Month: May 2014

Which would you choose, a Memorial Day edition!

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Hi there…….hard to believe it is Memorial Day weekend, feels like just yesterday we were bracing for a new round of snow, so happy that’s? behind us! The weather these last few days has been rainy, gloomy, humid and cool but today the sun is out in all its glory and it is supposed to […]

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Designer spotlight: Amelia Handegan and four winners!

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Hello…hope your week has been a good one.? Hard to believe it is Memorial Day weekend…kind of cool over here with a mixed forecast, supposed to get nice though for Sunday and Monday. Mine has been N U T T Y ?hence why you haven’t heard from me for a few days!!? Between my knee […]

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Come on in… my kitchen!

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DON’T FORGET TODAY IS THE LAST DAY TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR THE AMAZING BOOK AND SUBSCRIPTION GIVEAWAYS BEING ANNOUNCED TOMORROW! CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS…… Hello! In continuing with my “Come on In” series, I am happy to invite you into? my kitchen. My first in the series was on my bathroom. I have gotten many […]

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