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Weekend random musings……

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Hello there, finally we are starting the big thaw. We are hovering in the 50’s and it feels great, even if its rainy, I will take it! So what are you up to this weekend? Over here, its a low key weekend, dinner with a few favorite couples last night, going to see my sons […]

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Sunday random musings around my house……

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Hello there! How is your weekend going? I got to? meet up with friends and catch up which is always a lot of fun…..ate a lot too, better get on the treadmill. Then I see how NYC is undergoing a deep dish pizza invasion and of course you know I have to try out the […]

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Say hello to my newest sponsor, Studio Tullia and a giveaway!

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Hello! How is your week going so far? Mine is flying…….I feel like the tiniest bit of spring is in the air, might be wishful thinking but I can tell its coming! But yesterday we got to nearly 60…..I am not going to talk about how we will be at not even half that in […]

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