Month: March 2014

Say hello to my newest sponsor, Vicki of Le Petit Bijou

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Good morning! I think its safe to say that at some point in ones life, we have all dreamed of packing up a suitcase, leaving behind our mundane lives and hightailing it to France to test our true Francophile devotion. I mean, come on just the name France gets my heart racing…is there anywhere more […]

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Pinterest pretties part 2

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Good evening…..ever have one of those weeks where you are trying (in vain) to catch up but feel like that gerbil on the wheel who is huffing and puffing with all his might? That is me lately!! I am juggling many balls but things should settle down soon….and it cannot happen a moment too soon! […]

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A whopper of a Steals and deals !!

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Hello! Blame it on spring and hoping and willing it to come…..I took it upon myself to clean out a big storage area during the last week and I have and found all kinds of wonderful goodies, that warranted another round of steals and deals. Plus its been a while so one was overdue!. I […]

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