56 reasons why I love blue and white jars!

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Happy Monday! Never made it to Target…I figured it was going to be a madhouse and I try to stay away from shopping in general over the weekend, so just as well. The only two people I know that saw the Calypso Collection seemed a bit underwhelmed so doesn’t seemed like I missed much. Anyone […]

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Things I am loving Thursdays and House update!

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Happy Thursday, my day to share what I am loving this week! It runs the gamut from a highly enjoyable book and a sublime bath product line all the way to exquisite garden statuary. I am also sharing some updated house pictures…things are moving along though there are days that I go and feel like […]

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Things I am loving Thursdays and house update!

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Last day to be part of my wonderful giveaway and what a giveaway it is! Will announce the winner tomorrow!Please look at the bottom of this post for details.As promised, I am including some “update pictures” at the end of this post below. Camera battery was low so took as many as I could……More to […]

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