Month: August 2014

Happy Sunday and a winner!

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  UPDATE- Due to a shop glitch the shop is a bit delayed therefore the tole as of Monday 1pm was added under current promotions and will be sold there until the shop can get sorted out (hopefully over the next few days)! So the entire line can be in the meantime viewed there and […]

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Happenings around here as seen through my iPhone…..

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So as of Wednesday, you will see a slightly new look on my blog. It is a “work in progress” The idea is to tweak the design and freshen it up a bit, loving the new logo that I created with the pretty topiary art done by Jeanne of I Dream Of. My shop site […]

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Pictures that make me smile….

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Hi there, hope you had a wonderful weekend. Mine was a turning point? (a good one) because after a long haul,? I finally was able to get out of the house the later part of the weekend….a big step. I am taking it slow but it was nice to finally step out, I was going […]

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