Things I am loving Fridays…and house updates!!

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Good morning! Back and ready for anything. Feel recharged after a few days at the beach and I am ready to take on the big job that lies ahead to meet our inspection date on Aug.22nd. I cannot say enough how completely restorative and therapeutic being by the ocean is. I stayed in a beautiful home […]

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A little retail therapy and a lot of house biz!

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Ahhhh….its the weekend, thankfully! This post features random musings about many topics mostly related to my home building. As we are inching our way towards moving, I am naturally starting to think of our new house as a place that we will actually live in, not just a construction site I visit a few times […]

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Things I am loving Thursday and house updates!!

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Good morning! Hope all is well with you…..boy these days are going by fast and furious! There seems to be ANOTHER issue with blogger, many of my favorite blogs’ newest posts are not updating automatically on my side bar, how strange! I just happened to see that many of them have newer posts that I […]

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