Month: March 2015

Seven on Sunday

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Hi friends, how are you? Well, here we are digging out of getting another 6″ of snow Friday night! Yes crazy I know,? but seriously nothing surprises me about this winter. Old man winter just doesn’t want to leave. Here’s to spring coming and staying for good! Even normally patient Mr. Teddy has had quite […]

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Snow storms and tulips……

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Hi there and happy Friday afternoon. This was an unexpected post but if I told you there is a raging snow storm outside, would you believe me? I thought so…yes its true. It’s snowing on this first day of spring…..I don’t even have the words.? Hot off the presses from a few hours ago…. The […]

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Gotham in the house!

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Hi everyone! I am back and it was so nice to escape for a little getaway.? I am feeling totally refreshed and happy to be back at my desk:) As most of you know our house has been used a number of times for the hit series, Gotham. This is not a genre, I? personally […]

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