Month: November 2014

Seven on Sunday….

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Good morning and happy Sunday to you. Before I begin,? to all those who had voted for Hadi….well he won! He was the recipient of the Bright Futures Prize…..we could not be prouder. We saw him last night as they came in from Boston and he asked me to convey a heartfelt thanks to each […]

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Jewelry for the table and a custom napkin ring giveaway!

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Hello and happy Thursday evening…… Hard to believe next Thurs. I will be sitting in my long awaited food coma enjoying one of my favorite meals of the year! I am hosting this year and it will be a small group,? 10 of us and of course Teddy. While at first I was disappointed we […]

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A new contest…Tabletop Love!

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Hello! Don’t know about where you are but over here, it is freeeeeezing. I cannot get over this frigid weather and we are only in November! I am looking at all of the snow that has hit so many areas in our country and wondering (and praying) this is not a prelude as to what […]

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