Month: December 2017

Winner of Holiday Love and decking the halls part 2

Winner of Holiday Love and decking the halls part  2
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As of Tuesday at noon our 50% OFF ALL HOLIDAY GIFT WRAP, ORNAMENTS AND STOCKINGS SALE IS ON! Click here to visit shop and see the three categories on the left (stocking are under holiday)   Hello! Thrilled to announce that after almost 5000 total votes, you have selected a winner of this years Holiday […]

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The Holiday Love showdown round is on!

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Hello friends,  are you as crazed as I am? I felt like I had things pretty much under control but scratch that, after looking at my list of things still to do, it  has me a bit weak at the knees. I know it will get done as it always does but  next year I […]

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Holiday Love round 2

Holiday Love round 2
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Hello and here we are with round 2,  lets hope today is smoother sailing:) Had a glitch with round 1of the contest yesterday then we goofed and forgot to add #38 the second time so had to start again yesterday afternoon. Since Round 1 had a glitch and got started a little later, voting will […]

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