Month: July 2014

Late week random musings……

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Hi there, happy Thursday evening. ! Still enjoying my time away at the beach and hope to be here off and of for another week or so. Taking a break from the sun and going to head to a local Montauk farmers market that is only here on Thursdays and maybe a little window shopping. […]

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Calling all Enchanted Home customers and a new contest!

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Hi there. First off my site was having issues yesterday, very testy!? Got many emails from people who could not access it, some could and yet others could not leave a comment. All seems to be fine now, so if you want to go back and read up on my final leg of my southern […]

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I am back…southern road trip highlights round 3!

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I apologize my site was having technical difficulties earlier today, and some were not able to access this site while others could not leave a comment. I am sorry! Looks like it’s been rectified…fingers crossed it stays that way! Hi there, hope everyone had a fabulous and safe July 4th. We were at the beach […]

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