Month: June 2016

My newly photographed silver, a special offer and a giveaway!

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***AS OF SUNDAY AT 1PM THIS PROMOTION IS OVER, LOOK FOR THESE ITEMS HOWEVER TO BE ON THE SHOP SITE WITHIN THE NEXT FEW DAYS*** Hi friends, busy week but such a good and exciting one (minus the total of about 9 hours of traffic I sat in this week alone)! More on that on […]

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Blue and white is not just for the indoors….part 1

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Hello there and happy summer! Believe it or not started this post way back in spring, and there were so many rainy days it never got finished. It made the post a little difficult to complete (was hoping to get more of my own blue and white outdoors). So decided to finish this up and […]

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The anatomy of a tiered party platter….

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Hi friends, hope you had a wonderful weekend and that you celebrated the special fathers in your life in style. Ours was so relaxing, we were blessed with the most spectacular day and it was all about family and having  a fantastic BBQ. Such a nice  “chill” day, very welcome ahead of a super busy […]

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