Month: September 2011

Things I am loving Fridays and house updates!

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Good morning..hectic days over here lately! Some delays which put me in a pretty sour mood, but considering we have had very few overall I am not going to dwell but trying to stay and calm and realize some things are out of my control! That said big progress is being made (and seen every […]

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By invitation only and we have a winner!!

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Our Internet was out again so there was a delay in getting this up this morning! Before I start this post…want to say that Party Resources and I are so happy to announce a winner for the Peter Callahan Bite by Bite giveaway!! Congratulations to….. Kathysue from Good Life of Design Please contact me with […]

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Things I am loving Fridays…and house updates!!

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Good morning, enjoying my second full day back in blogland.This will not be as lengthy as my usual Thursday post. Lets face it this has hardly been a conventional week!  For one, we have been without power and generator at new house, so though they have been working, its been limited but despite the weather hiccups, […]

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