Month: June 2014

Southern road trip and I need your help!

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In case you missed it, just yesterday afternoon I? introduced an amazing current promotion of various Staffordshire dogs, not to be missed, they are going fast but I do have some left, click here to see. Also Phyllis over at A Ribbon in my journal is giving away a pair of my gorgeous blue and […]

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Heavenly hydrangeas….

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Hi there, 3 events down, 2 big ones to go! Prom was last night and oh what a wonderful night it was. We had such fun putting the finishing touches on the decor and a really gloomy rainy day turned into a beautiful sunny late day afternoon right when the kids were all meeting. It […]

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Can we talk?

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Hi there…..haven’t done one of these in a long time! My weekend started off really busy? but? sadly hurt my knee again so had to miss my nieces graduation party, I was so upset as being in bed with a huge pack of ice, it was not the Sat. night I envisioned! But the rest […]

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