Month: February 2015

Happenings on the homefront and a winner!

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Hi there, feels like forever since I’ve done a post on the house. Busy week over here, working almost full time with my edesign projects and trying to get a few projects in my own home underway, unfortunately its slow going as they keep getting pushed to the backburner. I have so many things I […]

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All about e design…..

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Hello there from snowy NY. Yes, we got even more snow but? at this point when you have nearly a foot on the ground already, what’s another 4 or 5 inches? Spring cannot come soon enough! Winter is for the hawks I mean birds, speaking of hawks……how exciting was that Superbowl? I could not get […]

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Seven on Sunday

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Hello there, well we all know what today is!? The big day…..admittedly I am not a huge football fan however I do get excited and into the football hoopla when Superbowl rolls around. And lets face it anything that involves yummy finger foods gets my vote:) We are spontaneously hosting about 12 people (it was […]

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