kind of fun to see two amazing teams come together and vie for the top prize plus the half time shows? are always entertaining and of course there are the commercials………

Unfortunately I am under the weather with a bad cold, low fever….so my plans have all come to a halt so that I can nurse myself back to feeling better. Hope whatever you are up to is above all relaxing and exactly what you want to be doing. Thanks for sharing your Sundays with me, and here we go…..



1 SUPERBOWL FOODS! . We often have a small gathering for the Superbowl? but as we weren’t sure if we would be here this weekend (were supposed to go away) , and sure enough our plans did just change since I am sick, so just as well.

But these are a few of my tried and true favorite things from years past for Superbowl Sunday. For me, its all about small bites…I love them way more than big heaping platters of gooey messy nachos or giant sandwiches, just not my thing. It has to be pretty and taste good:)

BAKED BRIE, this is sooo good! But last year I made mini baked bries and let me tell you they were a hit! Only down side is that there were no leftovers:( Click here for recipe


These mini taco salads are actually really easy to make, so good and so easy…always a hit! Click here for recipe, so easy!


Mini sliders, we have a local butcher that makes great little burgers, I just buy the buns, add cheese and all the fixings and serve them on a tray, if you really want to win over lifelong fans bake a big pan of curly fries in the oven and serve alongside the sliders, a sure hit!


And finally I want to try these (next year I guess)? I mean really how can these not be good! I would probably use the real lasagna noodles cooked al dente then cut out with a cup (for small group totally manageable ) Click here for recipe


And of course we always have our trusty Margaritaville machine always ready to do overtime…makes the best frozen margaritas! Another other new favorite drink which is a little less guilt inducing is taking half a glass of a nice light rose and fillaing the other half with peach flavored sugar free seltzer…YUM! It is literally addicting!


2. EXCITING THINGS FOR THE ENCHANTED HOME SHOP. You know my shop is very much my little happy place……it is where I get to curate my very own collection of all that I love. Many wonderful things are percolating behinds the scenes…getting in a huge and incredible silver container (late March) another unbelievable porcelain container in mid March, more stunning chinoiserie items coming late March as well (yes March will be a busy month).

And then there are some new additions coming along as well as the development of blue and white ginger jar and pagoda Christmas ornaments just in time for the holiday season. It is quite a process to design and develop, approve then manufacture…as in many months.? Here is a sneak peek at a few new porcelains and silver items heading this way in March, I need to start thinking of places to put these pretties- ( a presale will be offered late this month)

inde3242x inde4334x ind12212ex in121dex indeewwx indewwx inde3ex ind22ex indcex unnamed

All the best selling blue and whites will be restocked as well as new colors for foo dogs and pagoda, many new planters/large plates and tons of ginger jars!

asdindex inddasDASex

indsdaex unnamdded

Some beautiful new tole pieces coming in that I do not have pics of yet but getting in these fabulous pagoda sconces in two colorways-


3. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST So? much to love this week, though I say it every week…..never at a loss of great inspiration to share with you. Here are my favorites from this week…..

indaddfasex indsa3dex insgdex inaadex ind3244ex idfdndex inddddex indefvx indeggx in2121dex in1fdex in22dex i12ndex inccdex invvdex in3ddex indeffx

And because I cannot resist the chunky delectable rolls of a? super chubby baby….how ADORABLE are these!!

inxedex indexxx


4. WINE MOVIES. Always drawn to any movie about wine, I guess first because I happen to like drinking it and actually find the entire industry fascinating, and secondly it almost involves beautiful scenery, Napa, Sonoma, south of France, Tuscany, you get the idea!

So suffice to say I have seen a lot of wine movies, A Good Year being one of my all time favorites. But a few others (some documentaries that I have also seen more than once and really enjoyed are below just in case you too were a oenophile in a former life:)


A? GOOD YEAR an long time favorite…





5. A FEW SHOES.. I must admit I have gotten a lot more casual in my ripe old age of 50……comfort often triumphs but looking good is important I cannot lie. However when I have to wear heels, OMG I become incredibly grouchy very fast, when my feet are in pain, watch out.

SO finally at long last found a pair that look great, give the height that one likes when dressing up in a gown but at long last these are comfortable and don’t me turn me into a grouchy meanie after only an hours use:) Say hello to my new favorite dressy shoe….and when worn with a gown it looks like a regular pair of painful heels:) I also love the neutral color goes with silver or gold……click here



And I know (at least for us) with snow on the ground and more to come, baring our toes seems like a lifetime away I could not resist giving into my hopefulness and buying these darling woven basketwork leather sandals, LOVE anything woven like this and they are neutral, an added plus, click here


And while at Anthropologie, I also spotted these adorable espadrilles and at $48 it was a no brainier, looks great with all white… here


and these in white…darling! Click here


6. A REMARKABLE LITTLE DRUMMER BOY! You have to watch this little guy…my parents sent this to me, he is 3! THREE!! The confidence and of course sheer talent are just mind boggling? BUT you really need to watch it to the end to his “grand finale”… he doesn’t miss a beat literally and figuratively and you can see LOVES drumming and just doesn’t want to stop….


7. MAGNIFICENT MARBLE . Tile has come a loooooong way. I haven’t looked much at what is happening with marble flooring in a while but for a new edesign job we are working on multiple baths and I am having a field day!

Then of course my mind started racing with possibilities of down the road when I get to start doing baths again at PB! Tilebar is a favorite source that always has such a beautiful and vast selection with exceptionally competitive prices, here are some current faves below….

Click here to visit Tilebar....if you place an order (call and tell them you are from The Enchanted Home, you might just get a special little something extra:)

sb-highlandabrn sb-mjrabatcrmrwths sb-mjlinks sb2-mjblublzstr sb-mjacerwinter sb-mjkrmabard sb2-kktruthorflare


So there you have it…is it wrong to be craving a slider, mini taco bites and a frozen margarita at 9am? Hum……..I will miss our normal Superbowl gathering, funny how this iconic event turns even a non fan like myself into an excited, enthusiastic fan, spatting football terms like I know what I am talking about:)

Hope whatever you are up to today, Superbowl or otherwise, it is fun, relaxing and mostly exactly what you want to be doing.? Enjoy and thanks for stopping by. Until next time……

PS A fabulous new floral promo will be starting later today, be sure to check back for those who had asked about it:)

Which would you choose?

Hi there, hope you are experiencing some of the gorgeous weather we finally are here in NY. We have waited a very long time for this so I am doing by best to enjoy every single minute:) Unfortunately have been under the weather the last 3 days which meant having to cancel on some things I had planned, which was such a bummer. Had a lot of good things happening this week and being sick was not one of them! Hoping to feel better by the weekend….

Today’s Which would you choose is based upon a store I love to stop in to, Anthropologie. Over time I have found beautiful, unique and very well priced clothing items. Lately I discovered some gorgeous dresses, tops, skirts and some really beautiful sleepwear all perfect for the warmer months ahead. Besides being stylish and unique,the prices are right too which is always a huge plus, so thought it would make a fun Which would you choose. Your turn to tell me your favorite! Here we go……

Click on title of item if you wish to be taken to site for more information



CHOICE 1 This is as fresh as a summer breeze, like how it can go both casual and dressed up so ladylike and fresh


CHOICE 2 This is such a gorgeous top, really drapes beautifully, love the ruched detailing on top, and the elegant bell sleeves (own this).? Looks great with a pair of cream slacks!


CHOICE 3 Hello, are these English garden sleep pants calling my name or what! Of course I got them:)


CHOICE 4? Love lace and this color is so fabulous for spring/summer!


CHOICE 5 Never met a striped sweater I didn’t love…this one fits great thanks to a bit of spandex (and priced right too)!


?CHOICE 6 Great tunic in my favorite colors plus it’s so forgiving (extra brownie points)! So perfect with white capris/white jeans


CHOICE? 7 I think this pencil skirt is super beautiful and very “high fashion” looking


CHOICE 8 I like this a lot, its modern and very chic, had bought it in black and may need to get it in ivory!


CHOICE 9 This top is so “me” I LOVE this and called out my name!


CHOICE 10 I missed a? friend’s daughters bridal shower but sent her this, isn’t this bridal feeling gown gorgeous! The workmanship is stunning on the bodice…


CHOICE 11 There is something modern and sophisticated about this, like an updated “Audrey Hepburn” look, very chic!


?CHOICE 12 This is such a charming pretty skirt for easy breezy summer dressing..


?CHOICE 13 This is the perfect peasant blouse as it’s not too full and love the lace cutout detailing on top


CHOICE 14 I own this fabulous little cardigan and cannot tell you how great looking it is and how many compliments I get:)


CHOICE 15 Offered in three colors, I think this very elegant tulle skirt should be a staple, it could be dressed way up or way down, very pretty!!


CHOICE 16? And they do shoes! I thought these skimmers are really really pretty and so chic for summer dressing (0ffered in 4 colors). Priced right too:)


34983031_014_b 34983031_040_b 34983031_066_b


See, they have great things! I always find something and lately they looked particularly good, plus I love that their things are carefully sourced so that you don’t see them everywhere. So what tickled your fancy here? Can’t wait to see…..thanks for stopping in and wishing you a fabulous weekend.? Until next time…..

Don’t forget if you haven’t already to stop over at Art by Karena and enter the drawing for one of my chinoiserie lamps! Winner to be chosen on Sunday, click here to visit.

I know this is a hard pick, so you can choose two faves in the poll:)