Month: April 2015

Which would you choose?

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Hi there, hope you are having a great week. Mine has been busy, been in the city a few times and met with a friend in from London which was fun, have been putting the finishing touches on the outside patio/room for the showhouse. Cannot wait to show you? the finished product, I am so […]

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An ode to Provence….

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Bon jour! Ahh, all things French.?? What’s there not to love…..I am obsessed with everything having to do with the most fashionable, stylish country on this planet, France. My mother is French so I suppose I can say “it’s in my blood” and perhaps partly why I have an unquenchable thirst for all things French! […]

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Seven on Sunday

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Hi there, hope you are enjoying a great weekend.? Up here in the north east, we? waited a long time and have earned this superb spring weather that we are finally having. Yesterday it got to 80 degrees, uncanny and that is my limit, past 80 I start to wilt:) ? Busy with the showhouse, […]

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