Month: December 2016

Seven on Sunday

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Hello! First thing I want to do is to crown the winner of the Holiday Love Contest, after nearly a whopping 5,000 voters total, you have selected the winner ,and what a beauty it is! Congratulations goes to Wendy with this amazing picture- The winning picture-   A close runner up was this beautiful picture […]

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The Holiday Love showdown round is on!

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Hi friends and Happy Saturday!  Woke up to snow!! Very exciting and somewhat unexpected, we were told we would wake up to rain, and as of now we have at least 3 inches and counting. Well, I will be  a busy bee today in a different capacity, that of playing hostess for our annual family […]

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Holiday Love Round 2

Holiday Love Round 2
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Hello. from the frozen tundra of New York,  we are having ridiculously cold weather, way too soon! Son came in last night from college, flight was delayed (no surprise) and he got home at around 1 and of course the first thing he texted me on his way home from the airport was do you […]

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