Month: February 2015

Oscar 2015 recap!

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Well hello friends. So…did you watch the big night? Make it all the way through? Would love to know your take on the evening. Overall I enjoyed every entertaining minute but if I had to say there was one word to sum it up…it might be underwhelmed. Maybe it was the rain? For me, it […]

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Seven on Sunday

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Hello! Hope you are having a great weekend. Ours has been great minus one hiccup. We had dinner with a group of friends on Friday but I was supposed to go out of town as of yesterday for a short girls trip and thanks to yep, you guessed it……more snow and bad weather it did […]

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Project Design- Styling a coffee table

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Good morning, well if you missed my post 2? days ago on makeup products, you will want to read it, the comments were amazing and I now have a long list of all kinds of products I am anxious to try so thank you! Click here if you? missed it. You will see my blog […]

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